Knowing You’re Ready to Go Full-Time

Every creative’s journey to becoming a small business owner is a little different. But the most common path is to work full time after a different job to make money while you build up your creative passion, also known as your side hustle. Deep down, you know you want to someday quit your full-time job and pursue your side hustle as your only career, but when is it the RIGHT time to do so? In today’s episode, we share how to make sure you are ready to go full time.

Be in the Right Mental Space
We’ve all had bad days at work that just make us want to walk out and pursue our passions right then and there. But leaving your job before you are financially and mentally ready can hurt you in the long run. Mentally preparing to make the leap will make the transition easier and smoother in the end.

Our Favorite Side Hustle to Full-Time Books

Shaunae – I devoured Jon Acuff’s Quitter: Closing the Gap between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job while I worked for regular “9-5” job and photographing on the side. I was beyond ready to quit and this book helped me see my “day job” as a gift. It allowed me to see all the positives this jobs actually offered me. It truly helped me “fall in like with my day job” while I worked towards my dream job.

Sarah – One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is the seanwes podcast. It was one of the first resources I found when starting to freelance, and one of the hosts, Sean McCabe wrote a book called Overlap. He talks about how utilizing your day job to build a business from your passion that you love and can make into your full-time career without falling into scarcity mindset or ruining your love for your passion.

Your Experience is Unique

The path to full-time entrepreneurship is different for everyone. Sometimes you don’t get to plan and you’re just thrown into it. But if you can mentally prepare and take smart steps towards going full-time, it will help you with the process so much more! In our next episode, we will outline the steps we took to go full-time in our businesses and show you how you can use those steps too!

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