Defining Your Ideal Client

In this episode we talk about the value of defining your ideal client and using that to reach out to the potential clients you’d love to work with.


Why We Have an Ideal Client and How to Define Your Ideal Client

Having an ideal client helps you reach out to the type of person you want to work with because you are able to be specific in your messaging to reach them. Know the types of activities they enjoy, what their goals are in life, what is really important to them – and then create social media posts, blog posts, etc. that speak to those things. If we speak to anyone and everyone we will find ourselves receiving inquiries from people that are not the best fit for us, what we do and who we want to work with. If we take on a project or event with a client that is not ideal, we won’t mess with them the best and it can stress us out to the point that what we are doing feels more like work than the passion we have for what we do.

Even though we are REALLY specific in our ideal client, does not mean we have a checklist of music our client must listen to or what their go to choice of drink is and will never work with anyone who does not meet each check. Being so specific is simply to help target your ideal client. Where it matters in working with a client is in their ideas and values. So have fun with it! And like Shaunae mentions, you can even name your ideal client and envision them sipping champagne and strolling the streets of a farmers market!!


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