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We both absolutely love having opportunities to travel and explore. Have you ever considered what it would look like to pack up your life and your business and travel the world while working? This has been something that has been on Sarah’s heart for awhile now and she is finally taking the leap to make it a reality (at least for four months). Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere – our podcast is just becoming international!

How is Sarah Doing This?

While you certainly can work and travel at your own leisure, working in coffee shops and staying in hostels or Airbnbs what really made this possible was hearing about a program called Remote Year. This program offers both 4 month and 12 month itineraries, where those who are able to work or run their own business from anywhere can join to experience and live in a new country each month.

A Bit More About Remote Year

Remote Year is not a company that pays you to work for them. You do need to have your own job while you are on the trip to pay for the program. The benefits of a program like Remote Year really is peace of mind that your housing, a place to work with reliable internet and travel between locations each month are covered. You also are traveling with people who you will get to know and have resources and questions answered from Remote Year employees that live in each country. Remote Year also offers additional program to explore and experience life in each country you visit.

Preparing for Becoming a Digital Nomad

Your life will literally be in a suitcase, or two! Traveling for extended periods of time while working is best done when traveling light. Consider a capsule wardrobe that you can have the variety you desire, and layers will be your friend in cooler weather. Compression bags and travel cubes are also very helpful for packing within your suitcases. But you definately will not want to carry around to much, so really think about the essentials for your business and what you absolutely need to take with you versus what you can buy along the way.

Of course packing is only one thing to consider. You will also want to figure out how you are contacting your clients. If you make a lot of calls or send texts you will want a phone plan that is not going to end up costing you an insanely high amount. You will also most likely be using a credit card as you travel to pay for your expenses, but some cards will charge high international fees. Research a card that will work for you well and not have a fee when abroad.

A Few Other Things to Consider:

  • Do you need a visa?
  • Should you purchase travel insurance?
  • What shots or other medical supplies will you need? Other countries will expose you to different health risks if you are spending a longer time there.

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Does Remote Year sound amazing to you?

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