Tuning Into Your Body

Episode Summary

Learning to listen to and understanding your body’s needs is a powerful tool as an entrepreneur. In this episode we discuss some of the way we have learned to listen to our bodies, including a larger discussion on Shaunae’s Whole 30 experience to learn which foods best nourish her body and mind.

Episode Notes

Feeling stressed? Tired? Foggy? Your body is telling you it needs help. When our body isn’t functioning properly, this can affect our mental health and our business too! Instead of just “powering through,” we need to address what’s going on in our bodies. In today’s episode, we are discussing tuning into your body – how it’s feeling and functioning, what it needs, and ways you can give back to it.

Our Favorite Skincare Treat

Your skin will let you know if you are feeling stressed or not well. Certain foods or lack of water can make it go crazy too. That’s why giving it love with face masks and rollers is so helpful. We absolutely LOVE our rose quartz facial rollers. These rollers are the perfect way to treat yourself. Not only are they great for your skin, they improve blood circulation in your face, help with sinuses, decreases puffiness, and soothes your skin. Keep your roller stored in a fridge – a cool roller tightens your pores and wakes up your face at the end of a long day. 

Shaunae’s Experience with Whole30

Food plays a huge role in our bodies. It can be used to fuel us and give us all the wonderful energy we need. Shaunae wanted to see how food could affect how she felt so her and her husband tried Whole30. Whole30 emphasizes whole foods and eliminates sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy. Though it did have it’s tough moments, it was eye-opening to see how you can really give love to your body with whole foods. They feel SO much lighter, healthier, and happier. There are so many benefits like sleeping restfully and having plenty of productive energy. But Shaunae’s favorite result has to be the way she looks at food now. She had to read the ingredients in everything. This program really made them THINK about what you actually put in your body.

Additional Tips to Tune into Your Body

Going to a chiropractor at least once a week can improve your health and wellness. Some of the benefits of chiropractic care include pain relief, improved energy levels, decreased inflammation, increased mobility, better immune function, and regulated hormone function. 

Acupuncture is another great way. It is an alternative therapy that involves inserting thin needles into targeted areas of the body that help you in so many ways. 

Reiki is also a great way to not only help your body, but help your energy too. Reiki is a healing technique where a therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body. 

Meditation is a beautiful way to check in with yourself. Meditating allows you to free your mind from all the thoughts and stresses of the day and just focus on one thing. It can help you relax, sleep better, and stay focused for your day ahead.

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Podcast Transcription:

Sarah Schrader 0:00
I think there’s just something so powerful about taking that moment to check in with yourself. Because, I think about when I am just so overwhelmed in my thoughts, and my mind is racing a mile a minute, when I take a moment for myself, I realize that and I take that moment and pause, I can then know that I need to just write things down, get it out of my head. And then I can tackle them and, look at what’s actually important. And being able to do that, then my body is less stressed, my body is more calm, and I can take on and do those things that need to be done with a lot more mental clarity, and, energy and just vigor in what I’m doing.

Shaune Teske 0:56
You’re listening to The Creative Legacy Podcast, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs to build their business, while living a life of intention, joy and adventure. I’m Shaune, a wedding photographer and educator that helps photographers, creatives and small business owners cultivate intentional lives and build their most abundant businesses. And I’m joined by my friend and co host, Sarah, a brand strategist and designer, helping entrepreneurs craft their brands to speak boldly and reach their ideal clients.

Sarah Schrader 1:27
Hey, Shaune, how are you doing today? How’s your body doing?

Shaune Teske 1:30
Oh, you know, great.

Sarah Schrader 1:34
Okay, that was a little funny. But we’re talking about tuning into your body today. And just being really aware of how it’s feeling, how it’s functioning, what it needs, and all that good stuff.

Shaune Teske 1:49
It can sound a little weird, we’re not actually gonna tune in. But we, we really realize that if your body is out of whack, if your physical persona, this thing that holds your soul and your brain and everything, if that’s not functioning, I can affect everything, your business, your personal life. So we want to make sure that our bodies are in tune and talk to you a little bit about that.

Sarah Schrader 2:17
Yeah, we get to treat them well, like serve us well. So we get to treat them well.

Shaune Teske 2:23
So like we said, tuning into your body taking care of it translates into helping your mind, your spirit, everything flow better. There are so many things in science that backs up that if you are sleeping better, eating better, your brain can function better, you’re you’re getting more rest, you’re able to then be more productive. So if something is off in your life, whether it’s stress, diet is not the best, you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re dehydrated, not getting enough water, that’s going to translate into maybe you’re a little slower at work, maybe you don’t have as much energy, maybe projects are slipping through the cracks because you’re feeling stress. And you can work on that mental part of it and think, “Okay, well, I just have to push harder and work through this.” But it’s only going to lead you to burnout. So when things are out of whack in either way, whether it’s your mind, your spirit, your body, you want to make sure everything is balanced, and especially your body. And there’s so many great ways to work on all those things. We want to talk about the body today. Physical things you can do to help make sure that your body is in balance so that your mind and your work can be in balanced too.

Sarah Schrader 3:46
Talking about our own experiences and a couple of those options then, I just had something pop in my head so I have to share. I, for Christmas, got one of those, I want to call it a toy but it’s not a toy. It’s the Rose Quartz roller, like a jade roller. There’s I think Jade, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. I got one for Christmas and I’ve been loving it. It’s such a simple little thing. And I think it’s supposed to actually help with your lymphatic system and your face but it just honestly it relaxes me too in five minutes, and rolling that around. I’ve actually, it works when I have a headache too. I’ll take that and roll it out across my forehead. And it’s cold too, so I love that really. But it’s a little treat to yourself that’s not going to spend a ton of money. But yeah, I don’t know I feel like my skin’s a little bit better too, there’s a bunch of little things.

Shaune Teske 4:53
You’re glowing Sarah!

Sarah Schrader 4:53
I don’t know about that. But yeah, using the the Rose Quartz while I run errands in the morning, or as like a meditation thing and thinking about my day and just giving myself that little bit of extra treat before I begin, or it’s at the end of the day, and I am using it as a relaxation method, and just really taking that moment to get in tune with what my body has been through through the day, and just really the stress and relax, and I’ve just been loving it. I think it’s a really fun little thing. And like I said, a nice way to treat yourself.

Shaune Teske 5:33
Yes, I have one too. I have a Rose Quartz one. Rose Quartz is a stone that helps promote self love. And so I really like having that and I put mine in the freezer, pop it out so it’s a little colder.

Sarah Schrader 5:47
Oh, I’ll have to try that out!

Shaune Teske 5:48
Yeah. And I think what you said was such a great point of, we want to give our body these treats that aren’t food related or alcohol related. I think a lot of times you see that, you know, “oh, I’m stressed, mom needs her wine”, you see all those messages, or “I just need my chocolate” or whatever. And sure, that’s great. And, I’m not gonna lie, I love a glass of wine, especially when I’m watching “This Is Us” but, you know, we can’t be putting those things into our body all the time. We can’t treat things like that as a reward, because our body’s going to become addicted and struggle when we take it out or it’s going to be craving it. So finding those little treats like that having a Quartz roller is so fabulous. You’re doing a face mask or…

Sarah Schrader 6:34
Oh, yes!

Shaune Teske 6:35
Yes, I love a good face mask. I love just soaking my feet into the water. It just sounds weird. You could do a full bubble bath or something. But I just love after a long day on my feet just bath salts, feet just in water, chilling, relaxing. And then getting cozy in the tub. Just a nice robe and a blanket. Finding those little joys that we can treat our body, not using food and alcohol to do that.

Sarah Schrader 7:04
Keeping it on the skin/spa kind of day, I absolutely love doing a face mask and charcoal cleanser, that’s amazing on a day. But I find, in terms of listening to my body, if I am ever breaking out, that’s my treatment for it. I just need to take that moment to do it. But that’s usually a sign to me that I am either stressed out, overwhelmed, or I’m just indulging a little bit too much in the sweets type of thing. So that’s another way I just really get in tune to what I need there.

Shaune Teske 7:39
That’s a perfect example – your body is going to react to what you’re doing. Whether you are stressing yourself out, maybe there’s something going on… I don’t know, it could be tax season, you know, things like stresses like that. Stresses like money stresses, business stresses, maybe you just aren’t getting enough sleep. Things are happening. Your body is going to tell you it is not happy. And especially for women, a lot of that is like breaking out or feeling heavy or bloated or tired. I mean, all of that is going to be your body’s saying, “Hey, we need to take a step back. We need to look at what we are doing with ourselves.” And we talked about skincare, one of the biggest things with that too is the food. You know, I think a lot of times it’s like yes, let’s put a face mask on. And why is this not helping? Because it’s not always about putting something on top of your skin. It’s about the food that we are putting in, the nourishment for our body. I think skin is really interesting. I do think skin is very interesting. I’ve been going through some different hormonal changes in my body. So I have been noticing skin changes and how what I put on my skin, that my skin can absorb, you know, you absorb more by putting it on your skin than eating. And then just how then in turn food, water, whatever you’re drinking, eating, changes how your skin is too. It’s fascinating. So definitely if you have time you should learn more about skin it’s so cool.

Sarah Schrader 9:04
Drink a glass of water!

Shaune Teske 9:15
Yes, yes. I think that’s the biggest thing, you can never have enough water. I think there was a meme that was like “I learned that the adult beverage is water,” because we just don’t we don’t think about it. We don’t think about drinking it. But talking about not just putting stuff on our faces, on our skin, but what we put into our bodies is so important and indulging is great, but can we indulge in a better way?

Sarah Schrader 9:39
Yeah. Speaking of food, I mean you just completed a challenge yourself.

Shaune Teske 9:45

Sarah Schrader 9:45
Part of your “30 before 30” list, which is really exciting. So do you want to talk about that?

Shaune Teske 9:51
Yeah, so this is why I’m so pumped about food and skin and everything because I just finished Whole 30. I want to share about my experience without sounding like a crazy person. You know, if you’ve never done a challenge, a food challenge or a diet, you read those, you know, posts or listen to things and you’re like, “Okay, that works for you, but not for me.” I’m so that person.

Sarah Schrader 10:15
I want to hear all about it. And I have questions.

Shaune Teske 10:17
Yeah, I am. So that person that is like, “Oh my god, I don’t want to hear about your weight loss.” But then you go through it, and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, this changes your life.”

Sarah Schrader 10:28
Pause for just a second. In the middle of the 30 days, you had your first Grasp the ‘Gram.

Shaune Teske 10:34

Sarah Schrader 10:34
And I was there. And that day, I walked into the room, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, Shaune, looks so amazing and radiant.”

Shaune Teske 10:40

Sarah Schrader 10:40
Like, I could just tell that you were treating yourself well, in that moment.

Shaune Teske 10:43
Thank you. I think it was just because I wore makeup. I really am a huge advocate and healthier now. I’m very thankful. And I did it with my husband, and even though we’re technically off of it, we did it in January, we’ve been trying to bring Whole 30 into our daily lives and continue the journey and find freedom in food instead of feeling like “these are things I can and can’t have.” So it’s been a really cool experience. And I think I learned so much about food. Not just using it as a treat, using it as something to indulge with, but really seeing it as nourishment from my body and learning that your body just has hard time with other foods, breaking it down, bringing it and making it into energy, using it to fuel you and your thoughts, your work, everything like that. And yeah, I just I feel like we learned so much. And we’re using it now, in a way of “I want my body to feel good.” And when I eat certain things now, I don’t feel good anymore. And we had a huge test after completing Whole 30. We went, we were trying to start reintroducing foods into our system and then we went to Mexico for vacation. We were trying really hard and it was not, uh, we did not do a very good job of sticking with it. And we felt it, I mean, we didn’t overindulge, stuff our faces or go crazy. But we felt that if we ate a certain thing that we weren’t supposed to eat, like dairy, for me, it was like, “I don’t feel good.” As soon as I finished this, my stomach is saying “I don’t like this, I don’t feel good. I’m having a hard time breaking this down.” And then you just know, the next time, I’m not, I’m not going to do it. So I’ve been trying to reintroduce different things and learning and listening to my body and letting it tell me instead of pushing past and going, “Oh, well, I’ll just take medicine for it.” No, your body’s telling you that it doesn’t like it and you need to start hearing those signals and going with it instead of going, “Oh, it’s fine. I’ll just take I’ll take heartburn medicine,” or “I’ll take whatever,” it’s not gonna work. Your body’s in distress.

Sarah Schrader 10:57
One of the quotes I’ve done, because I’ve done tons of research on Whole 30. I haven’t started it yet because I’m working on enrolling the support for it. Which just hasn’t happened yet. But that needs to happen. But, I’ve been doing a ton of research. And I feel like for me, one of the biggest things is going to be having to flip what I think breakfast is. But there was a quote in the starter kit that I loved. And it was to “think about not what you can’t have, but what you can have.”

Shaune Teske 13:15
That’s a big, big thing. Because if you, you look at the rules, you see “can’t have this, can’t have that, can’t have dairy, can’t have beans, can’t have corn, and can’t have…”and you’re like, “hey, those are all my foods!” And you just start going “but what can you have?” You can have whole foods, real food, real fruits, real vegetables, real meat, all that good stuff. And when you’re in it, that first week is really hard. I’m not gonna lie. But once you’re halfway through, you created this habit, you created these meal plans. You have a system in place, and so then just start rolling. And you go, well, I can’t imagine life without it now. And really, I mean, even just before we were recording this, I’m really bad about, not even just the food choices, but eating. Like taking time to eat. I get really busy and I go “Well, I’ll skip a meal”, or I will, I’ll wait til later. And I could have skipped lunch today, and I was like “no, you need to carve out time to eat lunch.” And then you need to then carve out time to make your lunch because it’s not a quick grab anymore. And even though the meal I made was 15 minutes, it’s a quick thing, you still had to make that time instead of just throwing something in the microwave and saying, “well, that’s good enough.” I think that was my favorite part about Whole 30 was it really made you really, re-learn food. And not a “oh, I’m gonna eat this because I’m gonna get skinny.” It’s not that. It’s about “what is food to me? Is it nourishment is a tree Do I have negative feelings based around food?” For me, it would gave me time to stop and make my meals to really think about what I was putting into my body, to thank the food. I know it sounds weird, but to thank the food that’s gonna then turn into energy and fuel me. And what I loved is, actually a time, three times a day, to stop and think. And cooking became very relaxing, and a chance to just be. Whether I was cooking or Matt and I were cooking together, it was our chance to just be. And another part of Whole 30 is that when you eat one of your meals, there’s no distractions. There’s no TV, there’s no phone, there’s nothing. And I think that’s really hard for us as people.

Sarah Schrader 15:49
Yeah, I think half our culture have the TV on.

Shaune Teske 15:52
Even if you’re alone, you’re like, “well, I have to fill this void.” And you work so hard to pick up the food, then to make it, and then now you’re sitting here eating it. And you’re gonna rush through it? No! It’s time to sit and be mindful of what you’re putting into your body and giving thanks for . So those are, having now three times a day, where you sit and do that, where I wasn’t really doing that before. And I wasn’t. I was saying, “I am too busy. That’s the thing I can cut in my day.” And my body would feel it if I didn’t eat, you know, every day.

Sarah Schrader 16:28
Whether you’re just getting that tired, groggy feeling because you’re not energized from the food or your stomach is yelling at you.

Shaune Teske 16:35
Or you reach for something that’s quick and not good for you because you’re starving.

Sarah Schrader 16:39
And then the thing doesn’t sustain you and you’re hungry again an hour later.

Shaune Teske 16:44
So true. Some of my, my favorite takeaways were that, you know, you really thought about food as this tool for you. This fuel for your body instead of, you know, these things you could or couldn’t have, good and bad. And I think that was really interesting. And Matt and I talked a lot about growing up what food was like, at home. And we had conversations about how we felt about it. That we felt like…one of his big things was he felt like he had to finish everything on his plate. You know, he wasn’t hungry anymore, he had to finish it. And just those those things we tell ourselves. And it’s like, if you’re full, you can stop. Or I always saw food as a treat. My mom likes to drop off food for us. And it’s not always good. It’s the treats. It’s brownies and doughnuts, and whatever, and saying “no” to that is not saying “no” to I want your love. You know, that’s how she gives love. That’s how my grandma gives love. It’s not saying no to that, it’s saying “I can’t have that type of food because that doesn’t help my body but I appreciate the gesture.” We started sharing brussel sprouts. And I’ll cook this meal and bring this to your house and she would cook something and bring it to my house like that. So we could still pass back and forth but it wasn’t that not-so-good-food into your life. Nothing wrong with those foods again that and that’s a beautiful thing. Whole 30 feels very restrictive at the beginning. But then when you start reintroducing things and seeing how your body feels it is freedom and there is a lot of joy. Then you don’t feel tied to the cans and the cans of food. But then after 30 days, you just don’t…I don’t wanna be like “well you just don’t crave it,” because I crave sugar still all the time, but I just choose not to have it because I know truthfully, that’s not what my body wants. It wants to feel healthy and whole and I’m going to then pick something that feels better about it.

Sarah Schrader 18:39
I mean you’re out of the cycle of…

Shaune Teske 18:41
Yeah. The grabbing, the chocolate, you know, the bread…because I love carbs.

Sarah Schrader 18:46
What was the hardest thing for you to not have during the 30 days?

Shaune Teske 18:49
I love chocolate so much. I love sugar. I have a really bad sweet tooth, so having treats, you know, it should be a thing that you could easily cut out because that’s not part of your daily thing, but for me kind of was. Not a good thing but I really liked having sugar. And then just things like peanut butter. We love peanut butter. And peanut butter was a “no”. But almond butter is so good. So that was a good replacement, and finding sweets like fruits and and different things like that was really helpful to bring in the kind of sweetness, if you needed it. I loved having an apple with a little almond butter on it. It was so good. No, you’re not supposed to snack on Whole 30 but I’m gonna die if I don’t have a little snack here and there. So we found nuts we really liked and we found different fruits. We had a moment where we couldn’t find snacks that had no sugar, no canola oil. It was like, “these should just be nuts” and next thing you know, there is all this sugar on it. You really need to read your labels. That was another thing. I was shocked. Just reading labels, how many things have soy or sugar and it says “all natural” and really, it’s got this acid in it. You know? So we went into Aldi and we saw all these nuts, we saw these dried strawberries. Were like, “we can have this!” We were reading the labels, “oh my gosh, it’s just strawberries or it’s just nuts! This is great, we can have this!” So having those hilarious moments in the grocery store. Or having depressing moments. My second week, I went to the grocery store and I literally walked in and just cried because I’m like, “I have to make all this food?! I can’t just like go and eat something?” Now, I could just go eat a piece of fruit. But any meal I had to make. And I had to make meals anyway. But it was just that I knew everything I had to get when I go in…I had to get it, I had to prep. And that was really overwhelming.

Sarah Schrader 20:39
Especially when it’s a new thing.

Shaune Teske 20:41

Sarah Schrader 20:42
Not meal prepping. And then going into that, that’s a big shift.

Shaune Teske 20:46
Yeah, and we tried to be very good about meal prepping before, but we had slipped through the cracks. “Oh, yeah, let’s just order pizza,” or whatever. And you can’t do that. You really have to plan. And that is my biggest thing. If anyone wants to try to do it, you must make a plan. Every week, you need to plan out your breakfast, lunch, dinner for every day of the week. Go get that food and then make it. Whether it’s a Sunday or Monday night, whatever, you really need to do it. If you don’t, it’s just so easy to go get something from fast food or go pull this other thing. And you’re, you’re not going to give yourself that gift of all those great benefits if you slip on Whole 30. There’s not cheat days. You have to see it through. And really when we were on it, it just was, “you can’t cheat you can’t do it.” So we had to go the grocery store when I was tired, when I didn’t want to do it. I still had to go because I knew if I did it, it wasn’t gonna be a good time.

Sarah Schrader 21:43
I mean, there’s a ton of different kind of food lifestyles that are very popular right now. There’s keto, vegan, paleo, and a bunch of others. But one thing I really appreciate about Whole 30 is that it’s not like a necessarily a diet. It’s kind of a reset. And then, like we’re talking about today, tuning into your body to see what really works for you. I’m curious what the first thing you reintroduce was. I know there’s kind of a set plan that you can follow. But did you follow that with Whole 30?

Shaune Teske 22:13
Yeah, so what’s so beautiful about Whole 30 is that they have, during the whole process, how you should be feeling. There’s definitely a detox from getting those foods out of your system. And then when you’re starting to reintroduce things back in how you should go about it. We tried, like I said, we were really close. But a week after we were doing really good. And then we went to Mexico and then it was kind of all the foods. I try to be good about it, like say “no” to certain things. But then say “yes to other things.” So the first thing we introduced was beans. I love beans. I wanted them back in and I didn’t think my body had an issue with it. And it didn’t. Beans and corn were first. I did try introducing gluten back in; it doesn’t really like it, but doesn’t hate as much. But dairy has been, for me, introducing it, my body automatically when I finished dairy was like “oh no, we do not like this. This is not good.” And I’m really trying to stay off of it. And we have tried to make a plan now of, in the house it’s Whole 30 and if we go out, we’re going to try to stick to it. But if there’s a little cheese on it, if there’s a little, you know, some type of bread or whatever, we’re not going to overindulge. But we are going to try to stick to it. But some things were so crazy about the oils that it had to be cooked in, and we couldn’t go out to eat because everyone cooks it in canola oil or whatever. We really had to ask like, “hey, will you cook that in olive oil?” We did ask but it was a little crazy. So it’s kind of hard when you’re out and about, but we try to stick with it in the house and then when we’re out we’re just careful.

Sarah Schrader 23:56
Yeah, I definitely, even not being on Whole 30, there are still times where you can tell. Milk is one for me that I immediately am like “no, I cannot handle this.” It’s so crazy, because I used to love chocolate milk. And even just the smallest glass now I’m like, “Nope, my body does not like that.”

Shaune Teske 24:13
Right. And I love cheese. I try not to love cheese so much. But we’ve gone to different events and we’ve had things where there is cheese there and we’re like, “oh, we’ll just try, it’ll be fine.” And then immediately I’m like “no, why did I do that? I don’t like it.” So, your brain still thinks “Oh, it was fine. It was fine before, let’s do this now,” and you just have to continue to keep teaching your mind that your body is not liking this. And I really found that I love new foods now and I love new meals that we’ve made. I have a whole list of things we’ve made and I have a whole Pinterest board. So if anyone wants to check that out, we can link all that because that is the biggest thing with this is you should have support going through it. You can totally do it by yourself, but it’s gonna be easier if you have support or if you’re living with someone else that, at least for that month, they’re on it with you or they’re not eating in front of you because it is really hard. It is very hard to do it. And I convinced Matt to do it with me. And I’m glad I did because we would not have, uh, I don’t think I would have been as successful.

Sarah Schrader 25:20
And that’s exactly why I haven’t started yet because I’m working on that. My part of it was, it was their birthday last month, and they wanted the cake.

Shaune Teske 25:28

Sarah Schrader 25:30
Okay, fine. I know Matt had his birthday was during your experience.

Shaune Teske 25:32
Yeah, Matt’s birthday was during Whole 30. We pick January because we’re like, okay, we don’t have many things we love to go out in the summer. So we’ll do this. And he’s like, “but my birthday!” And I said, “It’s fine. It’s the end of the month.” And he was great about it, because his birthday was on a weekday. So he had to work anyway. And we just ate, I made dinner at home and we ate at home. And then it was like, “Okay, if you want to celebrate after your birthday, go to dinner somewhere.” And we haven’t done it yet, because we still are just enjoying the foods we’re eating here. And we did just come back from Mexico. And it was a little indulgent.

Sarah Schrader 26:10
So two thumbs up for Whole 30. Yeah, great tool, for tuning into your body with food.

Shaune Teske 26:16
It’s so great and I’m a huge advocate of it right now. And obviously there are other diets, like you mentioned, and I’m sure they’re all great. And you really want to pick something that is a lifestyle change for you and what your goals are. I think that’s the first step is: what are your goals with a diet or a different food plan? First, Whole 30 was I wanted to reset my body and see what was going on with it into the new year. And Whole 30 just seemed to be the plan that worked for us.

Sarah Schrader 26:52
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Alright are there any other things that you’ve done to tune into your body that you want to talk about?

Shaune Teske 27:22
Yes, so I really am into tuning into this year because I am going to be 30 at the end of the year and we Matt and I have been trying to start a family. So before we were doing that I wanted to see what my body is like, you know, just getting whole and healthy and prepped for future parenthood. So I’ve been doing lots of different things. Diet was one of them, doing whole 30 and really seeing how much improvement. We’re sleeping great. We have great energy. Our skin is better. Like, everything is great. We love it. And we did lose some weight. I did not weigh myself, I know Matt did, but you’re not supposed to weigh yourself. I just feel lighter. I feel healthier. So that, that was all I wanted. Other things that I am a huge advocate for, and I think everyone should do, is, one of the big ones, is going to chiropractor. I think, oh and getting massages regularly. Now I don’t feel like that is something that is, “Oh, we’re going to get a massage, we’re going to the spa, something indulgent.” No, it really is something your body needs. And going to chiropractor. That is super important. I am just blown away by the chiropractor and what you can learn and how different things can affect your body. It’s not just physical. It’s not just “oh, I have this this issue with my neck,” it’s like that issue then blocks everything going to all different organs and signals being sent from your brain to other places. It is fascinating. So I definitely recommend everyone get in with their chiropractor. Get scans done, see what’s going on with your body, because, oh my goodness, there’d be things you might not even know are issues. And that if they work on this one thing it can lead to, you know, a breakthrough somewhere else. It’s awesome. Highly recommend going to chiropractor.

Sarah Schrader 29:14
Would you give any advice for somebody who’s kind of nervous of it?

Shaune Teske 29:19
Yes. There’s nothing to be nervous about. They’re trained professionals. They’re literally doctors. You have to go to medical school and all this crazy schooling to make sure it all works. And I love it. Once you’re in it. Your body just feels so good. And I have a serious neck issue. So my adjustments always include cracking my neck and that can be a little scary because you’re like, “Oh my gosh, my neck just made this huge crack.” But then afterwards, you feel this release, you feel so good. And then it just continues to feel better. Whether it’s your sleeping better or your immune system is better. There’s tons of things you can do for your sinuses. It’s fabulous. I highly recommend everyone should go. And if anyone is struggling with like, “Oh, I don’t know, I have questions”, just message me because I love it. I am such an advocate, I will go the chiropractor until I can’t go anymore. It has been so beneficial.

Sarah Schrader 30:15
I think the word like “cracking” makes people nervous.

Shaune Teske 30:19
Yeah, but it’s trained professionals. And I think another thing I want to try that I haven’t tried is acupuncture. And that’s a little…could be a little scary as well, because of the needles, but the cracking, it’s just your body, you’re not going to do anything that’s going to hurt. You might feel a little uncomfortable, but you feel so good after and it’s like five minutes. It’s not long,

Sarah Schrader 30:44
Right. I’m one of acupuncture. I’ve never done the needles in your body. But I am very interested in the pressure point in your body and what those can do. So when you’re feeling nauseous, your hands a lot of the time, like between your thumb and your forefinger, or pointer finger, that’s a good place to kind of rub on a little bit. And obviously temples, we you have a headache…different things.

Shaune Teske 31:09
The back of your neck.

Sarah Schrader 31:11
And there’s some on your feet too.

Shaune Teske 31:14
The soles on your feet, it’s amazing how many things are connected to your feet, and just pressing different parts activates different parts of your body. And that is, with going to chiropractor, they will help you with that. And you go through these scans, and you go, it’s amazing. They’ll be like, just your spine, they go through this scan. And it’s like, “Are you having issues with, you know, whatever? Are you having digestion issues? Are you having whatever? Well, that’s this part. We can do different things.” I was having issues with my adrenal glands, and she was doing different work. And then I mean, those opened up and I’m greateful. I mean it’s just so, even things that aren’t like your bones or your muscles. It’s everything. Yeah, fascinating.

Sarah Schrader 31:57
Ok, what’s the second thing?

Shaune Teske 31:58
So another thing I love, and I’ve been doing actually for a year, is and I was, I haven’t done it in a while, so I wanted to start doing it again, I was having a Reiki session. Going to Reiki practitioner. And for, I don’t want to butcher what it is so I literally just took this off the internet to tell you what it is. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine, which is called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands on healing through which a universal energy is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. And when you hear it you think, “Okay, this sounds like mumbo jumbo or whatever.”

Sarah Schrader 32:44
Like woo woo side of things.

Shaune Teske 32:46
It is a little yes, woo woo if you have never done it. But it is. It’s real. I don’t know how to not explain it just as someone that has received these sessions, I have two aunts that are Reiki practitioners. And it has been so beautiful. And I recently had a session, Reiki attunement session where they’re bringing that energy to me and I, I mean, I just feel so much better mentally, emotionally, yes, my body feels better as well. But just I feel like this light is radiating through me. And I’m able then to help continue the healing and bring the healing towards other people. And it just, it’s great. I think everyone should try that too,

Sarah Schrader 33:31
I think to kind of put it into a bit more of like layman’s terms, if you think about the power of a hug, and the warmth you feel, it’s really that touch and that kind of healing in it. And it’s just the next level up of it.

Shaune Teske 33:42
It’s this beautiful energy that we all have. And that is a gift and we can tap into it. We don’t always do that. And I think people sometimes again, are a little hesitant because it sounds crazy, but it really it isn’t. It’s real. And we have a ton of Reiki practitioners actually in this area in Wisconsin, and you can find them all over. So definitely something I would recommend doing. You’re gonna feel so good after. Yeah, that’s awesome. Anything you’ve been doing, Sarah that is helping you tune into your body?

Sarah Schrader 34:15
For me, the biggest thing really is just taking moments of silence and meditation to really just check in with how am I feeling right now. And even with a guided meditation, they’re often telling you to like, you’re seated firmly on the ground. And in those moments, you could tell, “Am I hunched over? Are my shoulders tense? Where’s that tension in my body?” And maybe it’s overuse of a muscle. If you’ve been really walking a lot, like maybe your feet hurt. Maybe there’s tension there because your feet hurt. And you just walked a lot, so yeah, you need a little bit of rest on your feet or a nice foot massage, like something to help that out. Maybe you have tension in your head, maybe you were thinking about something and there’s some thing that has is just on your mind constantly and it’s stressing you out or worrying you and you can just take a moment to breathe it in like breathe in, and let go of that tension and let go of that worry. And yeah, it’s not going to go away, but to just let go of that tension and have it your body in its best shape, so that you can revisit it again and figure out what needs to be done. And I think there’s just something so powerful about taking that moment to check in with yourself. Because, I think about like, when I have just so overwhelmed my thoughts, and my mind is racing a mile a minute, when I take a moment for myself, I realize that I take that moment and pause, I can then know that I need to just write things down, get it out of my head. And then I can tackle them and like look at what’s actually important. And being able to do that, then my body is less stressed, my body is more calm, and I can take on and do those things that need to be done with a lot more mental clarity, and energy and just vigor in what I’m doing. So yeah, I totally say meditation and silence was big. For me.

Shaune Teske 36:37
That’s so beautiful. I think, any any day, anytime that you can start with meditation, or mindfulness is so important. It just sets you up for a better day, I like to meditate, but then go into affirmations right after and I just start declaring goodness and light and love in my life and blessings and all that good stuff. And then I then I take it on, and I start declaring it for others, my family, my friends and, and just they may never hear it’s just me, you know, and I like to say it out loud, or I write it down. So it’s very clear. Sometimes I do this when I’m in, in my cars, if people don’t think I’m crazy, like just out and about, but I like to say it out loud and declare that goodness in those big blessings on people and on myself. Yeah, so important. The power in affirmations and manifesting goodness and big breaks, it’s real, too, it really does happen. I have so many examples of that actually happening when you let go and just say, you expect good things to come into your life. And they really will.

Sarah Schrader 37:42
Yeah. It’s crazy to think that can happen. But it really is just putting yourself into a place of “this is what I want.” And you’re so focused on it, you just, you bring it. No matter what.

Shaune Teske 37:54
Right, you let everything else go and everything is just for your higher good. And really your mindset is everything. So that’s we keep talking about into your body tuning in. Same with your mind, your, what the thoughts you produce, are going to affect your body. So if you’re sitting around going, I’m never gonna feel better, or I’m always gonna have to deal with this or whatever, that is what you’re creating in it. So you need to be declaring good things over your body too and saying you’re healed from whatever is ailing you. Or you’re able to say “no” to that food crazy or whatever, you don’t need it, you can you can say those things. And it’s so true.

Sarah Schrader 38:32
I was driving to the library yesterday, and there was, on the radio, literally said like, “if you are having thoughts of ‘you’re not worthy enough’, you’re gonna act that you’re not worthy enough, if you’re having thoughts of ‘your being overweight’, you’re going to make choices that would lead to that.” It’s just so much, so much power in the thoughts that we have and how it affects us.

Shaune Teske 38:55
So true. So I think that is a perfect chance for us to encourage everyone listening to start declaring good things over themselves. And to really tune into your body, whatever that means. Whether it is trying to do a diet, trying Whole 30, trying something else, or talking, taking a session that we talked about, whether it’s a Reiki session going the chiropractor, trying something meditative or going to acupuncture, whatever it may be, we want to challenge you all in the next 30 days to tune into your body. I think 30 days is really nice number it’s a month it’s a chance for you to not just try for a week and quit,or if you do try for a week, but you could restart. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a challenge with yourself to pick something and just go with it. Take time and listen to your body. Make note of it, journal about it and see how you feel after 30 days.

Sarah Schrader 39:52
Okay, we want to hear from you on this. Head over to @TheCreativeLegacyPodcast on Instagram and let us know your thoughts.

Shaune Teske 40:15
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