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2019 is finally year! We love beginning a new year because it feels so full of possibilities! Opportunities are endless and it feels like you can do anything. You set goals and make big plans for the next twelve months. But what happens when it gets to March and you feel stuck? Maybe you haven’t achieved your goals yet or maybe you haven’t even started. On today’s episode, we’re giving you some of our favorite tips to help you stick to the goals you set this coming year.

Our Goals for 2019

Sarah’s Goals: This year my theme is to be bold and share openly. I want to take more bold actions that create new experiences, greater results and a love and joy of life. I also want to be more open to sharing what I know and building relationships with others. A few of my goals for this are to travel more in 2019, including finally traveling outside of the country!! I also will be starting projects that have been in my mind but have not yet been started, like my new YouTube channel. I will also be making more of an effort to love myself and not let negative thoughts creep into my mind. Instead when I do have that type of thought, I want to flip it around into something positive.

Shaunae’s Goals: My word of the year is Abundance. Even if nothing changes, I want to see my life thriving and full, not just surviving or stuck. I have plans to work on some awesome new projects and launch programs/courses I never have before. Matt and I have plans to tidy up our house (thanks Marie Kondo!), to create new things, and to get everything in order before we get married. 2019 will be full of a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Creating A Plan & Setting Smaller Goals

Before you can go out and crush your goals, you have to figure out how you’ll do that. Writing out a plan is the best place to start. Listing out steps or creating a calendar of when you want to achieve it by is so important. Set smaller goals that are achievable too, so you can celebrate the wins along the way to your bigger goals.

Tracking & Accountability

Whether you keep yourself accountable or you have a group of friends that you can talk to, accountability helps you stay on track with your goals. Every day, every week, or every month you can write down what you want to get done and cross it off or check-mark it when it’s finished! You can even tell the people closest to you about your goals too so they can help you and encourage you!

Keep Your Mind Focused on the Future

It’s easy to get discouraged while trying to achieve your goals. Setbacks happen and sometimes it feels hard to keep going. By creating a vision board, you can focus on your future self and your future life. This serves as a reminder of why you set your goals in the first place. It’s your “why” for your goals. When you’re feeling stuck, a vision board helps keep everything in focus.

What’s your goals for the new year?

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