Working Remotely: Balancing Business + Travel

Learning to balance business and travel was definitely a learning experience for Sarah as she embraced the digital nomad lifestyle. In this episode she is sharing some of the lessons, both expected and unexpected, that she learned while traveling for four months outside of the country in 2019.

Embrace JOMO

We’ve all heard of FOMO, the fear of missing out, but have you tried JOMO, the joy of missing out? This was the first lesson Sarah learned while working remotely; especially with a group of 40 other individuals. With so much to explore and do embracing the JOMO to feel productive about getting work done, having your personal time or not saying yes to a commitment that you might not really be into is a blessing to working remotely.

Find Spaces that Work for You

Not every space is for you! When you are traveling and still needing to put in your office hours, finding the space where you feel comfortable, inspired and are able to focus is essential! Sarah shares how while in Lisbon she did not find herself productive in the co-working space she had access to, but her apartment was the perfect place to get in those work sessions so she could follow it up with a bit of exploration and play.

Create Boundaries

You know your deadlines and commitments, so make sure you set boundaries to meet them. The lure of adventure and exploring a new place can be so enticing, but you do still have a business to run. Find the schedule that works for you. It might be:

  • You explore in the morning and work later in the day so you are working when your clients are  active as well
  • You working in the morning so you are free of distraction and having your time to be adventurous after the job is done
  • You commit to a full day(s) of work so you can take a day or two off and dedicate it just to seeing what is around you and diving into the culture

Find Minimalism & Ways to Adapt

Between having to travel with everything you pack and airline weight restrictions you have to learn to adapt. If you are a pen to paper lover like us it might be finding some ways to switch up to digital. The large whiteboard Sarah uses at home would definitely not fit in her luggage! Adapting to a digital calendar and more online tools helped to pack light.

Start Small

If this is something that sounds like a dream but you are hesitant – start small. Travel to a different city or state near you for a week and try it out. Or if you are used to working in an office, break the routine and try working in coffeeshops for a week. The change and putting yourself out of your comfort zone will help you decide if it is the right decision for you.

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