Creating an intentional inquiry process for the introverted-extrovert with guest Chelsea B. Foster

We are so excited to be joined by Chelsea B. Foster for this episode on creating intentional inquiry processes for the introverted-extrovert. If you are wondering who that is, it is someone who has both introverted and extroverted traits, so they fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between introvert and extrovert. Workflows are especially important for the introvert because having workflows takes the guess work out of the process and it allows the introvert to communicate a lot clearer. But if you are an introvert OR extrovert, there is plenty in this episode that you can take away as well!

Workflows are not set in stone

When we create a workflow, it is not set in stone. They are meant to change and grow with us as our business changes. And that is okay! We also get to recognize that there is likely going to be a messy middle. Chelsea gives the example of cleaning out your refrigerator. You are likely going to take everything out and have a mess before you go through it and put into place what is good and actually needs to be there. “In order to make something organized, it has to get messy.” When we are first creating a workflow, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! You will be surprised to see for many things you actually already have a work flow in place, you just didn’t know it. But be intentional with every step and simplify as much as possible – people don’t want to jump through hoops.

Find where your energy is

Both Sarah and Shaunae wake up early to get a start on their days and get things done. But that isn’t how it is for everyone. Chelsea doesn’t start work until noon, after she has used her morning to recharge herself and make sure that she is in a good place to give all that energy to her clients. You can also look at interactions with people and how that affects your energy. If being around and talking to people really drains you, set boundaries and limit the number of days or times you are having those interactions. And also set time to recover. Chelsea knows that the day after a Rising Tide Society meeting she needs to take a day with nothing on her calendar to recuperate.


We also have the opportunity to anticipate what our clients are going to be asking. If we know that an inquiry is going to want to know our pricing, part of our process can be to create an auto responder that provides that information or a canned email (prepared email template) that we can copy and paste to easily respond. It’s kind of magical when you can answer a question for a client before they even have a chance to ask. In setting up automation you can also give your client something to do or get excited about while they wait for your response.

Give yourself a buffer

As you work more in your business you will start to understand how long something will probably take you. Perhaps you only respond to emails during certain times, so you can communicate with your client that you will respond within 24 hours during those times. But give yourself a buffer. If you might need more time, say 48 hours. “Clients are way more excited when you send something early then when you have to tell them ‘Oh, I don’t have it done yet'”.

About Chelsea B. Foster

Chelsea B Foster is a workflow and productivity specialist, educator, coach, wife, dog-mom and traveler. She also hosts the Burnout-Proof Your Biz Podcast every week.

Chelsea provides a unique perspective to the entrepreneurial world by advocating for “no one right solution for all businesses.” Every business is unique, so the way they run and the tools they use should also be unique.

She has helped transform the businesses and lives of overwhelmed and exhausted small creative business owners by guiding them in creating organized, specific workflows that are not only simple but easy to use and by assisting them in selecting tools that work for their business and their personal learning and organizational style.

This has allowed them to become the expert so they run their businesses and live their dream lives on their own terms.

With an emphasis on building relationships and face-to-face interactions, Chelsea is able to connect with her clients on a deep level. She supports women who are so over feeling lost and near burnout all the time and are ready to finally start living their dream life through private coaching, done-for-you setups, workshops, and a membership group (The Empowered Boss Lab).

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