Strategic Video Marketing with Marvin Flavien

It’s 2020 and video marketing is here to stay, but often under utilized! We had the opportunity to sit down with video marketing strategist, Marvin Flavien to talk about how to best use video within our businesses to take advantage of the powerful tool. And don’t worry, he talks about getting past the feeling of discomfort in front of the camera too!

Video is powerful

Video is a powerful way to bring people into your business – to see it and to get a feel for what it is like to work with you before they even experience it themselves. It takes people on a journey of your business and how you would work with them. “There is a difference between knowing how to make a video and knowing how to get video to work for you. Once you decipher those two businesses can see how to get power in these video.”

Build a relationship with the camera

“When you are more of yourself on camera you seem more confident. The only way to get better is to keep doing it.” Marvin suggests Instagram Stories as a great way to get started with video. But remember, it’s not about us. it’s about the people on the other side. How do you want to connect with them? What value do you want to bring them?

Figure out what the goal is

Number one thing: figure out what the goal is and how we want video to work for us. Too often people forget about the strategy behind a video. But without strategy we are simply left with a pretty video that won’t do much of anything.

Videos that can impact your business

  • Video email signature
  • Video business card
  • Introduction video
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Videos that allow you to share commonly repeated information

About Marvin Flavien:

Marvin is a speaker, creative, video business owner, full of passion, love life and people I work with. He focuses on strategic video assets to make businesses unstoppable

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Podcast Transcript

Marvin Flavien 0:00
Being able to just do that, you know, take that whole process of having to explain yourself or just educate people on what you do you know, and just get people excited and ready to buy from you. I think it’s just just a really powerful way. And you know, once we start doing that, it’s like, what else can we do now? You know, like, what if we have employees we need to train or different types of things like that. So I think it’s just once we started working on the things that we’re already working good at, working on things we’re already good at, I think it just allows an extra way for video to help work freely in your business.

Sarah Schrader
You’re listening to The Creative Legacy Podcast, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs to build their business, while leading a life of intention, joy and adventure. I’m Sarah, a brand strategist and designer, helping entrepreneurs craft their brands to speak boldly and reach their ideal client. I’m joined by my friend and co host Shaune, a wedding photographer and educator that helps photographers, creatives and small business owners cultivate intentional lives and build their most abundant business.

Shaune Teske 0:33
Have you looked at other creators using video marketing and thought, I should probably be doing that because it would be so helpful for my business. But showing up in front of the camera is so uncomfortable, or you’re wondering where to even get started, because it’s just so different for you, you’re definitely not alone. And on this episode, we welcome Marvin Flavien of videographer helping business owners become comfortable in front of the camera to utilize the power of video to make their business unstoppable. In this episode, Marvin shares with you how to break through those barriers and find your space and voice in the world of video to take advantage of all the benefit it has. Oh, and he shares exactly what those benefits are to. Video is definitely here to stay. So want to listen to this one.

Shaune Teske
It’s 2020. And everyone knows that video is where it’s at where it’s going. I think there’s been a recent study that like in just five years, 90% of the content online is going to be video that is what we are consuming what we’re obsessed with. And how can you take video and pull it into your business use it to market your business, especially when you don’t know what to do or how to use it. And thankfully, our guest today, Marvin Flavien is going to help us and he’s gonna teach us all about it. And we are so excited that he’s here with us today. So thank you so much, Marvin, for being here.

Marvin Flavien 2:50
Thank you for having me.

Shaune Teske 2:52
So if you don’t know Marvin, he is the owner of MK Flav Video. He is a speaker, a creative, a video business owner full of passion, loves life and loves the people he gets to work with. He focuses on strategic video assets to make businesses unstoppable. And I feel like this is something we all need right now. I met Marvin just last year at a conference and he was shooting video. And it was just for fun for for his own business. And it was so cool to see. And just I think you just came out to me, Marvin, you’re like, Hey, how’s it going? I’m like, this guy’s awesome. So and like since then we’ve been in like different groups together online and really got into follow Marvin’s work and see all the cool things he’s been doing. And so we are super excited. You’re here. Marvin, I would love to hear a little bit more about your story and how you got started doing what you’re doing.

Marvin Flavien 3:52
Man, thank you. Thank you. So my story’s a little, I would say so unique. I took the route of I guess I’ll start off like, like I said, I’m always been a creative at heart. And just that always fueled me, you know, I always felt like I was born to like, have my own thing. So. So it wasn’t like I had like a corporate job and I was doing if you don’t decide, like video was just always part of me. Like I started on the early days of YouTube. And doing cosplay. I used to go to cosplay conventions. Big, big into comic cons, and we kind of just, I didn’t know where to find like this little media group with me and some friends just went around filming a bunch of conventions. And you know, at the time, I didn’t realize how powerful video was, you know, I just thought it would be a cool way for people who you know, didn’t get a chance to see the convention could really get to experience it, you know, so even back then I realized I was creating videos to help you know, businesses and stuff like that, but, you know, just passion just grew and just transformed into me and business owners and just, it really just took him took it from there. And I just really took it upon myself to learn more to how to help businesses use this tool. And this thing just really transformed some business. That’s been fun. So always continue learning. I’m just enjoying it right now.

Shaune Teske 5:11
Very cool. So did you know like going into video like that you you said you’re creating these videos at conventions? Did you then know like, okay, I want to take this and use it to help people because usually people go the route of like, at least videographers that I know are like, oh, we just do weddings like how did you go from like, I’m going to use this to help business owners or where did you see that need for them to use that?

Marvin Flavien 5:38
So I mean, I kind of started off, like I said, as I was doing YouTube, I was just a collector and someone actually, I guess he saw on my videos, he could kind of tell like, I wasn’t, I was really into it. Yeah, so he, he pulled me aside and really wanted me to help him help promote his cosplay group. And then I got, like, dealt with conventions. But But yeah, I did do weddings a little bit. But I guess since I was always in that entrepreneurship mindset, I guess I gravitated more towards business owners, you know, I was always trying to learn more who the business owners were going and different networking events. So it just kind of grew into that. So that’s kind of why I kind of just, that’s what made me really dive into that side of it, you know, so I think just like I said, I think just having an entrepreneurship mindset, it was really just what made me connect more with business owners. And I think that’s what that’s I think that’s what really got me into it.

Sarah Schrader 6:31
What is the with video marketing that they can benefit from? How is it being used? What are you seeing in that? And what are you helping them to create for?

Marvin Flavien 6:42
Yeah, so a lot of it’s really comes down to like, what their goals are, we look at their business to see where they want to go. We’re really just going off of what they need, and figure out what what plan we can put in place. You know, some, some people like to look at video is just oh, promos, and advertisement and things like that. But we look at it with there’s a lot of different ways to look at it. But there’s also things that we look at is how we can help them like as far as defense, like, let’s say people want to learn more about you, you want to help you save some time, you know, it’s like, there’s so many different avenues and ways video plays a part in businesses and it just really takes someone who understands straight video strategy to really help them unlock those key potentials. Because, you know, it’s really the sky’s the limit for a lot of these business owners and, and getting their foot in the door with videos is pretty unique and pretty cool to see.

Shaune Teske 7:30
Could you give us a few examples of some businesses you’ve worked with and what you’ve helped them create?

Marvin Flavien 7:35
Yeah, so a lot of them, I like to call my clients unique. A lot of them are just really passionate people. We just finished a video for an orthopedic they do like custom people with amputees and all this stuff. And really just, it was really just cool to see how you know, how they transforming lives. You know, you could read about that you could see some reviews and stuff about about actually literally seeing someone who can’t couldn’t walk and then having an attachment to the legs and helping them walk again, it’s just it’s really cool, powerful things to see. You know, we work with insurance agencies, gyms, marketing companies, like chiropractors our clients are so unique, you know, just different types of people, you know, just passionate about wanting to do more in the business, I really want to connect with the audience.

Shaune Teske 8:24
I love that you mentioned a ton of businesses that aren’t, you wouldn’t necessarily think of them as creatives, but they are creative and what they are doing. And then this video is going to set them apart from so many other people in their industry. So that video really can benefit everybody, because you’re able to show the power behind what you’re doing. I think you mentioned when you said this, you said that there’s power behind it. Could you give us like you said, you gave us that example of you know, being able to see someone walking again, for the first time like you said, read the review, but actually seen it? Can you give us any examples of how video is really showing the power of what people do?

Marvin Flavien 9:05
Oh, yeah, of course, I think that’s one of the key things people don’t even think about, you know, we go about our business, you know, we have customers, we have clients, they love us, you know, for the outside world, unless people get to experience that, you know, working with the how else do they get to see, and I think video is just a real powerful way to just bring people into that reality, you know, being able to see it, you know, feel it. And one thing too is this, people need to remember, like, you’re not losing that personal touch, because you know what the videos that we create, you know, you’re really just showing off more like personality, and people get to really, really see it and then they can experience that while you’re doing other things in your business. You know, so things don’t have to get slowing down and you know, answering phone calls and stuff like that. So videos just plays a really integral part in day to day business.

Sarah Schrader 9:55
I’ve said for a while now like people just don’t love to read as much so even in that aspect, but it’s But important, but I, what you’re mentioning, like that connection and that like visually being able to see it and experiencing that personality, I think that just adds 10 times the value to it.

Marvin Flavien 10:11
Of course, yeah. And also if you think about it they get a chance to experience it before they even get to, you know, so they could get super excited. Oh, man, I can’t wait to work with you, you know, you may have to do much on the sales call, I sign right here, let’s get you in, you know, they’re excited to work with you, you know, so it takes that whole process, you know, almost flips, it flips it around, and lets you, you know, take take control of a lot of different situations. So, so yeah, it’s cool. It’s really cool to see. Yeah.

Shaune Teske 10:43
So you mentioned, that’s something that people could see, they could see this video and be excited to work with you. So tell us, like, where business owners could put videos, you know, I mean, like, what processes? So is it like to show how you work? Is it? You know, where can we put some videos right away that like could automatically impact our businesses?

Marvin Flavien 11:05
Yeah, great question. I think, yeah, um, one of the things that we do is, look at each businesses, you know, we look at, you know, where are the clients coming from? You know, are they getting a lot of referrals, or, you know, the big on social media, you know, we’re looking at all different aspects, you know, I think, obviously, the number one place to put it is your website. But there’s also things as far as the back end, like what about your email signature, or just having this video front and center, your sales process, almost like, and some of the things that we do for some of our clients and how we in I use it in my businesses, this is kind of the introductory piece of my quote, unquote, sales process. So before, people even, get to sit down with me have a conversation with me, you know, I’m making sure they seen this video first, you know, so it’s really about just how you implement it. You know, I think that’s the key thing. I think that’s the key thing that we really tried to bring home is really how you implement the video is how you can really choose to see the impact. So you know, it’s not just tucked away, on the third page of your website, you know, this is front and center, we want you to click on this when you when you first click on this, you know, so it’s, it’s really cool. It’s really, it’s really cool. It’s really just about how you, like I said, how you implement it into your day to day business and your strategies.

Shaune Teske 12:19
I know, I’ve heard you talk about this product. And if people didn’t understand what you mean by could you tell us what it is? So you, you’ve talked about a video business card? Can you talk about what that is and what that means?

Marvin Flavien 12:32
Yeah, so if you think about your business card, what it what it does, you know, tells people your name, you know, how to contact you, who you are, what you do kind of thing. And with the video business card, what we want to do is, you know, this is kind of the doorway into, into your company and to your reality for for your clients or prospects and other people. And it really just takes the fundamental pillars; who you are, what you do, how you do it, what makes you unique, and really takes people on the journey, you know, of your business, and really see how you how you work within something that’s special and unique that we do is really have a call to action. So we make sure, they know exactly how to contact you exactly what they need to do next. So they don’t leave you hanging, you know, so they love, they love everything, they seen a video, and then they tell you exactly what you need to do to begin working with them. So it’s really cool. You know, I think it’s the perfect way to start, especially with video, you know, if you’re new to the whole video game is a perfect way to get started with it.

Sarah Schrader 13:29
I haven’t even ever thought of that before. So that’s an awesome concept to hear.

Shaune Teske 13:35
Get over here, Marvin.

Sarah Schrader 13:40
Cool. I mean, besides, like you mentioned, that’s a great way to get started. Are there other things that when somebody comes to you and says, I’m really intrigued by introducing video more into my business, but I don’t know where to start? Are there any other recommendations you’ve had for them? Like how to get started?

Marvin Flavien 13:59
So I think it all comes down to what do you want to gain out of this? You know, what, how do we want this to help me? You know, it’s really just having that foresight of like, what’s the goal? What’s the vision in mind, and then we can break it down until like, if we wanted to content or if we wanted to how to play this into our business, you know, so it’s really just comes down to, where you want to go and your business. But really, I think a lot of times, you know, I hear this a lot of times people are afraid to be on camera that are comfortable, you know, and I think it just comes down to really building a relationship with the camera. Like if you think about it, people you meet for the first time you’re a little reserved, you know, you know fully yourself, but then over time, you know, you’re more comfortable and then people people get to see more side of you. And when you’re more of yourself on camera, you know, you just seem more confident and I think the only way to get better at it is just trying to get better. It’s to keep doing it. So one of the things that we usually tell some of the people that don’t want to get started is Instagram stories. I think it’s a great way to, you know, to get started because people get to see in person analogy you get to try having the camera in front of your face and you know it goes away 24 hours. So you don’t have to worry about if you mess up or anything but but yeah, I think like I said, it just comes down to like getting comfortable on camera and just being more confident who you are and how you speak. So.

Shaune Teske 15:13
Do you have some other tips to get people to be comfortable in front of camera? You mentioned getting on stories. So what if I’m a business owner? I’ve never been in front of the camera? And now I like no, I have to do video. Okay, what do I do? Like I’m mumbling? I’m, I don’t know where to look, I look crazy, whatever, what were some tips you have just to get people comfortable right away get to get started.

Marvin Flavien 15:40
Yeah, I actually love this question. So one of the things I always come home too, is like, we really need to remember that this isn’t about us, you know, try not to worry about how you look, sometimes, you know, it’s really about the people on the other side of it, you know, how you want to connect with them? What value do you want to bring to them, you know, because then we take the focus off on us, you know, it’s more focused on how we can help other people. So it’s, that’s like the number one thing, but also, just like I said, you just have to be prepared, you know, understand what you want to talk about, and how you get there, and really just, you know, maybe free in the office, and then you say, hey, well, we’re here today, you know, from nine to five, you know, come come see us, you know, just small things like that, you know, just have to be a super high end production, just just start getting comfortable showing your face, let people into your world. You know, I think that’s really what it comes down to. And once you start doing that, you know, sky’s the limit for you.

Shaune Teske 16:31
How often do you think people should be showing up like that to start getting comfortable?

Marvin Flavien 16:39
I would say, I mean, it depends, you know, every day, I mean, look, if you if you have the capacity to do every day, go ahead, you know, we know how the, the algorithm is with without content, you know, what’s the time people need to see our post the first time so you know, the more you show up, the more chances people get to experience you didn’t get to see you. So you know, just have fun with it. You know, just remember to have fun with it. And just remember, like, we’re trying to bring value here and just connect with our audience, you know, so the more they see you, the more they get their money, the more they think about you. So

Shaune Teske 17:13
That’s so true. What would you recommend? So, okay, you’re a business owner, you made the commitment. I’m going to show up in front of the camera, I’m going to go on Instagram stories. What are a few like, if you could give us some like actionable things we could talk about? I think that’s the second point people go Okay, first, I’m afraid of the camera. Second, what do I even talk about what are some tips or like quick things that any business owner could talk about on camera?

Marvin Flavien 17:40
I think the number one thing you can talk about is try not to talk about yourself and talk about the people that you helped, you know, talk about stories that happened, I remember I was sitting at an event and this guy he does like hvac he talked about how like what he did for his one of his customers and how the other company was really doing all this unnecessary stuff and talk about how you helped them and just make her feel at ease. You know, just share a little stories about that. I think, you know, people love stories and you know, hearing stories about how you help people, it’s just a really cool way to bring insight on you know, your services, it’s just how you work, you know, and just testimonials of people who’ve had a great experience with you allow them to share it with with you, you know, so it’s as long as you’re bringing in bringing in people into your world, I don’t think there’s any, like written wrong or right way to do it. But as long as you know, begin begin the process of doing that.

Shaune Teske 18:33
Very cool.

Sarah Schrader 18:34
I’m kind of curious if there’s anything with video that you’re seeing right now that we really should be considering to include within our, like marketing that we’re doing our business plans that we’re creating for the year? Is there anything with video we like really should be paying attention to really be considering?

Marvin Flavien 18:56
Yeah, I think just how the way businesses are moving, how technology is transforming. I think we just need to be very forward thinking of how we want to implement that into our business, you know, like I was talking about before, maybe a video can help you from explaining something over and over again, or let’s say something that comes up often and a process that you do over and over again, how about making the video, so you don’t have to repeat that, you know, so doing things that can help you save some more time, you know, one that helps you build relationships is being able to like, like I said, Show up until your audience. So just having that forward thinking of like, Look, video just isn’t about us, you know, promoting ourselves, but what about how we can use this in our business, you know, help us save some time, you know, help us do things that we don’t have to keep on repeating over and over again and just you know, do simple things like that, you know?

Sarah Schrader 19:50
Sure. Definitely the more time we can save the better.

Marvin Flavien 19:55
Of course. Yeah.

Shaune Teske 19:57
So you talk about being a video strategist for entrepreneurs or small business owners. So and we talked about different goals, like if you have a goal of what you want to accomplish in your business, like how we can do that for video. So think everyone’s main goal is I want more clients, I want to make more money, what is like a strategy than with video that we can do to have that happen?

Marvin Flavien 20:22
Yeah, I actually love this question, too.

Shaune Teske 20:25
I was like, you’re gonna have the perfect answer.

Marvin Flavien 20:28
So a lot of times, people are always focused on like offense. So they want to do promos, they want to do ads, they want to do all this stuff. But we like to circle back on like, we call it like a defensive strategy. So if people are already coming to you, you know, where they’re already coming from what’s already working in our business? And, you know, and what, what can we do to help, you know, expand this and grow this, you know, if people are already coming to you, let’s say you do a lot of networking. So a lot of people are already, you know, learning about who you are having a video somewhere where, like, on your on your front page, your website where people can take that, who you are, what do you do process out of that and just simplify this easier, you know, like we talked about earlier about helping you save some time like, this could be something this could be, you know, the difference between you making a certain amount of closing more deals and getting more people into your office, you know, because like I said, we’re probably already doing stuff that we’re that’s working, it’s just things need to be tweaked, you know, and that’s my job to really go in there see, like, what needs to be tweaked? You know, what can we add to help expand this? And I think that’s a perfect way to start, you know, start from within, you know, what’s, what are we doing that’s working? what’s what’s good? And how can we implement a video to help expand what we’re already doing?

Shaune Teske 21:39
Awesome. We talked about putting videos on your website, we talked about putting, we talked about showing up in Instagram Stories anywhere else, you think that we should be putting our video efforts? Do you suggest Facebook videos, you suggest YouTube channels? You know, do you think we should have a whole series, you know what, I think people think video, and they think it’s gonna get crazy and out of control. And oh, my gosh, I don’t have time for this. So where else can we to maximize our efforts? Where else should we put videos?

Marvin Flavien 22:17
Do you maximize your efforts, were you getting the most bang for your buck. If you have a strong email list, like I was talking about before, if you’re out networking, and you’re already sending emails to people, why not attach a video of who you are? What you do?

Shaune Teske 22:29
Oh yeah, that’s so smart!

Marvin Flavien 22:33
Yeah, so it’s really just comes down to like, Where, where your business at, you know, I know, a lot of times, people get overwhelmed with all the social platforms, all the all this, you know, things that are out there. So I guess just find your lane and just stick to it, you know, just be confident in what you’re doing. And stick to it, you know, So figure out what’s already working, you know, where are you getting in most contexts, and least, what are you already doing? One thing to remember is, as far as YouTube, we usually host the video on YouTube because videos, YouTube’s a part of Google. So having that on the search engines to help with your SEO and stuff is also a great tool. But like I said before, it’s really just coming down to, where your people are and knowing where your audiences and how we can target them. And that’s kind of a great way to start.

Shaune Teske 23:17
You brought up that you put them on YouTube, this is a thing that as soon as you’re talking this stuff, we don’t even know that. So it makes more sense to put it on YouTube than to completely take a video and then just embed it to your website. Correct. Like it should be on, okay, so can you talk a little bit about about that, you know, a little bit the backend behind that?

Marvin Flavien 23:39
Yes, I mean, if you ever googled how to fix a toilet or I’m saying that because I literally did that. And usually the first thing that comes up is a video, you know, so how to fix a toilet so what if, let’s say I had a maintenance company or whatever and that was my video that I’m getting hits to my business without people even realizing it you know, so it’s really just about having the video searchable you know as far as how you post it but making it so when people are looking for let’s say you insurance you know your video done is something specific to research that people are looking at searching that you know, this allows you to help you get get up there and those results.

Shaune Teske 24:21
So we are posting it on YouTube and then linking that back or then embedding it from YouTube. That’s just a great that’s another way that I never really even thought about that. That’s how people search and you do you go you see those videos right away when you’re searching for something and usually that’s what I click on first if it’s I’m looking to do something so that if I can tie that then back to a business that serves making you the business seem like an expert. So would you say that it’s like for business owners like it’s really helpful to create like almost educational videos or almost videos that like you’re teaching your clients something?

Marvin Flavien 25:00
Yeah, I mean, it all depends on, who you are and what industry you’re in. But yeah, I think it’s definitely a great avenue to explore. You know, a lot of times people, especially with content, see, they want to be entertained, they want to be educated. So be allowing yourself to be available in those types of spaces. You know, I think it’s definitely underutilized. And you know, there’s no, you will definitely be able to get a lot back from that.

Shaune Teske 25:27
That makes me think about when you just said educate or entertain, what are your thoughts on Tiktok, and like using that as a business owner?

Marvin Flavien 25:36
I love I love Tiktok. I admit I’m not on there as I shouldn’t be just because I can’t really do all the dances. But yeah, I think you got to find something unique in a lot, a lot of things are like almost copy and paste on Tiktok. But I think once you find something that’s unique to you your style and like you can utilize that I think it’s just another great way. A lot of times, alot of people think just oh, it’s just another social media app. But I think just what they’re creating and how they’re creating content on Tiktok, I think is going to be something that we might be taken to other platforms, even if Tiktok doesn’t exist later on, you know, so I think it’s definitely something you can definitely utilize and learn how to, you know, communicate to the new to new age or the millennials, I think Gen Z now.

Sarah Schrader 26:30
Can you talk a little bit more about like, you mentioned how we create on Tiktok might translate form into how we create and other platforms? Can you talk a little bit into, if we have a video that we’re creating do you recommend or to take that video and utilize it on other platforms as well, like, say, if we have a two minute video that we’re putting up on YouTube and going off our website, like cutting that and throwing it into an Instagram story or igtv tik tok, wherever it might be? Or do you really feel we should be kind of creating specific for the platform?

Marvin Flavien 27:08
Well, I think if you do it smart, you could probably do both at the same time, you know, but it just like I said, it just takes that, that creative mindset to be able to I could do this for here, and like maybe take this piece and put it there, you know, so yeah, I think it’s smarter that way to take a bunch of content and spread it out. It’s a different type of platforms, almost the same piece of content, but, but modified for, you know, each each platform.

Shaune Teske 27:33
So tell me a little bit more about some of the other strategies you’d like put in place that have helped business owners, or if you have like a formula you talked about, like kind of like being on the, like the defense and of it, can you share a little bit more into that? Or how entrepreneurs can like tap into that?

Marvin Flavien 27:52
Yeah. Like, I think so I actually just got a couple days ago, of one on someone we did a video business card for, like she said that one of her coaching client, literally five minutes in saying like, I really want to work with you, like I recently read this guy, I really, want to work with you, you know, so being able to just do that, you know, take the whole process of having to explain yourself or just educate people on what you do, you know, and just get people excited and ready to buy from you. I think it’s just a really powerful way. And, you know, once we start doing that, it’s like, what else can we do now? You know, like, what if we have employees we need to train or different types of things like that. So I think it’s just once we started working on the things that we’re already working on things we’re already good at, I think it just allows an extra way for video to help work for you and your business.

Shaune Teske 28:48
So true. This might seem like maybe a dumb question, but like how long should videos be like our attention span is not you cannot hold it very long. Like what is like the perfect length of time to capture someone’s attention?

Marvin Flavien 29:02
There’s no wrong answer to that but I would say attention you just it just means that you need to grab their attention and hold on to it sooner. So get to the point early make sure it’s clear concise, who this video is for and what they’re going to learn kind of thing. But yeah, I mean, I’ve seen 10 minute videos that I’ve loved and I’ve seen a minute video that I started watching like five seconds in so it really just just comes down to like the content and what you’re really trying to portray.

Shaune Teske 29:38
That’s a great answer. Last question, is there just is there anything else that you want business owners to know about video marketing, what is like either your biggest misconception that you want to write right now or something that you wish that they would know?

Marvin Flavien 30:01
I think just just be wary of that a lot of a lot of, you need to understand like, there’s a difference between knowing how to make a video and knowing how to get people to work for you. So once you decipher those two, I think business can really start seeing getting power back in these videos, because a lot of times, some videographers really just know how to create and then they rely on them to help them. But sometimes they can’t, because they don’t know how to implement strategies. And I think that’s hurting a lot of businesses. But I think once you figure out how to get people to help you, they’ll help figure out strategies to help implement video, I think that’s when you can really, help yourself. So number one thing is always to remember, figure out what the what the goal is, what the vision is, and what do we want to create and how we want to help it work for us.

Shaune Teske 30:49
I think that’s perfect. A lot of people want to create, like a really pretty video, but like you said, if there’s no goal behind it, if there’s no we’re doing this for this certain strategy, or this end goal in mind, then it’s just a pretty video, it’s not going to help us.

Marvin Flavien 31:05
Yeah, there’s a lot of live pretty videos going around, that really don’t do anything. So it’s something that I’m really committed to help change in the industry, too.

Shaune Teske 31:15
Perfect. And then any other tips you have for business owners who are maybe a little worried, just get video into their business or to start implementing it, any advice for them to get started?

Marvin Flavien 31:28
So yeah, I would say the number one thing is remember, it’s like, this isn’t about us. You know, this is about how we want to help our audience and help our clients. And we can use this to really help us and expand our businesses. And we can also use this to you know, connect and reach more people. So don’t be afraid it’s a little scary at first, but be yourself. You’ll be more confident on camera and should be good.

Shaune Teske 31:50
I love that. I mean, I think that makes everyone feel a little bit better that anyone can do it. As long as your personalities coming through. You’re feeling genuine, authentic, that it’s going to shine through try not to be like anyone else either. Just really be you on the video on the camera, and it’s gonna shine through. Yep, of course. So we’d like to do a line of rapid fire questions where we ask you something and then just whatever’s the top of your head you answer Are you game for them?

Marvin Flavien 32:22

Shaune Teske 32:24
Okay. So, Marvin, are you a morning person or a night owl?

Marvin Flavien 32:33
Um, I would like to say I like to get stuff done earlier. Late in the day. I can’t. But I do get up early. Okay. Yeah, I’m a morning, I guess.

Shaune Teske 32:48
How do you take your coffee or your tea?

Marvin Flavien 32:51
Oh, I don’t drink coffee.

Shaune Teske 32:52
Oh, what do you drink?

Marvin Flavien
A soda?

Shaune Teske
Well, how do you take your soda? What’s your go to drink?

Marvin Flavien 33:03
So Taco Bell has the Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Shaune Teske 33:07

Marvin Flavien 33:09
Whenever they in stores, I usually stock up.

Shaune Teske 33:13
What is your favorite way to give yourself a little extra self care?

Shaune Teske
Take out Chinese food.

Shaune Teske
Yeah, I like it. Baja Blast, Chinese food.

Marvin Flavien 33:27
And basketball.

Shaune Teske 33:27
Okay, very cool. What is your go to book recommendation?

Marvin Flavien 33:33
I’m sad to say I don’t read many books. But I have a lot of friends who are authors now. So it’s really good to start digging into new books and new different things.

Shaune Teske 33:44
Is there a book that like is coming out by one of your friends that you’re like, we should go check out?

Marvin Flavien 33:51
Yeah, I would say one of my friends. Her name is Sarina Sandstrom. She has a book called The Life the Guide to Gusto. So it’s pretty cool. It’s interesting.

Shaune Teske 34:07
That is awesome. Favorite indulgent treat.

Marvin Flavien 34:14
I would come back to Chinese food. Or Taco Bell? Yeah, Taco Bell.

Shaune Teske 34:20
I’m sorry, but I love Taco Bell. Oh, it’s delicious. What is one place you’d like to travel next?

Marvin Flavien 34:28
Let me go to the west coast boy. Yeah. Either Seattle, Cali or some west coast. Vegas.

Shaune Teske 34:37
Very cool. And then what do you believe your legacy is?

Marvin Flavien 34:43
I would say just believe in not giving up on your dreams. I think especially my journey to entrepreneurship has been very crazy and just being able to inspire other people to like, you know, have that passion and never give up fight for what you dream of or believe in.

Shaune Teske 35:04
That’s beautiful. So Marvin, where can our listeners find you to continue this conversation on video marketing and learn more about you and your story?

Marvin Flavien 35:14
Okay, so I keep it very simple so everything is MK Flav for MK Flav Video. So Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, I’m all over.

Shaune Teske 35:28
Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you for pouring into our listeners teaching us more about video marketing. I definitely want to try to be better about creating videos and I want to start TikTok. I keep telling Sarah like I need to do something on there. I think that’d be really fun. So, thank you for inspiring us. We’re so glad you could join us.

Marvin Flavien 35:49
Thank you for having me. I’m so excited that you are looking to learn more about this. Thank you.

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This episode may be over but we want to keep the conversation going. Find us hanging out over on our Instagram account @TheCreativeLegacyPodcast and interact with us there to let us know your perspective and questions on today’s topic.

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