believe bigger by marshawn evans daniels – January book club

We are all looking to discover what our true purpose in life is. We are constantly searching for our “calling.” Our Book of the Month for January, dives into just that. This month we read Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose by Marshawn Evans Daniels. In the book, Marshawn dives into what she calls a “Purpose Map”, the path into finding your calling. She shares her own story, along with giving the reader tips and exercises to walk through their own “Purpose Map.”

We met Marshawn at the Abound Conference put on by the author of the first book we discussed for our Creative Legacy Podcast book club, Karen Stott. We loved that conference and the speakers, but we were blown away by Marshawn and her talk on this Purpose Map. We knew we had to buy the book to dig even deeper! We were not disappointed either! There are so many takeaways and quotes we loved. Plus Marshawn gives you the space to really dig deep and see where you are at and where you are heading in finding your purpose

Sarah’s Takeaway

It’s hard to choose one takeaway, because Marshawn really made me think! I love that this book allows the space to do just that though. There are many spots where she tells you to stop, take a breath and to think about a prompt she gives that help you define how your life experiences, your talents, and gifts can allow you to move into your purpose. I walked away knowing myself, and feeling more confident than ever that I can step into the next stage of my purpose.

Shaunae’s Takeaway
I’m obsessed with this book and Marshawn. This book is FULL of incredible information that will help you discover your purpose, no matter where you are at in life. My favorite part though has to be when she gets to the Influence stage. It helped me realize that I can start impacting others right now. I don’t have to get to a certain level, I can start helping right where I’m at. I also loved that she challenges us to just start doing. Your calling isn’t something that’s told to you. It comes when you go out into the world and start experimenting.

Meaningful Quotes:

  • “Chaos is often God’s way of inviting us to step into our calling”
  • “God loves us too much to leave us or lose us, so instead he splits us so that true significance can flow from within us”
  • “If you allow yourself to settle for less, no one is obligated to stop you”
  • “Having fun is important, because finding your calling starts with committing to joy.”
  • “You don’t find your calling on the sidelines. You find it once you’re in it. It’s not something to be explained. It’s something to be explored. Destiny is not an intellectual exercise. It’s experimental.”
  • “God has called every woman to lead. A life of influence and impact is the very center of feminine purpose.”


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