Working in Another Culture & Language

We had the opportunity to chat with Kay Fabella, an LA native, about how her love of Madrid, Spain led her to living there full time and beginning her entrepreneurial journey there. She tells us how it came about, the challenges she faced, the differences in culture she learned and how learning another language can open up the door to more opportunities for your business even if you live in the U.S.

The keys for working in another culture are to be honest and humble.

When you are translating your content into another language that is not your native language you can only share the basics, so you have to be honest. Knowing the basic words of language can also show that you care about them and their culture. Kay shares the Spanish versions of these words for us:

  • Hola (silent h) – Hello
  • Adios or Hasta luego – Good-bye or See you later
  • Gracias – Thank you
  • Más vino por favor – More wine please

Don’t be afraid to takes risks and be bold.

Kay took the chance to talk with someone she admired about what she does, and since at the time storytelling was not well known in Spain, she had the opportunity to write a series of articles as a guest blogger on the topic – you guys, this crashed her website because so many people were interested! It just takes that one chance or moment to move past fear and take action.

About Kay Fabella

Kay Fabella is a storyteller and brand strategist, who crafts words for entrepreneurs to master their message, pivot their business efficiently, and connect with the people they were meant to serve. A Los Angeles native based in Spain, she’s worked with solopreneurs to Fortune 500s in English and Spanish. She has also been featured as an international speaker, writer, and storytelling expert in the Huffington Post and El País. When Kay’s not making brand story magic, you can find her with her Spanish husband and their two cats, eating her way through Europe, or jet-setting between LA and Madrid.

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