We’re so excited to chat with you on the podcast!

Here you will find what you need to know about being a guest on The Creative Legacy Podcast and a chance for you to tell us about you so we can share with our listeners!

For the day of recording

Your recording date has been set, and you already have or soon will receive a Google Calendar invite that includes a link to a Google Hangout. This email will also include a link to Zencaster (more on that below) and any predetermined questions we have for you.

Feel free to share on Facebook or Instagram Stories that you’ll be a guest on the podcast (unless we  have asked you to hold off on sharing so we can surprise our listeners.)

Recording Instructions

Here’s the recording instructions you’ll need to follow so we can make sure everything works perfectly:

Find a Quiet Location

Find the best distraction and noise-free environment you can so we can hear you crystal clear! Then open a Google Chrome browser and paste your link to Zencastr that has been sent to you. This is how we’ll record your audio locally (from your own browser). Even if we have issues with our Google Hangout connection (how we will video chat) – we’ll still get your voice! If you have never used Zencastr before, we can walk you through recording during the beginning of the call. But no worries, it’s easy 🙂.  We do recommend that you temporarily bookmark the page.

Join our Hangout

We will be video chatting via Google Hangouts so we can see you but don’t worry, we are only recording audio so feel free to wear your messy bun and yoga pants (you too guys! 😉). You can join the video via the calendar invite that was sent to you. If you have any issues with the link in the invite, the email we will be using for the Hangout is thecreativelegacypodcast@gmail.com.

Earphones and Mic

Have a pair of earphones on hand that include a built-in mic. Or, have earphones plus your own external mic. The headphones keep our voices from coming through your computer and being picked up in your audio recorded by Zencastr. We will also be recording our own audio with our voices from our computer.

If you have your own external mic,  that’s great! Plug that in and make sure your computer is set to be accessing that instead of your computer’s built in microphone. These settings can be changed in your computer’s system settings.

If you’re using earphones with a mic (like the Apple’s earphones) through your computer’s headphone jack your computer should automatically be set to use the earphones as the audio input.

Please also make sure to mute the microphone in Google Hangouts to avoid feedback.

Let’s Have Fun!

Our interview will go a little like this. We’ll start off the episode, talk a little bit about you, and introduce you on. From there, we’ll ask you a few questions but we really want this to feel like a friendly conversation and less like a strict interview so feel free to break off a little and just chat openly with us.

After we are finished recording, we will email you with when your episode is going live. Please remember to share on your social media outlets about the episode on the day it airs. 

Speaker Agreement

When you agree to speak, you agree to also promote your episode via social media (if you have these forms of social media) in the following ways:

  • One post on your personal Facebook page
  • One post on your professional Facebook page
  • One post on your Instagram page and one on Instagram Stories
  • One post on your Twitter page
  • One post on any additional social media you have (i.e.nYouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)

Feel free to share even more if you’d like!

Please make sure to:

  • Include our episode link (we’ll send it to you once your episode is live.)
  • Tag us! @thecreativelegacypodcast on all social media and use our relevant hashtags – #thecreativelegacypodcast #clpodcast #creativelegacy

Of course we will be tagging you and sharing your website and social media links as well! There is a form for that below.

We’ll also send you customized graphics that you are more than welcome to use. There are also a couple that you can download right now! 

Tell us about you

We want to share all about you on the podcast and as we are promoting the episode.
Please submit the information below!  

Do you have any freebies you'd like to share with our listeners?

Thanks SO much for joining us!

We are thrilled to have you as a guest and to talk with you soon.

– Sarah & Shaunae