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In this episode, we welcome Quianna Marie who is telling us how she took her thriving business based in San Jose. CA and made the move to a completely different state to grow her business and take the next steps towards creating her dream wedding venue. But it wasn’t a move of her business, it was an expansion to serving TWO locations both in California and her new Arizona home.

Quianna shares how she came to make the decision to expand her business and move, what she did to prepare, and how she made her existing California clients feel excited and comfortable about her move while also building her network in her new home.


Quianna Marie is a destination wedding photographer obsessed with weddings that feel better than they look and offers education for creatives to help turn passions into profits! She just recently expanded her business from San Jose, California to Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s the kind of girl you can catch photographing luxury weddings one weekend and sitting by a dusty campfire in her cowboy boots another weekend!

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    Podcast Transcript

    Quianna Marie 0:00
    Sometimes it’s you know, those unexpected changes are just, they’re just so great. And I think it’s important to remember that, you know, the mission always remains the same. Like what you have your heart set on and what you will have your, your big wildest dreams like those can always remain the same and you’re always going towards that. But that dirt road that it takes you to get there, it’s going to twist and turn and drop off and there’s going to be cliffs. But it eventually gets you where you need to go. But the the journey is just so unpredictable, and it’s really scary. But I think that’s what makes it fun.

    Sarah Schrader 0:48
    You’re listening to the Creative Legacy Podcast, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs to build their business, while living a life of intention, joy and adventure. I’m Sarah, a brand strategist and designer, helping entrepreneurs craft their brands to speak boldly and reach their ideal client. I’m joined by my friend and co host Shaunae, a wedding photographer and educator that helps photographers, creatives and small business owners cultivate intentional lives and build at their most abundant business.

    Shaune Teske 1:17
    Could you imagine bringing your business to a completely new location, having to find new relationships and build a new community in a place where no one knows you? Our guest for this episode loves her hometown in California where she and her business are well known, and she has created an incredible community. But she had a dream that meant serving a new community in addition to her hometown, that was in a completely different state where literally no one knew who she was. Quianna Marie shares how she decided to move her business to Arizona and serve two communities. What she did to make sure her existing clients were completely comfortable with the change what it looks like to start letting people find out who you are in a new area, and foster new relationships to grow your business and how to balance life between two locations. Quianna is so sweet. And we are so excited to introduce you to her. So let’s get into this episode. So as entrepreneurs, we usually serve one community, one area one state, but what happens when you want to take your business you want to take this beautiful thing you created somewhere new, but you don’t want to give up the community that you’ve already cultivated? What do you do, and our guest today Quianna Marie is talking about exactly that. She is talking about how she has expanded her business to different locations and not just like a city over we’re talking about a whole state over a whole different area. And I’m so excited that she’s here she is one of my dear friends that I’ve met a few years ago, and she is the real deal. I’m serious. This girl’s gonna take over the world someday. She’s always educated and pouring into people. And we could not be more grateful that you’re here today. Quianna.

    Quianna Marie 3:14
    Thank you so much. You make me sound like really important. And this is awesome.

    Shaune Teske 3:19
    I think you’re very important. You’re fabulous. And I’m gonna share just a little introduction about who you are in case, our listeners don’t know. But I would love to hear from your own words, who you are and who you serve. So Quianna Marie is a destination wedding photographer obsessed with weddings that feel better than they look. And she offers education to creatives to help them turn their passions into profits. And when she says that is, again, like I said, the real deal. She’s all about helping and giving out education free and open to the public. So we’re so so thankful that you’re here. I would love to hear Quianna, a little bit more, in your own words about who you are and who you serve.

    Quianna Marie 4:06
    Yes, thank you. Well, that really sums it up. It’s taken a long time. As we know, we’re always trying to whittle down our bios and try to cram all of our ideas I feel as creatives we have so many things on our mind and so many passions that pull our heart in a whole bunch of different directions. And so it feels good to kind of laser focus. But, yes, I am a destination photographer. I obsess over weddings that feel better than they look. So I really, I really kind of am almost like a wedding planner. But that’s definitely not who I am or that’s not what I specialize in. But I really do love jumping on board and helping my couples plan days that really do feel better than they look like if Pinterest could be an actual person that could make you feel those warm vibes and feel those all those feels and sentimental moments that just give you a hug, like, but in a picture, like, that’s what I wanted to try to recreate for my couples. And, I’ve been, well this is my fifth year running my business full time and being my own boss and making my own decisions. And so I just want everyone to have that confidence and have the tools to help chase their dreams and actually make their passions, their profession. I just I feel like the world would be such a different place. If we would answer those callings and, and you know, those creative ideas that we have, you need to do something about it when you take action. So I i’m not saying everyone is built to be a wedding photographer, I don’t want to make little copycats of myself. But I do want to help inspire. And that’s what I do. And that’s who I am.

    Shaune Teske 5:47
    That’s so wonderful. So tell us a little bit about we’re talking about expanding your business. Tell us a little bit about what does this look like for you, for our listeners who don’t know your situation?

    Unknown Speaker 5:59
    Yes, so this is something that really hasn’t been in the works for a long time, it kind of was a calculated risk. So I was born and raised in San Jose, California, which is considered the Bay Area about about like an hour away from San Francisco. And I’m four generations deep. So not only do I have tons of networks and family there, but my parents and my grandparents do. So to make this leap to Arizona, I decided to expand. It first was just an initial expansion, I just I wanted to be, just open up and just create more opportunities in the offseason, because our seasons are different. And once I came here to be perfectly honest, I just fell in love with the vibe, I fell in love with the quality of life. And I have really, really big dreams and it’s like really expensive. So I knew that I couldn’t afford it in California. So like, honestly, like the biggest deciding factor. And yeah, so I just I took this leap. And it was kind of like I said it was a calculated risk. So it was something that I knew that it was in the cards for to, to pursue. But I had to have that like financial back, knowing that I couldn’t leave my my business and my entire clientele behind.

    Sarah Schrader 7:23
    So how did you go about doing that? Like you had that decision? You knew you can’t leave your clients behind. How did you go about that transition then to maintain that and the new area you were in?

    Quianna Marie 7:35
    Yes. So I am currently still on the travel pack, right? Like I still have my bags packed. So the flight from Arizona to my hometown in San Jose is only about it’s just less than two hours. And you can get there like an hour and 40 minutes if the pilot is you know, going fast. It’s a it’s a quick jaunt. But for me, because I’m able to, you know, to fly back and forth and still maintain my business at this point I was looking at like these next two years is still maintaining the clients that I have offering very scheduled and planned mini sessions to kind of fill in those gaps for family portraits, but then also just maintaining that I still have business in California, I’m just trying to expand. It’s like the growth game in Arizona.

    Shaune Teske 8:26
    So with that, you know you have your clients, they already kind of know you in California, they they know what you’re about, then how do you expand into a new market where maybe not anybody knows you or it’s very limited? Based on what you’re you’ve been experiencing? You know, five years full time in this community? How do you then go somewhere completely new if they’ve never heard of you? How do you get that process started?

    Quianna Marie 8:50
    Yes. So that has been the name of the game lately, especially here in this Arizona market. Scottsdale is a huge destination wedding location. And so I know like the businesses out here, right. So for me, the name of the game is brand awareness. So I’ve actually been like tapping into other other industries. So I’ve been attending, like workout places like I’ve been trying to tap into these fitness girls, real estate companies, and I’ve been really trying to focus on expanding my reach outside of the wedding industry. That has been huge. So I have been like I went and signed up for a hot yoga class which is completely out of my comfort zone. I suck at yoga, but and let alone being sweaty and gross is just not my thing. But I signed up for it and I got you know, I’m meeting new people and right now I feel like that everyone is really trying to hone into their like own creativity. So there’s so many young entrepreneurs and especially women just because I think we’re around them often that are really tapping into their their skill sets and trying to really pushed their side hustles. So if I can come in as a photographer and share my, my talents and my expertise with just offering headshots and offering branding sessions, and at this point, I just want to serve the people I meeting and creating those friendships like genuine friendships like I’m not, I don’t want to get this twisted. And I want anyone to think that I’m in genuine about this, I’m not just going out and just trying to shoot everybody I meet, right? Like with my camera, but I am I’m really trying to find genuine friends that, that share my same values of, you know, strong working ethics and in serving others, and that has really helped. So to sum up the big, long answer, try to step outside of your circle and outside of your industry, to create those networks and to create more contacts.

    Shaune Teske 10:51
    That’s a great tip of like, it doesn’t have to be in the industry you’re in right now clients can be found anywhere, for whatever type of service you’re providing, especially if we are talking about wedding photography. So then is your goal with this expansion? Do you want to then also do weddings there? Or is it just your to do weddings one place? And then you’re going to work on this other part of your brand? Or is your hope that these these friendships are cultivating then turns into wedding photography as well?

    Quianna Marie 11:23
    Yes, absolutely. So my mission behind that, which I hate calling it alternative motives, because it’s really not, but it kind of is, when I’m meeting these girls and these making these new friends is my goal is to just be a genuine connection and a genuine friend, that when they do start getting engaged, or they they do start planning weddings, or like they have me as a contact, they, they want me to be there just as I cultivated the same relationships I did in my hometown, I’m doing that with new people in a new area, my goal would be to continue doing weddings continue doing destination, stuff, and, and then my big goal, my big, big, big heart goal is to open up my very own wedding venue. And so by getting out there and just expanding my reach and expanding this, like spider web of connections with hair and makeup teams with real estate people with I don’t know, I mean, I’ve even you know, have a shoot coming up recently are coming up where I’m planning to photograph, like this cleaning lady and like her, you know, her stuff like I just It doesn’t matter. Like I’m just creating this reach, because you never know, who knows someone or who has a contact that would be able to help you push those wild dreams forward.

    Shaune Teske 12:41
    So true. And you’ve been having this, you’ve had this dream of this venue. I mean, since I’ve known you, you know, when we were sitting up it out, like I had stayed with you. When I went to visit California, and we were like, overlooking San Jose, we’re sitting out in your backyard and just dreaming and talking and going out. I don’t know what’s coming next. I don’t know what’s happening. And you’re out there doing it, which is so exciting. My question then with that is, so did you, you know, I that was oh my goodness, almost three years ago. Now, when we were talking about that? How did you like have a savings in place? Because you’re saying okay, I’m going down? They’re kind of playing this long game, right? Like you’re going down there cultivating these relationships to turn it into maybe an a possible opportunity. Are you did you have like a money savings account when you went there? Or are you just trying to pick up work in both places? Money wise, how are you without having to share your numbers? But how are you making this work?

    Quianna Marie 13:42
    No, I love being super transparent about that. So to be perfectly honest. So just recently, I just purchased my first home with the expansion and with the move to Arizona and cutting my my cost of living has been huge. And so the over the last decade, I’ve been praying and pushing forward towards this wedding venue goal. And it kind of just imagined I would just live in the bridal suite. I there was this there was a piece of my future and a piece of my my life that I wasn’t quite visualizing. And with my business I had visualized everything that is my that is my biggest motivation and knowing that I can visualize something and then take the steps, the baby steps it takes to actually make it happen. So when I came out here, I really just assumed I would just live with my best friend, I would get this plot of dirt, I build it from nothing. And I’d live there. Well the universe. And you know, my faith had a different turn of events. And I actually had the opportunity to invest in a new house. So although coming to Arizona, I had dreamed of buying dirt for my venue and instead I bought dirt for my new home. So that is definitely a turn of events as I am taking a huge financial hit that I had planned for the venue. But in all honesty, like this is where I’m supposed to be like, this is what was supposed to happen. And it’s only going to gear me up for maybe the next three to five year plan of really making those roots and continuing to pursue the wedding venue.

    Shaune Teske 15:17
    That’s so beautiful.

    Sarah Schrader 15:18
    I love that, like, those unexpected things that are just gonna make it that much better. Like you get that home now, and you get to build that community and those roots as you still charge towards this goal.

    Quianna Marie 15:31
    Yeah, and it’s definitely something to that. I am such like a woowoo person where I believe everything happens for a reason. – yeah girl! Like sometimes I think as creatives especially, we’re so hard on ourselves, and we, we put so much pressure into wanting things happen the way they’re supposed to and the way we want to. And sometimes it’s you know, those unexpected changes are just, they’re just so great. And I think it’s important to remember that, you know, the mission always remains the same, like what you have your heart set on and what you will have your your big, wildest dreams like those can always remain the same, you’re always going towards that. But that dirt road that it takes you to get there, it’s going to twist and turn and drop off and there’s going to be cliffs. But it eventually gets you where you need to go. But the the journey is just so unpredictable. And it’s really scary. But I think that’s what makes it fun.

    Shaune Teske 16:28
    And I feel like as creatives as business owners, we all kind of like are hungry for it. So as soon as you get comfortable, it’s like okay, well, what, what next Cliff? Can I jump off of you know, what, how can I expand my business exactly what we’re talking about? And with that, my question then is you’re going off, you’re trying to create all these new connections, your clients back home back in California, how did you navigate? Leaving, you know, where did you feel like your clients? They were like, oh, my gosh, we are now unsure of what’s going on? Because she’s not gonna physically be here? or How did you manage that?

    Quianna Marie 17:05
    So right when I started just kind of thinking of the idea of just simply expanding to Arizona, just an expansion not actually moving. I really, really use that word expansion. That was like my best friend like I I never ever dropped the word moving until I solidified all the things and in fact, even till I actually got the keys to our home, and because I I didn’t you right, I didn’t want to scare anybody. So the very first course of action I took was contacting my my current clients. So whether that was booked brides and couples that were already expecting to work with me, and and then of course, my family is that I call them my groupies. right the the families that I get to work with year after year for many sessions and really fun milestones. And so I I contacted them first to let them know. And I think so side story commercial break. Like I think it’s important for all creatives and business owners to be really transparent with, with your business, what you’re doing and where it’s going. Because as soon as I dropped Hey guys, I have this dream. I’m going to Arizona to pursue this wedding venue dream. I’m not joking. Every single one of my clients were like, yes, like they were so proud. And they were so excited. And they wanted to know how they could support me. There were a couple of course, my close friends that were like, no, what does this mean? Like who’s going to shoot my babies? Like you’re the only one I trust kind of thing there. There are going to be some clients that will you know, and I think they just do it because they love you so much. And that’s what they think you want to hear. But for the most part, they were pumped and so my first action was giving them that the heads up so that if they did say anything online through social media, I did not scare them. They didn’t think oh my gosh, what is this girl doing? What if she can’t physically be at my wedding? I tried to reduce all possible fear. But I think the key was really keeping them in the loop through all of this transition. And then what I promised them was obviously of course like no weddings have been canceled. Nobody has have been shifted because of the move. Everything has been accounted for. But then what I’m doing is I’m being more proactive about planning my minutes like mini sessions and family shoots. So I’m excited I’m working on a new website where I have like an updated calendar. It’s it’s kind of like a not so accurate Santa Tracker. So it’s just going to tell my couples and my families like where I actually am. So they’re aware of my updated calendar and they can book me for shoots and we just have to have a little bit more planning involved.

    Shaune Teske 19:45
    So do you have like certain dates then you already have figured out for this year for the next year of like where you’re going to be or is it going to be based on what you book?

    Quianna Marie 19:56
    Great question. So what I did is nothing has been solidified yet coming into spring. I know I’m excited to to host some Mother’s Day minis, some summer stuff. And then of course, prepare for my fall sessions. But I, all those dates will be scheduled around weddings. So once I’m out there, I’m trying to maximize my time. So. So for example, last year when I just was in the midst of an expansion, and I wasn’t actually rooted and living here in Arizona, I was out in California for four months straight, because I didn’t want to do the back and forth with so many events and weddings booked. So this year, I’m being way more strategic where I’m, I’m only going out to visit California, maybe two weeks, I’m getting like two weekends out of the the trip. So it’s just yes. So all the things scheduled are around wedding dates that are already booked. And then I’m just adding plus or minus a few days. And all of those are in advance. So my email list, newsletter, people there, they’re all in the loop of when I’m coming where I’ll be. And then they also have the opportunity that, you know, if I tell them like, Hey, I’m going to be out here, if you would like to book something, I’m happy to extend, extend my trip. But if not, you can catch me on these dates. So being really proactive, like four or five, six months in advance. I know it’s crazy. But as a lot of us wedding photographers and creatives, we’re used to scheduling our year, or sometimes two years out, right? So it’s not as scary, but just giving my clients in my future for you know, my family, my past families that have worked with me those those dates in advance has really been helpful.

    Shaune Teske 21:38
    No, that’s great to know. That’s wonderful.

    Sarah Schrader 21:40
    You’ve been more proactive with the booking of the families sessions, you have this calendar, is there anything else that you’ve done, as you’ve been going through this expansion for your business in terms of like procedures, or things you’ve had to change or alter to make sure you’re still serving the best possible way?

    Quianna Marie 21:58
    Well, with my clients, I think it’s just crazy over communication. I know I can sometimes have a monkey brain with an I really struggle with this where and when I say monkey brain, I just mean that. If I think something, I assume somebody else thinks the same thing. So the best practice has been over communicating to my clients and letting them know that if I say I’m going to be somewhere, I’m going to be there. And so that from a business aspect, I think it’s been really just over communicating. And also being very, very vocal and live on social media, letting them know that, hey, I’m still here. And, and this may be kind of a sneaky thing. But sometimes when I was out here, checking on the home, and the home build and everything, and I was still posting my my location in San Jose, and in the surrounding areas. So even though I was out here, I really wanted to just confirm to my clients and my my people at home that, hey, I’m still very active here, I’m still very present in this area. So don’t worry. And so that was definitely a business move. But I think personally, it’s just, it’s just been networking and kind of creating business out of thin air. So for example, right now, I’m in the midst of timeline week, and I created this just kind of it’s almost like an online summit. But I’m just kind of creating work and pulling things out of thin air to show that I’m busy to show that I’m still very proactive, and I’m still in the thick of my business. And this is still my passion I’m I’m still showing up. And even in this new area, I’m still shooting things for free. Like I’m still just putting myself out there. So I think that’s definitely helped with the expansion.

    Shaune Teske 23:42
    I love that you mentioned that when you were working on your home and and visiting it that you still saying you were somewhere else not not in a sneaky way. But it was just like, Okay, I’m posting this thing and then putting the location here. And it made me think of, you know, things like that SEO like, did you have to switch any of that over? And or do different things on the back end to make sure if it in both locations you were at?

    Quianna Marie 24:11
    So to be perfectly honest, I really need to start my SEO game. Like, honestly, because so because I was so deep rooted in San Jose, and in my hometown, just so deep rooted and really crazy connected with just tons of family, friends, church, people, sports people. It was you know, it was my hometown. And it’s a it’s a little it’s big city ever. So everyone knew me. And so that was easy. I got a lot of my referrals from people I already knew. But it was really scary coming out here and it still is out here into this new state. Because you’re right, nobody knows me. So some things I have been doing like with a new website launch is updating galleries, updating things. So when people do look at my website, they could see oh, I see cactus like oh like this you know, I see these these Superstition Mountains, these these camelback monuments that people recognize as Arizona and I think it’s just just that blend of knowing that I can work from anywhere. So and I talk about that I preach that I that’s my goal is to be able to work from any dining room table anywhere like that’s, that’s the ultimate. And so as long as I keep sharing that and showing that I am versatile and that my business really is just my laptop and my camera. I hope it builds that confidence that people are still competent to book me it doesn’t matter where I am physically in that time.

    Shaune Teske 25:39
    Have you found working on this now that clients have been hesitant or it sounds like your past clients have been very open but booking new clients that if you’re trying to book something for Arizona, but you’re in California? Is it just Hey, it’s fine. We can just jump on a quick, you know, Skype or zoom call? Have you been met with like open arms with that? Or is it been a little hesitant of like, we want to physically see you?

    Quianna Marie 26:06
    Well lately, I’d say the last like year or two I’ve been really pushing to do FaceTime chats, and I just call them FaceTime Happy Hours with my couple of so I don’t physically have to be there. And my excuse for that. And like kind of like sneaky way of getting around that. So I wouldn’t have to physically be there was I put it at their expense, right? And like, I know your schedules are busy. I know you guys have crazy work schedules, you’re stuck in traffic, I tried to make it like it was a good idea for them. And, but when it comes to, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know. Because I think at my price point, once people start really booking or they’re showing interest, I can repel a lot just based on my price point. So I really don’t know if they’re if they think oh, we’re not going to book you because we can’t see your face. I I push a lot of Insta stories or FaceTimes and you know, going live on social media that I hope that people can just by looking at my online presence, they feel that they know me they feel that through my captions, they feel like by I’m already an instant friend. So I think that’s really helped with solidifying words. When they find me at that point is they either they love my work if they do. And if you know the price point and budgets match and style, all that kind of stuff matches it hasn’t really been a deterrent. To be honest, I haven’t noticed that.

    Shaune Teske 27:31
    That’s wonderful. And I think most people feel that way. And I think just depending on how your business is set up, a lot of couples or clients are meeting virtually anyway. And I was just curious if there was that difference. So that’s great that you share it. And I love your tip. And I think this is a tip anyone can use. So if you are making a change, or something that maybe you could do meeting someone in person is now something you can do based on your situation and turn it into a positive and turning it into almost like it’s their idea, or Oh, yeah, that you’re right. I don’t have a lot of time, I don’t have time to go somewhere to meet with someone. And you can stand out by making it easy for them to actually meet and chat with you.

    Quianna Marie 28:11
    Yes, absolutely. And it’s, it’s it makes it almost more like a trustworthy situation. Because I’ve been like, well, I haven’t been married yet. But I just understand like being in their shoes where life is crazy. And let’s just be in our yoga pants. And let’s just talk I call it you know, kitchen table, the kitchen table. And you know, show me your dog, show me your pet. I feel like that’s almost more personal. I mean, of course, having that contact and you know, meeting up for a happy hour or meeting up for a coffee, of course doesn’t, you know, match that. But I think it helps I think it almost kind of creates that more intimate moment as well like welcoming me into your home.

    Sarah Schrader 28:51
    I’ve had both experiences, I have been someone who doesn’t have like a physical location to be in and my clients are a little bit more spread out. I’ve had both instances of like, the preferring the virtual and there was actually one client I had that while I was doing the traveling, I called them from Croatia set up a meeting because I was going to be back in the states for a week and like literally met with them. And that day, I had to get back on a flight to fly back over to Europe. So it was it.

    Shaune Teske 29:20
    Oh my god,

    Sarah Schrader 29:21
    again, things work that way. But I totally get like the virtual thing being as being a designer who works from home and most of my clients are that way like I I love how you worded it have it been for their benefit. That was I think a very key thing for me that you said because if you can give them value in it, they’re gonna feel more comfortable with it as well.

    Quianna Marie 29:44
    Absolutely. And I think knowing that based on what their needs are, it really helps and it makes them feel at ease. I think that it’ll help and yeah, I can’t imagine like all those crazy travels. Like that’s not Oh my gosh.

    Shaune Teske 29:58
    Yeah, I don’t have you know Sarah studied, not studied, she lived abroad for four months, three months, four months, right? – four, four months. I’m just going to different countries and living remotely. That’s awesome.

    Quianna Marie 30:17
    I did not know that.

    Shaune Teske 30:18
    Yeah. So like, that’s, it’s, this is so interesting that we’re talking about expanding your business because you we’ve talked with Sarah about how she with what she does can do it anywhere. But when you have a business, like you have to physically be somewhere to do that thing, you know, weddings, shoots, you have to be in a location, how do you expand your business or travel with your business or shoot different places when you have to physically be there? So I’m really appreciating, learning from you and hearing about your experience. So going into the next phase of this, what is some advice that you would give people, business owners creative looking to do something similar whether they want to completely go to new market, and they’re there, they’re cutting off their old city, their location? Or if they are kind of more in your situation? They want to be in both locations? For now? How? What are your some of your tips to help them out? Without?

    Quianna Marie 31:14
    Yes, absolutely. So I think the first thing is I, I really encourage any creative that really wants to do this to really hone in on what is most important to them in their personal life. So I think it’s it’s easy for us to kind of follow that heart and that arrow that pushes us into our businesses. But if you’re not like if you’re thinking of making this move, simply for profits simply for your business, I’m telling you right now that I mean, I don’t want to put this in the universe, like but you’re going to fail. Like I think what, what was the one of the biggest deciding factors for me in making this move was because this is where my heart, like felt pulled to, and where I needed this for my own self growth, and my own, just like well being and, um, so I think the first tip right away or off the bat is making sure that you’re making this decision, because it’s what’s best for you and your family. And it’s going to make you happy and it, it feels good, right? Like, you really have to feel those warm and fuzzies. And then another tip I would have is, is definitely like zeroing in on what it is that you love to do. So like for example, I right now I’m kind of making this transact like transition into education. But the education isn’t about educating other photographers as much that kind of is like an after effect. It’s kind of like a ripple effect. But I really hone in on educating my couples and preparing wedding parties for wedding days. And just all the fun stuff that goes into weddings, I feel like, I feel like people are kind of, and this is just my personal opinion with in the creative industry. I feel like a lot of people are kind of jumping from breakfast and going like straight to dinner. And they’re not they’re not even dealing with lunch and happy hour and like snacks in between. So like I’m totally like, I’m an analogy person, right. So I think that I think that people are just kind of pushing to do what everyone else is doing. And said, of really following their heart and pulling their own clients and pulling their own tribe of people that are already love and support them that are already tuning into what they’re doing. And really taking all of those things and just wrapping them in a bow and focusing on maybe just one or two of those things. So that’s definitely a tip is once you decide on. Okay, what am I going to specialize in? Like, what do I have to offer? And how am I going to make the world a better place just by offering these services and helping a certain client sleep better at night? And, you know, answer, you know, answer their prayers and you know, help solve their problems. Like, once you have that narrowed down like laser focused, then I feel like that opens up the door to the next tip, which would be network network network. Get out there, especially if you and I’m only speaking from my own experience. When I made this expansion. It was like a lateral move, right? Like it was, okay, I have this experience, I have a portfolio my prices are in, I would say like the middle of like high end. Like, that’s hard to explain. But, you know, I wasn’t charging $10,000 for a wedding yet, but I was still in that like $5,000 range, which for my market is was pretty expensive, but I was still booking, thankfully. So I know coming to this new market, I I wanted to be able to charge that much. And I had the portfolio to prove that I have the personality and the work ethic to prove that that nobody knows me, right, like we talked about this earlier. So I think that tip number three is just get out there. Go to coffee shops, stop working at home, like take a shower, like just get out of the house and meet people go to new gyms. Meet up with networking groups. Join a dating site like just if even if you’re single, just go out and meet people because you never know who you’re going to meet. And getting your face out there. I think, I think to kind of close up the tips for this is really just like rattle the universe. Like, if you want things to change, if you want things to switch up in your favor, you have to get out there and show your face and, and do what you love every day, you cannot get paid to do what you love, unless you do it. Right? So like you have to do it. So that’s my advice on that.

    Shaune Teske 35:31
    Just go do it. I love it.

    Sarah Schrader 35:33
    Yes! Is there anything else that you’d want to share on expanding your business for our listeners?

    Quianna Marie 35:41
    I think, don’t be afraid. Honestly, if, if you decide to go somewhere, and it doesn’t work out, just move back. I think that that has been my, like my biggest advice or any type of challenges doesn’t matter what you’re facing. Just try it, just give it a shot. But I think and you know, I don’t mean to sound like too preachy on things, but you’re not going to go anywhere by just praying for it. Like you have to take action, you have to take risks. And I think the important part too, is to be calculated in that. So do you have your finances set up, do make sure that you can, you know, whether it’s you’re expanding far enough to, to maintain some clients and to still be booking and accepting referrals in your hometown. But I mean, money is gonna come. Money is money is just energy. And if you are putting yourself out there and making yourself known, it’s going to come to you. So just do what makes you happy. That’s my advice.

    Shaune Teske 36:45
    That’s, I think that’s a perfect place to cap this wonderful conversation off. Just go do what makes you happy. put in the time put in the effort, you’re gonna be rewarded, and you’re supposed to, you’re gonna be where you’re meant to be just like we said, and I think we’re both believers to in that everything happens for a reason. So we are so thankful that you shared everything with us. We like to end our guest interviews with some rapid fire questions. Are you open to answering them?

    Quianna Marie 37:15
    Absolutely. This sounds like fun.

    Shaune Teske 37:17
    Perfect. So first question. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

    Quianna Marie 37:22
    I am an all day bird. So I wake up really early, and I sometimes stay up really late.

    Shaune Teske 37:31
    How do you take your coffee or your tea?

    Quianna Marie 37:34
    I love coffee, and I like coffee with my creamer. So I’m one of those weirdos that likes a lot of creamer in my coffee.

    Shaune Teske 37:41
    Gross. That’s okay. favorite way to give yourself that extra self care.

    Quianna Marie 37:51
    I’m actually struggling, I struggle with this. I honestly just go for a run. Because when I exercise, I get my best ideas.

    Shaune Teske 38:00
    So true. What is your go to book recommendation?

    Quianna Marie 38:06
    Anything by Joanna Gaines.

    Shaune Teske 38:12
    Favorite indulgent treat?

    Quianna Marie 38:15
    Ice cream. Yes. – Which is your favorite flavor side note? Well, so my favorite, I like them all. But my favorite thing right now is called an awful gado, which in Italian, it just means I’m drowning. So it’s like our favorite thing to make at home. And it’s just vanilla ice cream with a little bit of espresso or hot coffee, whatever you have, and a couple chocolate chips, and oh my god, it’s so good.

    Shaune Teske 38:37
    Oh, sounds incredible. What is the one place you’d like to travel next?

    Quianna Marie 38:44
    I would love to go to Greece. I have dreams of Santorini and wearing a white dress and just jumping into the Mediterranean.

    Shaune Teske 38:51
    Amazing. I can picture it.

    Quianna Marie 38:52

    Shaune Teske 38:53
    What do you believe your legacy is?

    Quianna Marie 38:57
    My legacy? I hope it’s a good one. I hope that people just answer their calling. And I hope that people have the confidence to not just you know, as from a photographer’s standpoint, not just capture photos, but to make them to create adventures and to to leave the world a better place all those great things, but I just think it’s really important for people to just make things happen and, and just live life be happy.

    Shaune Teske 39:29
    Beautiful. So we’re committed to listeners find you and chat with you more and get to know more about your story and follow along on your journey. This is really exciting stuff you’re doing.

    Quianna Marie 39:38
    Yes. Thank you. Well, I hang out on Instagram a lot, like kinda too much. So you can find me at Quianna Marie it’s QUIANNA MARIE, and my website, just Qiannamarie.com. You can google search that you’ll be able to find me it was easy for me to find. You know my website and emails way back in the day. Nobody has my name.

    Shaune Teske 40:04
    I got Shaune.com like in 2009. So

    Quianna Marie 40:09
    I love that. Yep.

    Sarah Schrader 40:12
    I’m like, I have to have design at the end because somebody else has made. Thank you again so much for being here, Quianna. It’s been awesome talking to you and getting to know more about your expansion journey and I can’t wait to follow along more and see it grow into your dream of your wedding venue as well.

    Quianna Marie 40:36
    Thank you. I appreciate your time. And oh my gosh, I loved tuning in too girls, thank you so much.

    Shaune Teske 40:55
    With the end of this episode is the end of season two of the podcast. We had so much fun bringing this to you. Even though there will be a break from new episodes coming out we are still here for you find us all over social both at The Creative Legacy Podcast on Instagram and Facebook and on our personal accounts Shaune @shauneteske on Instagram and @shauneteskeyphotography on Facebook and my website shaune.com and Sarah, you can find me @sarahschraderdesign on Instagram, Facebook and my website.

    Sarah Schrader 41:31
    If you’ve enjoyed this season’s content, it would help us out if you could let us know by heading over to the creative legacy podcast comm slash review or finding us in the apple podcast app to leave your review and we can hear your thoughts. Leaving reviews also help other creatives just like you find us so we can continue to share all this juicy information for you. Of course, if you know someone who’d benefit from listening to this podcast, please share it with them and send the link tag them in one of our Instagram posts and let them know you got to check this podcast out.

    Shaune Teske 42:05
    Thank you again for joining us. It means the world to us that you gave us some of your time and became part of this community. We look forward to creating an amazing season three with even more unbelievably valuable content for you. But there’s something you’d like to hear from us. Let us know.

    Sarah Schrader 42:21
    Until next time, keep creating and let your legacy shine.