Stress-Free Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the beginning of the holiday season. So why does it sometimes feel like the most stressful time of the year? Why do the holidays sometimes feel like a second job? In today’s episode, we’re giving you tips and tricks to make this season as stress-free as possible. Because everyone deserves to enjoy this time of the year!

Make a List… And Check It Twice

Staying organized and making lists will help everything run more smoothly. You can make a list for just about anything. What gifts to buy, what holiday events do you have planned, what do you have to bake – write it all down! The more you write down and keep organized, the easier everything will flow.

Know Your Boundaries

It’s okay to say “no” during the holidays too. You don’t HAVE to buy gifts for every single person you know. You don’t have to sign up for all the extra projects like chaperoning a Christmas field trip or making custom “Pinterest-perfect” presents for all your children’s teachers. You aren’t a Grinch if you can’t fit everything in. Know your limits then put your boundaries in place. You don’t have to do it all.

Delegate Tasks

Others can help you during this time of the year. Your significant other, your children, the rest of your family – they can all lend a helping hand. Yes, it might not be as perfect as how you would do it but at least it’s done. And done is better than nothing. The holidays don’t have to fall on your shoulders, share the love.

Enjoy The Season

We talk a lot about joy this time of year, but it’s rare we actually take a moment to appreciate it. Between the holiday parties, baking, cleaning, and buying presents, we become more and more stressed. It’s okay to put everything aside and just ENJOY this time. It’s your holiday too! Your kids, your spouse, your family, your friends care way more if you are present with them than they care about anything else. So take a step back and seize the season! You deserve it!

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