Find Your Why

In our second episode, we discuss the importance of finding your “why” in your business. When you find your “why” you can then use it to motivate your decision making in every aspect of your business. Your “why” can shift with your life so it’s always important to check in with yourself every few years. Hosts, Sarah and Shaunae, talk about their why’s and how it has helped them in their businesses.


Finding Your “Why”

It’s so important to discover what the “why” behind your business is. No one chooses to build a business just for the fun of it. Discovering your “why” becomes your driving force in everything you do. Everyone’s whys are different and that’s what makes our businesses unique.


An Exercise in Finding Your “Why:”

Say aloud or write on a piece of paper what your business title is. Then say or write “why?” Keep going until you can’t go anything further. Your why is an integral part of who you are and what the mission for your business is all about. If you are having a difficult time, ask a friend to help.


Our Personal Whys

Shaunae became a photographer because she fell in love with telling the stories of people. She found people absolutely fascinating and wanted their memories to be preserved. She wants them to have a legacy to leave behind. Not just her own legacy, but she wanted the people she photographed to have photos to remember their legacy too. After experiencing a lot of loss in her life, her why shifted into a deeper meaning. She wanted to tell the stories of people so we remember them after they are gone. It was always about documenting a legacy that started with love.

Sarah had a dream of being an entrepreneur from a young age, but didn’t know in what way that would take shape. After finishing a few semesters undecided at university, she found design and fell in love with it, realizing that she had always lived in a creative space. From always drawing from a young age, to taking a fashion and interior design course, being the photography editor of her high school yearbook (Shaunae was too!) and also taking a website design class. In developing her why, she realized that she is a problem solver who loves to help other people tell their story and their brand, and the best way she can do that is in a creative way.



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