Getting Published with Meghan Stolar Brown, Director of Two Bright Lights and How They Asked

We all know it’s important to get your work published, but how do we actually make it happen? What benefits are there to seeing your work featured in publications? On today’s episode, we’re joined by Meghan Stolar Brown, director of Two Bright Lights and How They Asked, as she leads us through the wonderful world of publishing. She is sharing what editors are looking for, what to avoid when submitting your work to get published, and how Two Bright Lights can help you streamline the process.


The Importance of Getting Your Work Published

Getting your work published adds to your client experience. For example, you can wow your couples by getting their wedding featured in a magazine or blog. They will be super excited to see and share with their friends. It gets your work in front of potential clients too. It serves as an unbiased reference for your work. The editor is vouching for all the work behind it. Another bonus to getting your work published are the SEO benefits. The more backlinks you have in other websites, the higher your ranking becomes!


What Editors Look For

When you are crafting a submission, editors are looking for a lot of details. They want details in things they can write about. Publishers need to be able to write about it. Using the wedding photography example again, submit 70% details and 30% with people. This helps tell the story of the day. They want to be able to inspire their readers and by showing a story, they can! You also need to include all the people that helped on the event or the wedding. You need to give credit where credit is due.


What Happens When Your Work is Rejected for a Publication

You might not know the reason why your work wasn’t accepted. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your talent and everything to do with what the editor is looking for during that time. Make sure you research publications before you submit anything to them. Make sure your style fits with their style. If your work is rejected, find another publication. There is a publication for everyone, so don’t get discouraged. You’ll find the perfect fit for you and your work.


About Meghan

Meghan Stolar Brown, Director of Two Bright Lights and How They Asked, is passionate about creating a platform to help event professionals grow their brand and leads by connecting with publishers and other vendors. She has extensive marketing and event management experience and understands the challenges and opportunities creative entrepreneurs face. Growing up with a booking agent and a wedding band leader for parents, there is no doubt that marketing and events are in Meghan’s DNA. Her love for music and events grew from singing and playing piano as a toddler, to performing in recording studios and at weddings and events in the years since. Meghan holds a degree in Music Business from New York University, and lives in New York with her husband and (if everything goes her way) their future dog, “Chet”.


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