Gift Giving

We love trying to find ways to make the people in our lives feel special. This is true even with our clients and customers. One of our favorite ways to show everyone we care is through gift-giving. Whether it’s a gift to say thank you, a gift to surprise, or a gift during the holiday season – it’s the easiest way to bring a smile to someone’s face. On today’s episode, we discuss gift giving year round and during the holiday season for our clients and how easy it is to incorporate it into your workflow.

Why Gifting Matters

Gifting is taking that extra step to show kindness and generosity. When gifting to your clients, you let them know they are more than just another number. They matter. Give thoughtfully and listen to what your client might enjoy. It not only makes them feel amazing but it’s more likely to lead them to refer you to other people. Gifting is a win-win!

Yearly Gift Ideas

You don’t have to break the bank to be a thoughtful gifter. Even a sweet thank you card can make a world of difference. Think about what you think your clients would like. It can be homemade or even store bought. But it’s the thought that counts. Make sure your gifts stay on brand with your message. If you are mailing or delivering a gift to their home, try to collect their address during the contract stage so you have it on file. You can also send gifts via email, like electronic Starbucks gift cards!

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are the perfect time to remind past clients that you are thinking of them. Whether you worked with them at the beginning of the year or just last week, wish them a happy holiday season. This can be with a sweet holiday related gift (we love giving out sweets or spa-like items so they can relax) or it can be as simple as sending them a holiday card. We also highly recommend Greetabl – a customizable box with a message, photos, and surprise that ships right to your client’s door! The possibilities are endless!

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