Healthy Habits

Ice cream? Um, yes please! We both have a major sweet tooth, can get wrapped up in what we are doing and forget to eat a meal, or skip out on sleep, and we have had to learn to make sure we take care of ourselves to avoid burnout.

It is so important to make sure you are taking care of you. As entrepreneurs, if our health suffers, it affects our business. We are not nutrition or health experts, but this week we open up about our own habits and discuss our personal struggles when it comes to creating habits to take care of your overall physical and mental health.

Eating Habits

As two ladies with a sweet tooth we have learned we cannot have sweets in our homes. If it is there, it will be hunted out and devoured! But that is only one of the adjustments we have learned to make in our lives to make sure we have our best eating habits.

Shaunae has begun meal prepping on Sundays to make it easier for her to eat the regular three meals a day and two snacks. Alarms on her phone have also helped her to make sure she is eating when she needs to and not getting caught up in her work and skipping out. She has also found healthier alternatives like LaCroix water to replace diet soda.

Sarah has cut out soda all together after feeling like it was making her sick when she was younger. She also has limited the amount of processed foods she consumes.

Get Moving!

We have mentioned our love of Pure Barre before, and in this episode we share why it works for us. Shaunae loves that it gets her out of her home when it is also where she eats, sleeps and works. It is also a workout that is low impact but high intensity. For Sarah it is all about the accountability structure!

But when it comes to moving, it is really fining what works for you – yoga, dance, running, hitting the gym, and even a new drum exercise or aerial silks! Maybe it is even taking a walk around your neighborhood. Find what excites you to get moving!


We love sleep, but it is something so easy to skip out on when the work is piling up. Every person is a little different, but ideally we should obtain 6-8 hours of sleep per night. To prepare for a restful night we share our nighttime routines, from getting in to bed to leaving the devices alone.

Love Your Tribe

Who you surround yourself with is important. They can affect not only your mood, but how you live your life. Shaunae mentions a quote that mentions we obtain the attributes of the five people we are closest with. If the people you surround yourself with have the same mindset as you, you are more likely to achieve your goal that much faster.

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