Attending Conferences

Have you ever wanted to attend a conference but after you buy a ticket, you have no idea what to do next? As avid conference attendees ourselves, we are the experts on how to plan accordingly for a conference and how to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience. In today’s episode, we’re giving you the steps to guarantee that you have an amazing time no matter what conference you attend!

Traveling & Accommodations

After purchasing your ticket to your conference, travel is the next big step you must tackle. Are you flying or driving? Where are you staying? Is the conference providing lodging or do you have to find your own? Nail down your travel plans as soon as possible. Research if it makes more sense to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb and decide if you’d like to room with other people going to the conference or if you’d prefer to have a room to yourself. We always recommend that if your conference is taking place in a hotel ballroom or conference center to book a room in that hotel. It makes life SO much easier.

Research The Speakers

If it’s a conference with multiple speakers and/or breakout sessions, do your homework! You might have bought your ticket because you want to see one speaker but you may discover a new speaker there you love even more. Learn more about the speakers so you can be ready! Also, if your conference has a Facebook group, fan page, or app; make sure to join! You’ll be connected with so many people who are attending and get insider access to the conference.

Get the Most Out of a Conference

I know it can be scary attending your first conference, especially if you’re alone, but do not worry! You are already surrounded by so many new potential friends. Take notes during the presentations but also take time during the breaks to befriend some of the people around you. Your next best friend might be just a few seats away. Remember the speakers are there to do a job so if you are looking to become besties with a speaker, a conference might not be your best chance. But don’t discredit the other attendees. They are eager to learn and make friends, just like you!

Create An Action Plan

If the conference was a success, you’ll leave feeling like your brain might explode! That’s a good thing and we definitely recommend resting the day after you get back to bring yourself back to reality. After you are rested, go through what you took away from the conference and make an action plan of what you want to accomplish. It’s so easy to attend a conference, take a bunch of notes only to return home and let that notebook collect dust on the shelf. Make some goals then go out and crush them!

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