Getting organized for the new year

We’ve discussed how to set goals and how to complete them, but sometimes we as business owners still struggle with moving forward. Why? Because we’re not organized. In our business, in our personal life, even in our space – if we don’t get a handle on organizing the things around us, life feels off balance. In today’s episode, we’re discussing why it’s important to keep your space, your time, and your life organized.

Organizing Your Space

Do you make your bed everyday? Is your desk tidy? Are papers left everywhere or put away? It’s important to keep your space tidy and organized. When your space is organized, your brain feels calm and ready to take on the day. But if you live in mess and chaos, it’s hard for your brain to concentrate on the task at hand. Make sure you are taking time each day to organize your space. If you need help, check out Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, Tidying Up. We’re both obsessed with it!

Tools For Organization

There are so many amazing items and apps to get you started on your organizational journey. We love using whiteboard calendars to map out our month and our priorities (we both have this one from Michaels.) We also use planners and journals to keep us focused. Making lists and color coding your biggest priorities is super helpful too.

Organizing Your Time

One of the hardest things to organize is your time. You get the same hours everyday, so how do you make it work for you? Block scheduling is a great way to map out how your time is being spent. Plan out your tasks each hour so you know exactly what you’re working on. Say “no” to things you don’t have the time for. You’ll burnout if you take on too much and by figuring out how your time is being spent, you can avoid it!

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