Tips for Collaboration – Q&A Episode

We asked you what you want to hear from us and we received an amazing question on collaboration from Erin O’Dwyer, so we are creating a whole episode on it!

Question from Erin O’Dwyer:

Hey ladies! You two are so cute and work together on this podcast, so my question is: what are your best tips for navigating collaborations and partnerships? What’s the beginning, middle, and end steps to take to ensure it’s fair for both sides? And… how do you decline a request for one when you’re too busy, it doesn’t align with your business goals, or you simply don’t want to take part? (Not out of spite but for self care or preferring not to)

Tips for collaboration:

1. Know your expectations and the expectations of the person you are
collaborating with
2. Make sure you are able to work with that person
or people involved, that your personalities click
3. Create a collaboration that is fair for all the parties involved
4. Know deadlines and dates and meet them

Communication is key.


Turning down a collaboration:

Be genuine and honest with the person reaching out to you about a collaboration. It is okay to be upfront and let them know that you don’t think it fits your business, your goals or your clients. It is also okay to say that you are interested but you are not able to fit it into your schedule right now and suggest a future date. If you commit but can’t give it your best, it won’t be a good collaboration situation. You can even go beyond and suggest someone else they may work with.

Bonus Question: What flavor of ice cream would you eat for breakfast everyday?

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