Taking Time for Yourself

Everyone knows that it’s important to make time for yourself but what does that really mean? Is it really that important? In today’s episode, we dive into why self-care matters and how you can schedule your own personal time. We discuss what we like to do when we make time for ourselves and give you ideas of what you can do to.

Schedule Your Time

We plan and schedule everything else in our lives, why not schedule a break for yourself? By putting “Me-Time” in the calendar, you are already in the mindset that it’s something you have to do. When you write it down you can schedule everything else around that time. Our favorite days for “Me-Time” are Sundays. It’s the perfect day to relax, regroup, and get a jump-start to the week ahead.

Make the Commitment

When we are busy, the first thing to go on our calendars is any time we set aside for ourselves. A workout, a coffee date, a night out with friends – when we are feeling the weight of our busy schedules on our shoulders those things are the first to go. Making time for yourself is only half the battle. Once you schedule the time, you have to make sure you follow through with it. It may seem counteractive but really it’s for the best. You can’t pour into others if you’re an empty cup. Take time for yourself and stick to it.

Be the Change

What is one thing you can do today to make a little extra time for yourself?

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