The Importance of Travel

Traveling is one of the biggest parts and greatest joys of both of our lives. In this episode, we discuss why we think traveling is so important, reminisce about some of our favorite vacations, share our dream destinations, and give you a small preview into how travel will play a role in this podcast.

Traveling Ignites Inspiration
When we step away from our daily lives and our normal routines, we can start to appreciate the world around us. Not only does traveling open up our minds to the possibilities that are out there, but it also helps us find joy in where we live when we return home. Traveling helps you appreciate all aspects of life.

Our Favorite Cities
Shaunae – I have such a love for cities! Don’t get me wrong, relaxing on the beach is great but it’s nothing compared to the buzz and energy of visiting a new city. Some of my favorite places I’ve been included Paris, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Sarah –  I am also very much a city girl! The energy, the architecture and infrastructure and everything that happens in a city lights a fire my soul. I have loved visiting cities like Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando,  and Nashville. But I do also enjoy time away in more country-side locals like Door County and Munising, MI to get away and relax.
Shaunae – I could go on for hours talking about where I would love to visit. It’s part of my life’s journey to see the world. On the top of the list right now though is Iceland, Italy, Greece, and New Zealand.

Sarah – Can I just go everywhere please?! That really is my goal, and my list of places I want to travel is so long. But some of my absolute musts are Spain, New York, San Fransisco, Paris and Australia. I’d love to spend some time working remotely as well to really dig into the culture and life of some of these places.

What’s Your Dream Destination?
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