Photography Q&A

As many of you know, Shaunae is a professional Seattle wedding photographer and Sarah is a graphic designer. We wanted to start a discussion and cover all your topics related to photography and design. In today’s episode, Sarah asks Shaunae questions provided by our listeners about all things related to photography.

How did you get started?

I fell in love with photography in high school while I was the editor for my school’s yearbook and newspaper. There was something so fascinating about documenting people. So, I graduated as a junior, packed up our family van, and drove across the country to Massachusetts to attend college for photography. After graduation and traveling the country, I returned home to Wisconsin to start my business. I’ve been running my photography business for almost eight years and have been doing it full-time for four years and I still love it!

How do you stand out as a photographer when there are so many?

I’m a firm believer in putting on your blinders and going to work on yourself. It doesn’t matter if you think the market is “oversaturated.” I don’t believe it is, there is room for everyone. To stand out, you must perfect your skills and be authentic in who you are and what you offer. I became successful because I worried about my clients instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing.

What advice do you have to improve photos taken by people who aren’t photographers? Like business owners trying to showcase their products or services.

Always look for your light. Sometimes you can improve your photos just by turning around and seeing that your product looks better at a different angle. Your light is everything, pay attention to it. Don’t settle for what is there. You can switch up your background or clear space if you want things to be less distracting.

Advice to new photographers

If becoming a professional photographer is truly your dream, don’t let anyone stop you from making it a reality. There will be struggles and uphill climbs but I promise you it’s all worth it in the end. Invest in your photography education, find mentors, and put the work in. You’ll be so thankful you did it the right way instead of taking the “easy” way.

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