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If you’ve been struggling with starting a blog or getting back to the blog you haven’t touched for a while, this episode is totally for you. Seattle wedding photographer, Shaunae, is absolutely obsessed with blogging and has been building her blog for the past eight years. Today, she shares some of her favorite tips on how to get started and words of encouragement if you are struggling with what to say.


The Benefits of Blogging

Online Portfolio: It’s another place you live on the internet. The more places you are, the more you’ll get picked up on Google and the more chances clients have to find you.

Create the Illusion of Busy: This is your opportunity to show how “in demand” you are. The more you blog, the more it looks like you have a lot going on.

Makes You a Better Writer: The more you blog, the more your writing will improve in all areas.

It Shows Your Personal Side: It lets your clients get to know you. It allows them to fall in love with your brand.

Boosts Your SEO: The more you share, the more active your website looks. This allows you to come up higher in all search engines.


When To Share Personal Information on Your Blog

There is no right or wrong, you can decide to share as much or as little as you want on your blog and social media. Shaunae chooses to share everything on one blog because she wants her clients and followers to really get to know her. But she doesn’t share absolutely everything. She shares a very curated version of her personal life. She’ll never share negative thoughts unless she’s using her experience as a way to uplift others. A great way to think about it is: if your boss or your mom sees your post, would you be okay with it?


Struggling With Creating Content, Remember Your Blog Should:

Educate: Help your readers learn about the field you’re in.

Showcase your new work: It’s a great chance to share without having to update your website all the time.

Inspire: Take the chance to inspire someone new.

Share Your Personal Side: Let everyone know a little more about you and/or your business.

Motivate: Get your readers up and moving!


How to Manage Your Time to Blog

Create a content calendar for your blogging. At the beginning of each month, lay out what you want to talk about and what days you will be posting your new blog posts. Make a commitment to yourself on how much you want to post a week. It can be as small as once a week and that’s great. Stick with it though! Be consistent with your posting. Once you’ve chosen the dates you’ll post, you can start crafting what your content will be so you can start creating it. You never want to wait until the day of to think of something to post because it’s too difficult. The more you plan ahead, the easier it will be.


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