Halloween Traditions

BOO! It’s officially Halloween and we are celebrating in style! On today’s mini episode, we are sharing our favorite Halloween traditions, Halloween candy we love, and our all time favorite costumes. It’s the spookiest time of year and we are excited to share it with you!

Shaunae’s Favorite Halloween Traditions

I have always loved trick or treating when I was younger. I still think they should let adults trick or treat too. The older I get the more I love just getting cozy and watching classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family. But no matter how old I get, I will always love creating fun costumes and dressing up!

Sarah’s Favorite Halloween Traditions

I enjoy my memories of Halloween trick-or-treating when I was younger and then watching Halloween movies while eating a few pieces of the candy I had worked for. It’s not October or Halloween without a Halloweentown movie marathon, and of course Hocus Pocus is a must too! But my favorite memories are dressing up and spending the evening with friends.

Past Halloween Costumes – Shaunae

I’m always looking for something different when dressing up. I’ve been like that since I was little. As a kid, I dressed up as a snowy white owl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a reporter, and (of course) a cat! Now as an adult, I’m still working on keeping my costumes crafty and creative. I’ve been a mermaid, a piñata, a crazy cat lady, Garth from Wayne’s World, Rose from Titanic, and (my favorite) David S. Pumpkins!

Past Halloween Costumes – Sarah

Dressing up now is not as much my thing, but a few of my favorite costumes have been a cat, a genie and I still find my first Halloween costume (even though I don’t remember it!) to be fun – a jack-o-lantern! Thanks to my momma for being crafty on that one!

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