Faith Not Fear with Myles berrio

 Building a new business can be scary. Starting a new journey in your life can seem overwhelming. But when you choose to live by faith and not fear, the world opens up to you. Of course, there will still be challenges and obstacles to overcome but you will be better equipped to handle it. In today’s episode, we are joined by Myles Berrio – a wedding and commercial photographer, serial entrepreneur, and author. Without a traditional business background, Myles showed up every day and put in the work to create and run multiple businesses. He credits choosing faith over fear to his success in business and in life. 

About Myles Berrio

Myles is a 26-year-old wedding and commercial photographer living in Atlanta, GA. His life entails traveling all over the US and the world capturing the love stories of all types of couples while also being blessed to work with some of the largest, most well known companies such as Target, Netflix, Uber Eats, WeWork, and Revolve. As much as he would like to be called a photographer, at heart he really is an entrepreneur. Aside from photography he also enjoys his other businesses in consulting, e-commerce, and the food industry. He is a published author working on his second book. To sum it all up, most people will say he’s usually the happiest guy in the room.


To Build Your Business and Your Life in Faith and Not Fear

You end up creating what it is that you’re afraid of when you live your life through fear. Opportunities and doors start opening when you live your life by faith. When you live through faith, it doesn’t mean it will always be easy but it will always work out for you. When you go into business, your business might fail for a certain amount of time but that doesn’t always mean it will fail forever. If you are willing to trust, learn what you don’t know, and put in the work, you can make any business successful.


Practical Tips to Live in Faith Over Fear

Start with what you have and where you are. You can begin by building a habit of taking opportunities and strengthening your faith. Commit to saying “yes” to new things that you really want to do. It’s important to not let your excuses rule your life. Recognize when excuses pop up and figure out your best way to overcome them. Know who you are and determine what motivates you the most, that will push you towards your destiny. If there are beliefs you have today that are impairing your ability to move in the direction of where you want to go in life, then you can let go of those beliefs and accept new beliefs.


How to Say “No” to Fear When It Creeps Back In

Fear will never leave you completely. Even the most successful people in business still deal with fear and imposter syndrome. When the fear creeps back in, it’s important to remember what keeps you going. Your why in business. Remember why you wanted to start this business in the first place. You need to choose a why that’s bigger than yourself that will challenge you even when fear comes back. Fear will have no power over you.


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Podcast Transcription:

Myles Berrio 0:00
I mean, it can be anything that will drive you that’s bigger than yourself to stop looking at your problems as some large elephant or some huge staircase that you can’t get up. And it’ll start to challenge you. Even when fear comes back up when you’re going through something, and you’re starting to be successful, but that fear comes back, you’ll kick that fear run off the door, you go woah woah woah, like, Hey, let’s go back to why I’m doing this in the first place.

Shaune Teske 0:28
Welcome to the Creative Legacy Podcast, a podcast to help creative entrepreneurs build their business, while leading a life of intention, joy and adventure. I’m Shaune.

Sarah Schrader 0:38
And I’m Sarah. We are excited to have Myles Berrio with us today. He is a wedding and commercial photographer living in Atlanta. And his life entails traveling all over the US and the world capturing love stories of all types of couples. And he’s also been blessed to work with some of the largest, most well known companies like Target and Netflix, Uber Eats. So some awesome names in there. And although as much as he would like to be called a wedding photographer at heart, he’s really just an entrepreneur, and he’s enjoying his other business as well, and consulting ecommerce. He has a really exciting food thing going on, which I’m sure we’ll hear from him about. And he’s also a published author. So lots of things going on. And we’re really excited to have him here with us today. So thank you for being here, Myles.

Myles Berrio 1:28
Yeah, no, of course, thank you guys for having me.

Shaune Teske 1:32
I first heard of Myles through Rising Tide Society. And I obviously had to take those next steps that we all take and friend him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram and just be an internet stalker really was motivated, inspired by all his posts that he shares. He’s great. He’s great with words. And he’s a great speaker. And when we were looking for different people that we wanted to have on the podcast, we got your name from Natalie Frank, about having him on about I don’t know what he would talk about. But he’s just such a great speaker. And that was I remember, I remember knowing that and like, thinking that about you. So that really clicked like, yes, we have to have him on. So we kind of now have met online, but we’re super excited that you’re here, like Sarah said, and you’re going to be sharing some really awesome things with us today. And I can’t wait for our listeners to hear that.

Yeah, no, seriously. Yeah, I mean, take it away, I am open to share whatever you guys want to know. And, yeah.

Sarah kind of shared a little bit about yourself a little bio, but we would love to hear in your own words, a little bit about who you are, what you do, and kind of what got you on that journey?

Myles Berrio 2:54
Yeah, for sure. I mean, I first want to acknowledge, thank you for just sharing such amazing words about who I am, and whatnot. But I guess to really preface this, before we get into any conversation, if anyone’s listening to this, you know, it can, it can very easily just seem like a person becomes so distant because of really all the accolades or all the titles or all the things that they’re doing. But I mean, I’m actually really not doing a lot of things, I think, I guess what I’ve decided to do in my life, because there’s really a lot of things that people can do. I mean, there’s so much out here in the world. But there’s a few things that we really, really love and really care about. But for whatever reason, we’re held back from doing those things. And it’s typically probably more than just one thing. Even someone like Tiger Woods, who’s like a, an amazing professional golfer actually does really well in tennis and does really well and other things. And, you know, so I just want to just really put that out there, thank you for sharing all those things. But, man, hopefully this can really just encourage someone that I mean, you don’t need to really be anybody special, per se, I mean, we all have these things that we love and enjoy. There’s just ways to get there. And you can be special in your own way of how you do that. But I guess to get into answering your question of like, just my journey. Yeah, I mean, I, it’s so funny, because, you know, I would like to say I’m an entrepreneur, but I just feel like that word is become so loaded nowadays. It’s so overused. I really don’t even like to even use entrepreneur, which I guess is actually interesting. It really, I guess connects back to a big part of who I am, is I always try and just be different. I mean, it just, I mean, I think it’s more important. I think there was a quote, I can’t remember who said this, but they actually said that it’s actually more beneficial for you to be different than it is to be the best. Because even if you are the best, the best is usually temporarily or usually moment, moment, like in moments. There’s always someone who you know you’re competing to because if you’re the best, that means that you’re obviously compared to someone who’s, you know, obviously not as good as you and then that just means you’re going back and forth. battling of always trying to keep up with the Joneses. So I always I always encourage people to just look to be different. Just you really focus on what makes you, you, and really highlight that in your life and, and magnify that, like what what makes you you, you know, that’s the number one gift that you don’t ever have to worry about whether or not you need to learn or go to school for or really compete is just, there’s no one else who is you. So it’s like your best tool. So for me, I mean, I just say I’m a creative, I mean, I don’t even really want to be put in like an entrepreneur’s space, you know, tied to business or, you know, even as a photographer, I know, probably about 70% of my life is copiled of just photography and doing a lot of different creative photoshoots. And working with different brands, and you know, great people, but I really consider myself as a creative because I just love to create, I’m the type of person if I, if I come up with an idea, I want to turn that into reality, I want to turn that into fruition. And that, to me is creation. So I love creating. But I guess maybe in a very short synopsis, if I can, I went to the University of Georgia, I did not graduate I did two years there. I was in network marketing, actually, for about two and a half to three years. And from there, because I was in network marketing, I was actually trying to pay off a lot of expenses, because my parents couldn’t afford anything, you know, taking out a lot of student loans. So instead of working three jobs that I had, while I was at the University of Georgia, I actually went into network marketing, because I got my mind sort of expanded to the idea of sales. And that you know, you don’t have to, you can make as much money as you’d like. Because there’s so many people out there and you’re not capped by the hour, no matter how many, you know, how much you how hard you work, there’s only so many hours in a day. So I got really excited, I was like, man, maybe I can really surpass my income with, you know, this network marketing gig. And that actually ended up happening. At that time, I was the youngest really in my company in my organization. So I was able to really get a lot of great insight and wisdom and mentorship, just because of really just staying focused and putting in hard work and just believing that no matter what your hands are on, I mean, you can really make anything work, especially now today in the world that we live in. So from there, I did really well with that. And because of all the personal development and the growth, I noticed that a lot of people, on average, have maybe challenges with growing and continuing to grow. I mean, if you think about in school, most like most of what we’re doing in school is learning to take a test and be reviewed. And what most people don’t realize is after college or after school, life should still be your test, and you should still continue growing. But because we tie so much of education to a formal institution, once we leave that institution, people stop growing, we think, Oh, we don’t really have any more exams, we don’t have any more tests, you know, so we stop reading the books, we start reading, you know, listening to podcasts, we stop doing all the things that challenge our brain and grow. So I just wrote a book called believing in believing really just it was comprised of a lot of questions that people continued to have, and would talk to me about and I just realized, you know, a lot of people have the same kind of questions, you know, let me just put all this in a book. So I don’t really have to, you know, maybe always have to say the same thing over and over, maybe I could just direct people to like, Dude, I would check out a book of mine and, you know, it really highlights a lot of really where your mindset and your belief system comes from, and how to really rewire that in your favor, to really do the things you want to do in life. So from there, I ended up getting into marketing consulting, because with network marketing, and really, really succeeding at that, I kind of fell into the trap at probably any 19 year old kid would who’s really earning a lot of income at that time, and got into really materialistic things was driving like a 2013 C class Mercedes in 2013 was traveling a ton, wearing Louis Vuitton shoes that I mean, I don’t even know where they are today. I mean, just really silly stuff. I mean, just stuff that’s not I mean, it’s not it’s not invaluable, because it definitely added more knowledge and more wisdom to my belt, but just at the time, obviously, as you get older, you know, anyone who would become wise about where their money goes, you know, these are all material things, you know, these things don’t last. And most people don’t really care about it. And if they do, they’re probably not the right people that you’re really wanting to entertain anyway. So I really needed to get out of that environment. But I still loved personal development and growth. So I would work with friends of mine that were starting startups and companies and because I had to do a lot of marketing myself while I was doing network marketing, I kind of just got creative and like I said, being a creative and just taught friends of mine that led to other companies about marketing consulting, and how to really connect with your audience with the product or the brand that you have. Long story short of how I got into photography, which is where I am now and I’ll kind of ended up there. I don’t want to talk for the whole time. But I that’s kind of what ended up happening because I was doing marketing consulting but when companies would say hey, Myles, we really love this idea. You know, can you go out and photograph? Can you go out and create the video for this? I didn’t have the camera or the skill set. So I would pay friends of mine that were photographers and videographers. But then it just got to the point where I was like, wow, why am I paying out people a skill that I could probably learn myself, I was very naive at that time. So I just decided it’s just pressing buttons, I’m sure I can buy a camera and do this myself. So I went on Craigslist bought a very cheap T5I Canon Rebel camera. And definitely very quickly realized that’s not just pressing buttons. But fortunately, I fell in love with the art of learning photography, and creating photos, and even doing video and just being creative. And then that led to working with a lot of friends, because I would shoot friends very regularly just to practice. And then that led to shooting weddings, because they would get engaged. And then weddings led to just connections of, you know, things that led to other companies and all the other things. So that’s kind of where I am today, there’s probably a little bit more, but that’s kind of how I got to where I got to do probably way too much information. But just to cover all the bases. There we go.

Shaune Teske 10:58
No, I think that’s perfect. And I think, Oh, my goodness, you’ve done so much. And and you said at 19 with some of the stuff, and I forgot, like, yes, you’re still very, very motivated, and very exciting. So that’s why I love that even just in your bio, hey, tell us about yourself, you’re going into life lessons and already motivating people. So that’s why we’re so happy you’re here because there’s so much to share. And I really want to get into kind of what we had asked you to talk about because I think this is such a who you are and such a great thing that you’ve touched on before and even you’ve written this book on, but believing and kind of putting yourself out there. And you had mentioned when we asked you about different things you’d like to talk about, you had brought up this idea of building your business or life through faith and not fear. And I really would like to kind of dig into that right now and go from there of what does that look like? What does it mean to build your business or your life through faith and not fear?

Yeah, you know, I love this. I actually remember writing this in the book, actually. And I think it’s just a very simple story that really can kind of make you go, Oh, that kind of makes sense. You know, you know, my mom, sometimes would say common sense isn’t always so common. But, you know, that’s okay. Because there are a lot of things that really, unfortunately discourage us from thinking in ways that encourage us. But if you think about this, right, so let’s, let’s just talk about belief system. So let’s just say I’m a young boy in school, and there’s this really pretty girl. And because she’s so pretty, I believe. So I believe, because she’s so pretty, that she’s way outside of my league. So here’s what ends up happening. There’s a belief system that is formed that because of whatever reason, I believe if I asked this girl out, she’s gonna say, no. Now, nothing has happened. There’s no like actual facts or grounds for this. But it’s just something I believe because of fear. It just ties into fear. I’m afraid that if I asked her out, she will say no. So here’s the funny thing about living your life through fear, will because I am, I am coming with a perspective of fear first, what ends up happening is you end up creating automatically what you didn’t want in the first place. For example, I’m afraid that if I asked her out, she’s going to say no, that is my belief in fear. Well, then, because I believe that, and that’s my fear, I then do not ask her out. So what automatically happens? She doesn’t go out with me. Right? Because the answer is well, she could say no, right? Yeah, of course. But she could also say what? Yes. So why do we only entertain the no, why do we only entertain the fear? So because I’m afraid to ask her out, then that means she I don’t ask her out. And then that means she obviously will just never, I mean, it just never happens, because I avoided I don’t. So you end up creating what it is that you’re afraid of when you live your life through fear, and then all these other opportunities and all these things start to happen and move when you actually live your life by faith. Doors start opening rather than closing. And it doesn’t always mean every door is going to open. But if you live your life through faith, it means the right doors will. So I guess in terms of building a business, what ended up happening for me is I’m not this like crazy, intellectual business savvy. I didn’t even go to school for business. You know, and obviously today I run my own business. And you know, I obviously work with clients and you know, I’m focusing on profit margins and revenues and creating products and building, just I mean everything that has to do with building a business yet I had no business background beforehand, and I had nothing that could secure my knowledge that this would work other than the fact that I had faith that it would. Now that seems sometimes a little loaded, because people are like, yeah, you have faith that it would be okay, but like, you know, this happened and my friend didn’t, it didn’t work for my friend, or maybe I did something before and it didn’t work for them, or it didn’t work that time, whatever the case may be. Now, that just goes into, again, your belief system. So when you’re going into business, yes, there’s a possibility that your business may fail for a certain amount of time. And that’s something that people don’t realize, it doesn’t mean that it will fail entirely. It’s almost the same thing as if you make a mistake, as a human being. That means you made a mistake, it doesn’t mean you are failure. I mean, when you look at, again, your belief system, it’s how you go about what you’re getting into. And for me, I just knew one thing, there are enough resources, let’s just get practical, there are enough resources to really make anything work. I mean, heck, if I want to just if I, I mean there are people I know who are making a six figure income selling shower curtains. And I literally know this because I really wanted to get into E commerce, e commerce, because I was just really trying to create a different type of income type of income stream. So all these anytime I get into things, I really research it a lot and really dive into it. So I ended up on this podcast of this of this lady who’s making a six figure income. And she’s been interviewed, although I mean, it’s she’s definitely making money. It’s not just I mean, she’s been interviewed, she’s been all over. So I mean, she makes, and you go to our website, I mean, she’s definitely making money. And she sells shower curtains. Now, I’m not going to go into really a whole story behind if anyone wants to know, I mean, obviously, hit me up. But the reality is, she is using the internet to sell shower curtains. Because her idea is anytime you buy a home, which if you think about any human being who’s living on the planet Earth, you need some thing to cover your head. So everyone, if there’s not one product out there that everyone’s always looking for, it’s a place to stay, I mean, you need an apartment, you need a home, I mean, it’s just, that’s just a no brainer. So it’s just like a perfect business. Because then when you move into your home, the very first thing you probably will do more than anything else is make sure there’s a shower curtain, because you can not have pots, maybe go out to eat, I mean, you may not have a bed, maybe you get a you know, you can get a mattress or sleep on the floor. But you definitely want to be able to take a shower, so you’re at least going to put that shower curtain up. So you can at least take some showers. So it’s also a product that like you have to have. So she just got really creative with it. And she dropships it and does really custom shower curtains and makes a six figure income. But of course, she uses an Instagram brand, because she’s built an Instagram page for it. She’s done some ad stuff, you know, she’s actually studied, you know, just the type of fabric that’s best for this and this and wrote blogs on, you know, on shower curtains, and then the people who make the shower. I mean, there’s just so many tools out there. So why do we believe that if we get into a new business, that it won’t work out for us? It all just goes back into what you’re choosing to believe. So I can maybe answer any other question diving more into that specifically. But I think just touching on in general about belief systems and business. The key is to believe that it can work for you, not just for someone else. And the way that that will really happen for you is number one, just understand that there are enough resources out there for you to make anything happen. You can learn it. I mean, you don’t need to have, you know, an $80,000 value degree, when there’s YouTube and Google, there’s so many things that are out there that will open your minds podcasts like this, that will really give you insight on how to do things. I mean, of course, if it’s like certainly, you know, if you’re going to be a surgeon, don’t just Google that. But obviously, it makes sense on most businesses that are creative businesses or entrepreneurial business and things that, you know, you can very much find information out there very easily now. I mean, the internet is so big knowledge is so accessible, there’s just no more excuses. So that would be number one. And then number two would be what is your belief about the challenges that you will go through? So it’s not about oh, I don’t want to get to this business because it might get hard or I might it might not work. I would go into it believing and knowing that it is going to get hard. And yeah, it actually may not work. But you won’t stop, right? There is a quote out there as you only fail when you quit. I mean, if you just maneuver if you really adapt, I mean just like anything in the world that needs to adapt or maneuver or overcome whatever obstacle, we have that ability to do that as well. So just thinking about the challenges as well that these aren’y roadblocks or a wall that I can’t get over. These are merely just learning opportunities that will propel me into the direction more of where I want to go and become more wise.

Wow, that was a lot of amazing information.

Sarah Schrader 19:52
As you were talking, I was thinking of questions and then you just start answering them as you’re going along.

Shaune Teske 20:01
I did have a question off of that. We’re talking about it, I feel like we’re starting to dig into it a little bit. What are some practical tips for people who are trying to live in faith over fear? You mentioned? Yeah, we have a lot of information out there, we can start looking. But how do you start with that mindset that your faith can be bigger?

Yes. So I’m a firm believer, Martin Luther King says this, you don’t need to see the entire staircase to get to the top, you only need to see what? The first step. I think a lot of people, I wrote this in my book, have this elephant syndrome, where they look at the entire elephant it’s so large, rather than looking at how can they break this down into tiny pieces that is consumable for them. So practical things for that is just start with what you have A and then B start with where you are, right? That’s really the reality. So my whole thing is, is if it’s a belief system that you have about, okay, when I do something, you know, I like, I don’t know, I get discouraged, or, or hesitate to really get started, or I usually sort of fall back. That is just because of habit. Everything we do in life is a habit. So if you see an opportunity, and you take it, yes, it may not work. But if if you at least take the opportunity, you will build a habit of trusting yourself and having faith that the things that you want to do, you can make work for you. So what I’m saying is you have to start building the habit of taking opportunities, you have to start building the habit of strengthening your faith, rather than strengthening the fear. So start with what you have, let’s just say your own health. There are a lot of people out here today that could be taking could, first of all, could change their health. But then number two, can really build so many incredible habits by actually tackling and trying to change their health, their fitness. I mean, there’s so many people I know in my life, especially in the entrepreneur world that just very simply don’t have a very regular fitness regimen don’t have a regular fitness schedule, or don’t have any fitness goals, or don’t, they’re not really actively doing anything fitness wise. Now, do you need $80,000 to start a fitness journey? Do you need a seven year degree to start a fitness journey? Do you need you know, six years of mentorship and and courses and personal development to start a fitness journey? No. Right? So start with where you are with what you have. You have your own body and where you are right now, if you’re not really that confident, being able to do something like a business or get into a business, can you not start to Okay, let’s get into a habit of going to the gym three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will be at the gym, when you start building the habit of committing to something like that. And then actually seeing results that will actually channel something in your brain that will start to tell you Okay, things that I want to do. I can A, figure out the steps again, going back to the resources there enough resource, I can figure out the steps to do that. And then B, I can commit to this and know that any challenges I have I can overcome them and whatnot. So I mean, it can be very simple as going Google type in you know, if you’re a lady if you’re female, there’s there’s so many girls out there that are literally building brands on how to help women in their fitness. Right? I mean, even on Instagram, there’s these just mega fitness models that are doing videos, like their whole Instagram is just videos of all these different workouts. I’ve actually taken several workouts that I do at the gym from some of these women. And there’s nothing, I’m not saying any anything sexist about it, I’m just trying to share with people like I mean, you can even go very specific. Some women, they’re like, oh, you know, the gyms like for guys, I don’t want to get buff. And I mean, no, no, there’s no, there’s so much out there that will literally give you the knowledge that you need to do what it is that you want to do. So go and google go and Instagram, start looking at different fitness, you know, routines, start with a simple schedule, I’m going to go two times a week, three times a week, commit to that set of goal. I mean, these are things that are going to start to give you what you need in order to do the things that you want to do in the future in terms of a business or other things because it will start to build your confidence. And when things get hard. That doesn’t mean don’t do it. It just means get creative, adapt and go through it. So I hope that makes sense.

Sarah Schrader 24:19
That makes perfect sense. Actually, Shaune and I just recorded an episode recently for our book club and one of the quotes that we pulled out there was to like run into your fears.

Myles Berrio 24:29
yeah, I would I agree with that. But I also know that everybody is different. So for me, I was, just because of, I mean that I can we can go into the neuro psychology of like, maybe why but I don’t we don’t have to spend all that all the time. You know, figuring out up into that point, why my mind was in a way that allowed me to do this, but I know for me, I actually I actually get motivated by fear. When I’m afraid to do something. I really actually want to do it more. I look at it as okay, this is not healthy. Why am I afraid to do this? So I’ll challenge myself to just go do it. And sometimes it’ll mean not burning bridges with relationships, but burning bridges with excuses. Like, I’ll go all in, you know, there’s some people out there that will say, you know, you should keep a job, you should keep a nine to five job while you’re building your business part time. Now, I totally would agree with the benefits of doing that. But I don’t agree in terms of if you know who you are, if that’ll work for you. Because for me, I actually didn’t keep a nine to five job or have a job. I like was driven by being broke. I mean, just the idea of being broke, like put so much fear in me. I didn’t give myself excuses. You know, because for some people who maybe need to go that route, when they have a nine to five, because their security, they actually don’t push themselves the way they should. You know, I can’t remember, he’s one of the Shark Tank hosts, and he was the founder of FUBU. Oh, gosh, I’m forgetting his name. Daymond Johnson, Daymond, John or Damien. He wrote a book called The Power of Broke. I mean, he’s a billion. I mean, these are real things. This isn’t just Oh, Myles, which is being kind of, you know, motivate No, no, there are people who are billionaires who came from nothing, and broke and busted, and disgusted neighborhoods that had no money given to them and no knowledge of business. And they’re billionaires today. And they write a book called The Power of Being Broke, not the power of, you know, keeping necessarily a job, you know, taking a building out of a six year plan, going step by step, you know what I mean? So now that’s okay, if you do that, again, if that’s how you roll, you need to know who you are, if you’re a planner, if you’re someone who will execute, when you do have the steps than do that, don’t give your self excuses not to, but if you’re someone who if, by looking for all the steps, it impairs you to move forward, it hinders you from taking action, then you maybe need to check and see whether or not you’re someone who’s motive motivated when your butt’s sitting on a candle of fire, when you have no money in your bank account. And you’re like I need I need to make this like now I need to make this happen now, and you get creative, and you get creative, and you bust out of there. So that goes into another topic of knowing who you are as well, that I think really helps with your belief system. Because everything that we believe comes from other people, when we were born into this world, we knew nothing, we accepted where we were. And that’s just the reality. Now you can find truths in your journey. But the idea is everything you believe today came from somewhere, right? We were literally flesh, we were literally just human being we were babies crying, we had no concept of things, everything you believe about love, business, fear, all these things you learn. So what does that mean? If there are things that you know, today, that are impairing your ability to move in the direction of where you want to go in life, then you can let go of those beliefs and start accepting new beliefs. And that all happens by stripping who the world told you to be, and start really diving into who you are, and actually understanding who you are as a faithful believer, I say who you are in Christ. So that, I don’t know if that hopefully that answered your question. But, that goes probably into another direction, but yeah.

Shaune Teske 28:06
No, that’s perfect. I wanted to see if there was a way that our listeners could get to that point, like, how do you figure out what type of person are you that you’re driven by being broke? Or I need to have this safety net? because of whatever reason? How, what are the practices that you think they can take that help them figure out what type of person they are? What type of mindset they have about fear?

Myles Berrio 28:33
Yeah, so I think there’s just two practical things that you can do for yourself. And it’s just being observing people just I think we are in such a world where our eyes and our attention are focusing so much on other people. I mean, you wake up in the morning, you go on Facebook, you’re on Instagram, or looking at other people, you’re reading about people you’re hearing about, and it’s just like, Okay, are you spending time observing your own life? So it’ll just require people to observe their own life. And one way that you can do that to figure out whether whether or not you’re someone who is motivated by being broke, or if you’re motivated, by having a specific plan and executing it? Well, I just say get very practical, you know, actually put yourself in a position where you actually might be, might have to struggle a little bit and understand what that does for you, and the actions that you take. So for instance, if there is a sort of business idea that you could start, I don’t know, maybe you, maybe you love painting. I have a friend of mine and she’s on Instagram and oh my gosh, her artwork is amazing and she just loves painting. Now that’s not a huge business in terms of like painting by itself. But could you not create an enormous business out of that? Of course, and she has actually she sells her her canvases to all these like luxury homes and different places. So again, that goes back to I mean, you can turn into whatever you want, but let’s just start there. You very simple just start with what you have. You love painting, you’re at home, you’re painting canvases and things like that. Okay, well, one thing that you can do is start executing a plan to turn that into a business that actually earns you money. If you want to start to see if I’m motivated by broke, or if I’m motivated, motivated by plan that and that leads to execution, then actually start doing the planning. Start to see, okay, how much does it cost for me to buy the canvas? How much does it cost for me to buy all of the tools, and then start adding up all the expenses in general, maybe the amount of time it takes to do this size of Canvas, start really creating an idea of your time and expense. And then maybe do some research, market research on what canvases are being sold for, or that type of art that you’re doing. And then on top of that, start doing some research on the type of outlets or distribution platforms, you can actually sell your product, meaning, oh, I can Google ways to sell my products, and you’ll probably see things that will come up like Etsy, you know, you’ll probably see things that’ll come up like Amazon, you probably see things that come up like dropship, all these different things, right? Or, you know, or Craigslist, whatever the case would be Facebook now even Facebook marketplace. So then you start marking, you just start doing research and all these. So what I’m saying is you start to do the you start to do these things, and then you’re executing them, you do the research, you create a website, you’re like, well, I need a website. So then, you know, because you’ve noticed, well if I have a platform, if I have these platforms where I want to sell product Well I definitely want to have a central platform that will have information about me and my business. So let me create a website well what are probably the best website what is the best website to use? So then you start doing research on the best websites you know, maybe you go look up Squarespace or maybe you go look up can’t remember the other or WordPress or you can look whatever different hosting website and you start researching this and you go you know what, I’ve done my research and all these I watched some YouTube videos, I read some stuff. Now I’m going to choose one thing this is you executing now now you choose a Squarespace. So then you go on Squarespace, you literally build up the website, maybe take a couple photos of the print the canvases you have you put them up, you start I mean, this is you planning and executing. Now, people who aren’t really like planners and necessarily executers, they’re less most motivated by having to plan all these things out. And they’re going to be more motivated by in the now like, Okay, this needs to happen, right now. So one way that you can do that is literally put yourself in a position that is not, that is not keeping you comfortable. For instance, now if you’re just having a nine to five job, that doesn’t necessarily mean like okay, just quit your job. And now figure out what you’re going to do, obviously doesn’t necessarily mean that but what it does mean is you can you can put yourself in uncomfortable situations that can dramatically change your life. So for instance, there was there was a friend of mine who was living in an apartment complex. And it was a very, she was basically just very comfortable with where she was in life. She had an she had a good high paying job, and a corporate job to actually think she worked at what’s it not KP, KP I cannot remember the name of the company, very big company, but corporate nine to five job. But she was very, very much interested in moving into this sort of mastermind, entrepreneurial, creative space kind of thing I can’t remember exactly. But it was something that she was going to partner with some guys that were at the Atlanta Tech Village, which is like a somewhat of an entrepreneurial hub. Long story short, she was going to be able to earn some money, but it definitely wasn’t gonna be nearly as much money as she was going to be able to that she was earning at her nine to five job. But what she was worried about was if she took what she actually wanted to do, to go into that space, that because of her income dropping, her lifestyle would get a little uncomfortable, how would I be able to pay my rent? How would I be able to pay for my my my job or you know, pay for my like my car, pay for my bills, or whatever the case, whatever the case may be. Now, she fortunately, had saved up some money. So it was actually even more interesting. She was still hesitant again, and this all goes back to the idea of she had all these safety nets. And that’s what she’s a person who I mean, she could plan execute all day. She has all the safety nets to do that. But she’s not doing it, that’s not the way her mind works. She’s she actually is someone who’s driven by it needs to happen. It needs to happen. And she gets very emotional about it. And that’s actually what ended up happening over some period of months. I ended up finding out that she actually let go of her job. And she actually spent her savings on going overseas to like really, like I guess get more involved into the, I guess more natural environment of just mindset and things that she was learning that would help her in her business. But basically she’s on a lot lower income and it’s so funny. I see her all over social media doing all these cool things I mean, she is getting interviewed by like Michelle Blue, who’s a friend of mine who started Benay scarves, which is a company where when you buy a scarf, they help educate kids in Africa. She’s been interviewed on that show she’s working with like, some other big companies here in Atlanta. I can’t remember that some of these organizations, but I just see her all she was like in Bali for I mean, her whole life is different. But the thing is, is different because it started becoming something I should do. And it started being something I have to do. Because see, when she had the nine to five job when she had the savings when she had the lifestyle, the comfortability, it was like, yeah, no, I should get into this, I should be doing this. I should, I should, but until she actually put herself in a position, where now it’s like, okay, like, I have to do these things. Like, I mean, it’s like, I do this or like, I lose my apartment. And I have to either, you know, I mean, I mean, all kinds of crazy stuff happen, you know, So be smart about it. But there are ways that people can definitely get themselves out of being comfortable. And most people know what those things are for them. It’s just, it’s the nature of comfortability, oh, they don’t want to be uncomfortable. Well, you know, whatever the case, whatever that case may be. So does that, does that kind of make sense?

Shaune Teske 36:12
Perfect. That makes so much sense of, yes, you have to have a plan and don’t just quit your job and okay, we’ll see what happens next, right. But when you take that net away, you really have a choice of am I gonna rely on faith or fear, and you can use fear as like a motivator, but know that your faith is bigger, and that will come. I had that when I went full time with my job as a photographer, okay, I’m taking away this other source of income, am I gonna be able to pay my bills, I saved enough but what happens when the savings gone, but that really pushed me to get out there meet people get my business going, really push it that if I did rely on my other job and didn’t quit, I might not have been as ready to push myself.

Myles Berrio 37:01
Oh, for sure. For sure.

Shaune Teske 37:02
To photography. So, that is such a great point of you really need to get get comfortable with being uncomfortable, really get out there and use your uncomfortableness or uncomfortability, whatever the word is, to fuel you and get you to that next level, because it’s there, and you’re totally capable of hitting those goals or getting to the next level, but you have to be uncomfortable during the process.

Myles Berrio 37:31
Exactly, exactly. I love it. I love it.

Sarah Schrader 37:35
I think that like presses of getting out of your comfort zone is such a great point to make too. Because even people who do put plans out like I know, I can do this as well. I can plan and plan and plan. But if I don’t push myself into that zone of uncomfortness, then it’s just a plan that’s sitting there.

Shaune Teske 37:55
Right? And see, I would agree that you’re actually a type of person who is motivated by the power of broke. Now, that doesn’t mean I mean, broke is an objective term. I mean, broke for a billionaire could be I have $800 million, instead of, you know, broke for someone who only has, you know, $100. So what I’m saying is, people have to understand the concept of what it means the power of being broke. What that just means is like someone like for you, you’re saying that you can plan and plan and plan. But unless you get uncomfortable, it really won’t, right. Some people, they don’t really need to be uncomfortable. Some people, they are just they when they plan because they see the plan, it makes sense. They just execute like it just makes sense to them. They just they see it, and they just execute. But for some people that they’re not motivated by steps for execution, they’re motivated by a real reason that I have to do this. And that’s in either way is okay. It’s knowing who you are as a person, and kind of doing some of the things that we just talked about, you can really start to figure that out. But it’ll only happen when you get moving. I mean, there’s no way I mean, it’d be like you sitting in the car, and you turning the wheel to your car, thinking that you’re gonna go anywhere. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable and how skillful you are about driving a car. If the car is not in motion, I mean, you’re not gonna go anywhere, right? So at the end of the day, you do need to get moving, whether you feel like you’re a planner, or you feel like you’re motivated by the power being broke, you need to start taking steps and start where you are with what you have. And it literally could be as practical as getting on Google and typing in how do I make an extra stream of income? Oh, my gosh, you can type literally that into YouTube and Google, there are so many articles on I mean, 10 ways to make, you know, residual residual income today in 2019. You know, seven ways to make extra income, four ways to make $500 in the next couple. I mean, I literally had a friend I literally had a friend he put this video on Instagram just to show people that I mean just to show people like come on like come on guys, let’s let’s let’s really utilize the power of of God’s creation of being a human being a lot better because we’re kind of doing it a disservice service to God. I mean is as amazing as He’s created us. It’s like, I mean, wow, are we really not utilizing all the gifts and the mindset that we have? He went on Instagram. And he literally showed this to restore, like the whole process. He went to Goodwill. And he literally bought books. Like, he bought a few books, but he also bought a few name brand, like pairs of jeans and jean jackets like that had, I think it was like a some sort of brand that was there that just had, I can’t remember it was some name brand. Okay. But he bought it at Goodwill, because it was secondhand. But what did he do? So he bought it for super cheap at Goodwill. He literally put, I think it was like six jackets and like for pants that he found or something like that. He literally listed them on Amazon. Literally, I mean, I mean, Amazon, maybe he listed it on eBay. And he literally showed how he made like $350 after spending like 30 to 40 bucks or something, it was like 50 bucks, 30,40, 50 bucks, or something like that in buying all of those things, you know, they’re like, $4 $8 $65, whatever. And made like $350 because he sold he sold them very close to like, you know, not obviously brand new original, but obviously a lot more than just goodwill cuz he was selling it on eBay and Amazon. I mean, that’s just called arbitrage. I mean, most people if they don’t know about that, you know, some people who are entrepreneurs definitely know about this. I mean, this is literally just called retail arbitrage where you go somewhere, you buy something secondhand, and then you sell it for more for higher profit on the internet. I mean, I mean, it’s something as simple. So what I’m trying to say is, I mean, you can get so practical, about how you can start things today, by literally just doing research. I mean, we can literally just start there, go on Google, go on YouTube, and it’ll blow your mind to at least just start there.

That is such a great advice. To start moving, get going. You can make the plans and you can do all the things but you need to start executing and doesn’t have to be perfect, but you need to just start somewhere, whether it’s research, whether it’s following through on something that you said you were going to do, that’s just a great place to start. My question is what what happens when you’re on this track, you’re feeling great. And then that fear starts creeping in and you don’t know how to get out of it. You you’ve made the decision to move forward. You’ve made these these new steps in your life, and then that fear pops back up. What’s a good way to choose faith again? What’s a good way to get back on that path? Or? So yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, my gosh, I mean, I absolutely love this question, because it’s so simple, but almost not.

Right, because fear never quite goes away. How do we deal with this?

Unknown Speaker 42:42
Oh, it never will. Oh, it never will. I never, I’m glad we’re talking about this. Because I definitely don’t want people to think Man, people who are powerful people who are successful and they are fearless. They have no fear. I mean, if you start to study, which is another part of a conversation we can have about building your mindset and your faith. If you start just studying successful people, it’ll encourage you even more. I mean, again, this goes back to research. I mean, there is little let’s get practical. If we want to get practical, there’s a podcast that I love. I’ve listened to every single episode. I’m like, I’m like, you know the other. There’s those podcasts where you listen to so many are like always waiting for the next one to come out. I mean, it’s called How I Built This by NPR, how I built this by NPR, and they literally interviewed me, I mean, we’re talking about Zumba. We’re talking about the founders of Zumba. They literally interview these people. And they go from beginning to end. And you get to hear all the ups and downs. I mean, any company you can think I mean, Lyft, Airbnb, you know, I mean, just so many companies, great companies that we know, we literally get, they literally get interviewed the founders and the CEOs. So here’s what you’re well, sorry, what I was gonna say about that, is they all had fear as they were going through their journey. And then secondly, here’s the second thing. Some of them even today, I think it was the founder of who is it, I think it was the guy, the founder of five guys. I think it was either the CEO of Five Guys or, or JetBlue or Southwest it was some company, I mean it’s a big built built like Mega company. The person still says today. Oh! I know exactly what it is actually. What’s the what’s the workout pants brand that kind of blew up and it’s like it’s like more of a luxury vibe. They have spandex.

Shaune Teske 44:32
Is it Lululemon?

Lululemon! So if you go to How I Built This, and you literally just listened to the Lulu I remember now cuz I’m like remembering the audio. I’m talking I’m totally like an auditory learner. So I’m hearing his voice right now because one of the questions they kept asking him was like, How do you feel? Your company has blown up? It’s you. He literally feels like he will go out of business almost every single day. That’s crazy. Every single day. Yeah, I mean, I this up. Go listen to, if I’m not mistaken, literally go listen to the audio. I mean, I’m not making this up. He literally says, every single day, I feel like I’m gonna go out of business. So what keeps someone going, though, when that happens, because now it may not be that extreme where you feel like, you know, he talks about how you know, he’s trying to get over that and move through that I mean, you should that shouldn’t necessarily be here mindset is every single day, you’re gonna go out of business. Now I do see the benefit of that. And some people will tell you, if you think that way, obviously, it’ll give you the upper edge to always be on top of your game and not get lazy. I mean, I totally understand the power of that. But you know, let’s just talk realistically, you probably don’t want to be, you know, kind of living under a rock, why you should be enjoying your business by thinking you’re gonna go out of business every single day. But the reason I’m bringing that up is, here’s the answer to that question. When the fear comes back, when you’ve succeeded, but you’re feeling a little uncertainty, again, getting a little nervous, what keeps you going? w-h-y. Having a Y, having a why so powerful enough for you, that even when you start to feel a little bit fear, fearful, even when you start to get a little nervous, things start to get hard, what will pull you through ? Having a big enough why. You know, the quote is, is you only see challenges when you take your eyes off of your why. Because if your eyes are on your why you don’t really see, they’re not like challenges even, they’re not even problems. I mean, they’re literally just, I mean, it’s just a part of the journey. I mean, you just, oh, this happened? How did let’s get through this, you know, how do we get through this? Or, you know, what are we going to do? That’s what you’re thinking that oh, my gosh, what am I going to do as in you, it’s all it’s all over. Your whole demeanor changes. Maybe I shouldn’t even really go there. But whatever. So here’s the thing, I totally understand there’s a whole market and there’s a whole industry on this. So I’m going to be very, I’m going to least just start by saying, If anyone is going through this, understand that I have complete and total sort of sympathy in terms of, you know, feeling what, you know, understanding that this could be very difficult. I’m basically trying to say I’m not apathetic towards anyone who is maybe struggling or going through this, I’m just speaking on behalf of how I my feeling and my belief. I just don’t believe in depression. I don’t believe allowing ourselves to get so deep underwater. Because of a mindset. A lot of times when people are depressed, it’s not like legitimately depressed, it’s not that their life is so bad. I mean, we’re talking about here in America, in the freaking United States of America. Where there is opportunity out the gate. I mean, it’s not like we’re living in the Middle East where you’re female, and you can barely have your eyes showing. And every day you wake up, there’s bombs being blown up in certain areas. And you know, your your, your sister literally just walked through a landmine and her leg blew off, or you’re getting shot at, you know, in countries in Africa by literally the next door village because that village trying to take over your village because that village has some connection with corrupt government. I mean, let’s be honest. I mean we’re talking about we’re being we’re getting depressed by things that are distracting us from a bigger purpose, our why understanding what we have here on Earth, and how we can add value to people’s lives in service, you know, you start you start to forget your own problems when you start helping people with theirs. Because when you start seeing other people’s challenges and you start serving others, you start to open your eyes like that, how am I even like upset about stuff I’m upset about, you know, like, I remember going to Guatemala and serving in Guatemala during a mission trip. And I kid you not. I mean, it’s not really graphic, but whatever. So in Guatemala, I mean, it totally just blew my mind, I mean, we’re talking about I’m not gonna go into all the things you might think in a very low income, very poor village that’s needing obviously people to come out during a mission trip to help them what that life would be like, I mean, we’re talking about pots that are getting water from like the roof when it rains that they used to not only clean themselves but cook with or, you know, fire that they make out of sticks. And you know, to keep warm in certain areas or living in huts and because we went there to go build them a home, like out of actual real wood and not just tin and just materials on the floor and stuff like that. And show them how they could actually build a business with chickens. They had chickens running around and you’re out, you know, sort of farming jungle, how to actually cultivate, creating a business maybe, like harnessing eggs and actually selling. We went out there to do all those things. But in that process, it opens your mind as you’re serving to like, oh, my gosh, how am I worried about what I’m worried about? And I kid you not. I came back to United States and I was at the airport I mean, this literally happened at the airport. And I go the bathroom sorry fi it’s a little gross, but who cares? There’s an idea behind this, I was going to go do you know, go do some stuff in the bathroom. And when I went to open the stall, I saw, like, poop basically already in the toilet. And there was some tissue in there. And there was only two stalls. So I went to the other one. And there was like, just tissue, there’s some stuff in there as well. And I kind of got a little irritated. I was like, not so far that i am so mad. And I’m just like, Are you kidding me? Like, literally someone’s like, I kind of want to go the bathroom, but there’s like poop or, and I’m just thinking in my head. I mean, how ungrateful and just over the top comfortable we are in the United States and just entitled we are where I literally feel some type of way about having to have clean water in my toilet for me to dump my waste in anyways. I mean just think about the concept when we’re literally about the sit on a toilet I’m upset like, wow, that really someone like there’s like stuff in here like it needs to be just cleaned for me immaculate, beautiful water. When there are countries where they literally walk five to 10 miles just to get water. I mean, they don’t even see what I mean, they have to literally do so much. So much work to just touch water, let alone water that’s not even clean. And I’m literally sitting in this comfortable nice airport and my nice clothes and my luggage and my nice little watch and my flight that I had money to pay for to come and I’m in front of this toilet. I’m looking at this toilet. And there’s some waste, let’s just be on this just be open, there’s poop. Oh my gosh, who can I mean, in the toilet. And I’m like, feeling some type of way that it should be clean water, I should have clean water from my poop. I mean, you just start to see things differently. You know what I mean? I can only think that way when I have the experience that I had, right. And so what I’m saying is if you start to serve, if you start to really see how you can help others, I mean, a lot of the things that really aren’t problems for us start to change. Now, of course, this is different, you know, we can go into the whole, I’m not even going to talk, we can talk for half an hour about this, you know, it’s hard to help someone when you need help yourself. But what I’m saying is there’s ways to get yourself out of the water, there’s a quote that says one of the worst things that you can see about a friend or a family member is that they’re drowning, and all they have to do is stand up. They’re really just some problems that we’re dealing with that really aren’t big problems. It’s just, we’re being petty, we’re really allowing ourselves to think small to be small, when we can very much overpower that. And really change that. So going back to the original concept of how you can do that, your why. You need to have a why. If you’re a single mom, and if you have a kid, that’s your why. If you don’t, if you’re not a single mom, or single dad, you don’t have a kid and you’re by yourself, then maybe it’s your family members, maybe your mom is struggling, maybe your dad is struggling, maybe maybe your why is I mean, it could be anything that will drive you that’s bigger than yourself, to stop looking at your problems as some large elephant or some huge staircase that you can’t get up. And it’ll start to challenge you. Even when fear comes back up when you’re going through something and you’re starting to be successful. But that fear comes back, you’ll kick that fear right out the door, you go woah woah woah like, Hey, let’s go back to why I’m doing this in the first place.

That is super powerful. And I wrote down when you first said it the you only see challenges when you take your eyes off your why that was perfect. And I love that. And then I loved all the examples you gave up. It really is a mindset of learning that we are so lucky. And we are. We need to live in a place of gratitude of all the all the beauty we have around us and all the blessings we have. So I really appreciate even if you had to tell us about going to the bathroom. That was such a great like, visceral feeling.

Myles Berrio 53:58
It was real, real.

Shaune Teske 54:00
We’ve all been there of like, oh my gosh, you know, and so almost you can get upset, it’s like but we have this thing. We have clean water and we have a bathroom to use. That’s just a great way of sharing even in that moment, we can be grateful. And we’re getting kind of close to the end of our time together. So I just wanted to ask if there’s anything else you wanted to leave our listeners with? And really drive home any points. Maybe you said before or something we haven’t touched on yet.

Myles Berrio 54:30
Yeah, I will say three things. I’ll say three things I think are very important. And just life number one is my number one. Just motto. It’s my life quote, I love. Albert Einstein says if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll go its entire life thinking that it’s stupid. So I won’t even that can go into a whole hour conversation, but the whole idea is a fish. Why is that important? Well, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree of fish was not done trying to climb a tree. So if you judge something by what it’s not designed to do, the second part of that quote is it’ll go his entire life thinking about a stupid, it’ll feel, in other words, incapable. In other words, discouraged, in other words depressed, in other words defeated. So the whole idea is people need to stop allowing others to judge them by what they were not designed. Figure out who you are, if you’re a fish, if you’re a zebra, if your dog, you know, just start to go on, go on a journey of focusing on not just social media, Instagram, who the big dogs out, there are other friends and family members that are doing it, start putting some time into you invest in you and figure out who you are. That’s number one. Number two, is get some faith. And I don’t just mean by faith, like jump off a mountain, literally. And then just think that you’re going to fly. I mean, literally get rooted in in where your where your spirit is, for me, it’s God. For me, I connect my entire life to everything I do. Number one, God created man and woman. Number two, God created us with a purpose to do. That’s why in the Garden of Eden, the very first thing God commands us to do is work. Right? Even when Jesus leaves and ascends to heaven, he asked us to what to go out and make disciples, which is what work so we literally are given direction, the first part of the story, and the last part of the story is, hey, hey, guys, wake up. Let’s not get distracted by all these things that are not really necessary. Let’s focus on adding value to people’s lives. Let’s focus on going and doing not just consuming yourself with you going to work, nine to five, come home, watch Netflix, maybe go to the bars in the weekend, your life looks nice. You have a nice little apartment, a little car, you know, you’re all good. Okay, how are you adding value? What work? Which service are you doing out there? Right, that’s number two, get some faith. The last thing I would say is understand that you are the sum of the five people you’re surrounded by. People hear that all the time. But really, even deeper than that is okay, who’s in your circle? Who’s in your circle? I think sometimes people don’t realize that they can actively build the right circle for them. Some people say, Oh, well, my mom, my dad, I mean, they’re my mother and my father, they’re my brother. I mean, I can’t just, you know, disown them. No one’s saying anything about disowning, but what we’re talking about is how much time is being invested in your life by certain people. If there’s someone who’s very discouraging, if there’s someone who’s not a dream builder, if there’s someone who is not putting you in the direction where you need to go, a lot of your time doesn’t need to be spent there. You can always say hello, you can always catch up with people, you can always check on people, you can always go to a birthday party, you can always say whatever you want to do. But if the people that are closest to you are not sending you audios to grow your mind. If people that are closest to you aren’t recommending books for you to read. If people that are closest to you aren’t encouraging you to push through your challenges rather than becoming defeated. And not overcoming them by having a certain mindset and maybe how even go about building that mindset and just building you up, then it doesn’t make sense for a lot of your time to be invested in that environment. Because that will obviously affect you, wherever you are the things that are going around you the things that are being put in your mind, the things are listening to the things you’re even seeing. If you’re even around people that aren’t even maybe your closest friends, your two roommates and your best friend, maybe they’re not even speaking negatively in your life, but their whole life is just, I mean it’s just it’s comfortable. It’s menial, it’s basic of in terms of their purpose, they’re just going to work they just come home, watch Netflix go party on the weekend. And that’s it. I mean, how has that motivating you?W hen you have a roommate, whoever freakin time you open the door, they’re like, they’re doing an interview podcast, or they’re trying to book clients or they’re literally gone all the time because they’re traveling and doing this or, you know, maybe, and they don’t need to be elaborate. Maybe they’re literally writing a book, you open their door, maybe they’re the living room and they’re like, you’re like hey, what are you doing, man? I’ve seen been on your laptop for I don’t know how many hours and they’re like Oh, I’m just I’m trying to I’m trying to dish out this book man. I’m trying to get focused and and be consistent.You know, maybe not even a book maybe they’re just fitness I mean, they are you’re just like Man, I’m so freakin motivated. Guys, you make me want to go to the gym. I mean, every single time I wake up, you’re like the first person out the door you’re already at the gym. I mean, we’re talking about having people in your life that are encouraging you and building you into the right direction of where you want to go. So I would leave people with those the things that if they could really focus on that I really believe 2019 and on will be so magnified, just 10 times, 1000 times more in what they are where they are right now.

Sarah Schrader 59:37
So powerful. I love those.

Myles Berrio 59:40
Thank you guys. Got me all fired up.

Shaune Teske 59:43
Myles, what’s on the horizon for you in 2019?

Unknown Speaker 59:51
Yeah, so there’s just some interesting things I’m working on right now. And very simply, I’m obviously some people have seen that or heard about that. I’m I’m working on my second book. And it’s just literally going to be comprised of all of my captions that I that I posted on Instagram with my portraits, they’re long captions, but they’re very powerful things that like you’re hearing me say, right now, I write this stuff regularly. And, you know, I just figured why not just put this all in a book, almost like a sort of devotional or something you can just go to every day. So I’m actually almost at the very end of that, where I actually have the cover being designed and hopefully within the next week or two, even maybe a week, I can actually have a thing published. So I’m very excited about that. Number two, what’s also on horizon? is just sushi tacos. If no one knows about that, I’m not going to go into the story of all that there. You can go on the website, and maybe hear more about that. But basically, I was out in LA had this amazing experience, realized that it was not here in Georgia. So I came back and just took the opportunity to create it here. And it’s basically exactly what you hear it’s sushi in a taco, but very, very cool. It’s not just basic sushi, I mean, we’re talking about I mean, these tacos are made out of seaweed, Nori seaweed, and then what’s in them is just amazing, fresh from the farmers market here and beauty for highway and literally, it’s farm raised salmon tuna, you can do something negi. It has some seaweed salad, and then I just dress it up with all types of amazing juicy fruits and strawberries, pineapples, mango, and then put some crushed onion and sesame seeds. Oh my gosh, it’s just an amazing just punch to your just taste buds of just fresh, amazing flavor. So that is on the horizon, basically doing more pop ups with that. That’s what I’m going to be doing for more throughout 2019. Working with different brands and doing little pop ups to really just kind of get the word almost think of it like Keno pops. And going around and really having that experience with that. And then yeah, some other things, maybe I’m not sure yet, but it has to deal with some rental property things where I’ve been really excited to really get involved with that are really helpful. Again, start with where you are, some people have their own home, their own place, their own apartment, wherever the case, you know, whatever the case could be. And there’s actually ways to not necessarily have to spend 20 $30,000, putting down a first down payment on a home and spending all the money to renovate it and basically have to pay years and years and years of having a tenant to be able to make even just break even to make money. I mean, you can very, very easily start even just today or next week or two being able to have a rental property through Airbnb. So yeah, those are a few things other than that, just photography, all types of photography, things that people can just follow the journey or hit me up about.

Sarah Schrader 1:02:33
And so I mean, you obviously have amazing things to say where can people go to find more of you and what you have to say?

Myles Berrio 1:02:41
Yeah, yeah, so um, where people can find me very, very easily. My name is so Myles Berrio I don’t think I’ve ever met any other Myles Berrio. Yes, it’s with a y M-Y-L-E-S. And everything is MilesBerrio. So if you go on my Instagram, it’s Myles.Berrio. M y le s dot B e R r I o if you go to my website, it’s You know, I mean, my email is And you can find me literally by Myles Berrio very simply in all different areas. Facebook, again, Myles Berrio have just been pretty fortunate to have a name that I didn’t have to do like miles Berrio2978 silly dog. Or I can just take, I can just use my original Myles Berrio because I’m like the only one out there. So you should be able to find me anywhere with that.

Shaune Teske 1:03:31
Well, thank you so much for being with us today and sharing all your wisdom. I just feel so inspired after listening to you talk and I know our listeners are gonna feel that way too.

Myles Berrio 1:03:43
Yeah, no, thank you guys seriously. I mean, it is so awesome that you guys are doing this. And I don’t know how many people are telling you guys this. And you probably are getting people telling you this. But I still just want to encourage you because I know how it is. You know, when you’re really building something and you’re thinking, Okay, how far is this really reaching? How far is this really going? And actually, can I share one last quick story about that. So just to encourage you guys. So like I said, if people can talk to us, from the US as in my girlfriend and I it’s something that we’re doing together, but we are really building a rental property business using Airbnb basically. And, you know, again, there’s sometimes a season where we kind of just get so focused on building the business we forget about how far it’s reaching or how it can help others. So the reason I’m saying this, because I’ve just said what I’m saying you guys, like, maybe a lot of people aren’t really telling you. But I mean, what you guys are doing is literally amazing. Being able to create audios and interviewing these people and having conversations like this between you and I that are opening up hearts, souls minds for people to really go out and do the things that they’re doing. It doesn’t matter if there’s only 100 downloads, if there’s 5000 downloads, you know, but maybe not that many people reaching out maybe there are people reaching out. I mean, it doesn’t really matter just understand even one life it’s just so powerful. I know you guys know that already. But just reiterating that what you’re doing is so powerful beyond what you can see what you can feel. I mean, somebody is literally going to say, I didn’t give up because of you two. And I think that’s very powerful. So very quick story is rental property. So on one of our properties, our property in Sandy Springs, we have a real property in Sandy Springs. It’s a two bedroom, and we haven’t listed on Airbnb. And we got booked out for the first time, like over a month, usually, you know, Airbnb is a couple days, four days, five days, three days people turn in, but we actually ended up getting booked up over a month, basically, from the early of February to, they’re still now because they their last day is March 5. So for over so about a month. And it was really awesome. It was a lady named Pamela, who was a grandmother of a mother named Jessica and her daughter Ingrid was the one actually going who’s actually going to be the guest at our Airbnb. Now, the reason I’m bringing this up is because we were in touch with Pamela, the grandmother who booked the place. This was literally only like two weeks ago or so. But we can have two weeks ago, we were in touch with her for most for most of the contact. But what ended up happening is her mother Jessica picked up conversation because I wasn’t getting any responses from Pamela. And her mother picked up the conversation and actually gave me Jessica or Ingrid’s the daughter’s number. So we just been in contact with the daughter with Ingrid. This actually happened a little over like two or three days ago, where I basically was checking up on Ingrid, you know, we always check on our guests, and you know that our place and just kind of reach out, Hey, how’s everything going did it up. And she actually informed us while I was texting her, she said everything is great. But just I can’t do exactly what she said. But she said, if you were wanting if you were sending any messages to Pamela, my grandmother, or if you’re trying to get in touch with her, she actually just passed away. And your place was actually her last gift to me, relocating to Atlanta to really start my life after school and getting a job and everything like that this was her last gift. To me being able to stay here. Oh my gosh. I mean, just imagine having this property and you just have guests that come in and you know, 10 or whatever the case being you’re just a rental property, you’re just thinking people coming in, they love your space looks great. They leave. But to be a part of a kingdom experience where your place is literally because I didn’t really say earlier, but Pamela actually was kind of she actually had come she was fighting a very bad, I believe was cancer in her like tongue I believe. So it was cancer like in her tongue or in her lungs, someone or mouth that really just progressed to that obviously took her life, unfortunately. But this, our place that she got for her granddaughter was at her last gift before she had left this place this earth, to Ingrid. And it was just so touching to know, it does not matter what business you’re doing, it does not matter. Anything really, if you are making paintings, if you are doing audio podcast, if you are doing a rental property, but you there, there is always a way for your service to connect to someone just having a better day, someone gifting someone else being a part of a kingdom experience serving other people adding value to someone’s life, even when it may not seem like it day to day. So anyway, that was just a story I wanted to share because that was so touching, it just gives me a whole new perspective of what I’m doing and what we’re doing with this whole rental property business. Because I mean, this just showed me I mean, this is not just a rental property business. I mean, this literally is an even opportunities where God can come into this kingdom experiences can happen, people can be blessed. I mean, just amazing things can happen. So I like went to go print a photo of them asked her to send me a photo of her grandmother, her mother together and pick that up, I’m gonna do this full frame thing they don’t even know I’m just gonna like leave it in the place and write like a little note, just, you know, just again, could continue to encourage them and whatnot. But just to be a part of that. So amazing. So anyway, thank you guys, for doing what you do just know that exactly the same thing is happening with you guys, opening up this platform and sharing stuff like this, even if you don’t hear about it or see it.

Shaune Teske 1:09:19
Thank you so much for that story. And just a great reminder that no matter what anyone’s doing, you don’t know how your decisions and your actions are really affecting the people around you. Or even people you don’t even know. So thank you so much for that. And we hope that their family is doing okay with everything and yeah, that what a beautiful gift you could give.

Myles Berrio 1:09:41
Thank you guys so much seriously, and I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day. And I cannot thank you enough for having me on this and hopefully it was some great stuff.

Shaune Teske 1:09:51
It definitely was.

Myles Berrio 1:09:54
pretty sure for sure. Thank you guys.