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About Martina

Our guest, Martina Fink is no stranger to the experience of working long hours, spending all her energy in her full-time job and having no love for herself. Today she is grateful for the freedom she has in her life and the ability to do the things that really make her happy. She is a certified health coach, make-up artist, and reiki practitioner with the mission of helping others by sharing her love of natural beauty, sustainable living, maintaining a healthy body and mindset and promoting self-love and confidence. She hosts retreats around the world, meditations classes and workshops and is host of the Glow Life Podcast, helping others to live a more glowing life.

In This Episode

Martina shares her journey from over exerting her energy to living a more glowing life of self love and the freedom to do the things she loves. We put a big importance on self-care in our lives because as entreprenuers it is so easy to get caught in the hustle and put everything and everyone before ourselves and end up resulting in burnout. We’ve been there. Check out [episode 17: Avoiding Burnout]( to hear our experiences. But Martina shares with us how we can choose to do things differently while not becoming burdened by the words self-care or self-love. It doesn’t have to mean getting mani-pedis all the time!

Wellness Archetypes

Martina has an awesome quiz on her website that will help you find your wellness archetype and helpful tips for your archetype to live a glowing life. She shares with us a brief overview of what these archetypes are and her own experiences with them. Sareh also shares her results from the quiz and Shaunae takes the quiz LIVE during the recording.

How to Live a More Glowing Life

Hear what Martina has to say about living a more glowing life, a life you love and what has to happen for us to get there. She also shares what she thinks is most important for you to know about self-care and self-love.

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