business boutique by christy wright – March book club

About This Month’s Book

There’s never been a better time to start your own business. But let’s face it: It can be scary to put yourself out there and tackle the business side of things. Fortunately, you’re not alone!

There is a movement of women stepping into their God-given gifts to make money doing what they love. If you’d like to join them, this is your handbook that will take the ideas in your head and the dream in your heart and turn them into action.

In Business Boutique, Christy Wright will:

  • Help you create a step-by-step, customized plan to start and grow your business.
  • Show you how to manage your time so you can have a business—and life—that you love.
  • Explain overwhelming business stuff like pricing, taxes, and budgeting in simple terms.
  • Teach you how to use marketing to reach the right people in the right way.
  • Empower you to sell your product or service with confidence.

Christy will help you get your business idea off the ground or take your existing business to the next level. You can do this. It’s time for you to make money doing what you love!

Sarah’s Takeaway:

I am in awe of Christy’s ability in story telling and how she uses her own background as the daughter of an entreprenuer and her own passion for helping women to share the steps to laying down a foundation to succeed as a business owner. She easily defines the steps and actions to take, and is a cheerleader for you as you go thorough the pages of the book. Probably most beneficial, she lets you know you are NOT alone and your voice and approach matters.

Shaunae’s Takeaway:

I absolutely adore Christy and her passion for helping women succeed in their businesses! This book is a great source to get your business started, the correct way. She talks about building a business in four tiers, like a wedding cake (because her mom is a baker.) She works through the foundation (the base) and moves her way up. I love that she gives action steps at the end of each chapter so you can apply what you’re learning to your own business. This book is definitely a must-read for anyone who is starting their business!


Favorite Quotes:

“You were made for more than just getting by; fulfillment is waiting for you in work that you love. You’re not a supporting character in the movie of your life; you’re the lead role. You have permission, the responsibility even, to be in the driver’s seat of your own life. That includes investing in things that bring you joy and make you proud. You have permission to do things that make you like yourself. It’s not selfish; it’s self-preservation, and it’s smart.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

“Stop anticipating the sacrifice and start anticipating the reward”

“We undervalue our strengths because they may seem easy and obvious to us.”

“The prettiest ads don’t win the campaign. The best research wins the campaign.” lessons about marketing

“A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what the customers tell each other it is.”

“Because here is the reality: It’s your responsibility to make yourself feel good. It’s your responsibility to make yourself happy, confident, and proud. It’s your responsibility to make yourself a person that your family wants to be around, a woman that your husband wants to take on a date, a mom that your kids want to play with, and a friend that people want to hang out with. No one can do that for you.”

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