Fourth of July Traditions

Fireworks, freedom, and family time. Happy 4th of July! In today’s mini-sode, we take a moment to reflect on this important holiday. We discuss our favorite 4th of July traditions and why we enjoy this holiday so much.

Favorite Traditions

Sarah –
I spend 4th of July with family, enjoying time together and checking out a 4th of July Festival like the ones in Downtown Green Bay or Oshkosh. Since I was little this holiday also meant grabbing a cob of corn that is dunked in butter and kettle corn (it was a one time a year purchase then) and of course…fireworks that reflect beautifully on the water they are shot off over.

Shaunae –
I have always loved the firework displays. Whether it’s in Downtown Green Bay or exploring another city’s beautiful display, it’s always a magical time. We love dressing up in our favorite red, white, and blue outfits (complete with matching glow sticks – of course) and playing with sparklers until it’s too dark to see anything but the bright flames. Being outside and with my family is my absolute favorite part of this holiday.


How did you spend your Independence Day?


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