Learning How to Say No

Episode Summary

Do you ever find yourself feeling really busy but yet unfulfilled in what you are doing? Then you likely need to be saying “no” more often. But when saying no seems almost like a negative – “I’d be missing out” or “It would be letting someone down” – it can be hard to do. In this episode we share why saying “no” can actually be an opportunity, the best self care and even a gift! And we share 10 ways to say “no” and still be kind.

Episode Notes

Saying “No” is a Gift

The word “No” can feel like such a negative. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by turning something down. But we find that when we say yes to every single thing that is asked of us, we can run ourselves too thin. We can face burnout or become resentful. By saying no to something, it allows you to say yes to things that matter and are important to you. Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t mean you’re spiteful or mean. It just means you have your priorities in place, you know your limits, and you can handle the workload in front of you.

Setting Appropriate Boundaries for your Business

It’s difficult to say no when it comes to business. You want to seize every opportunity and make every connection possible. But saying no is about balance. Determine your schedule, your pricing, your time commitments – EVERYTHING before you start taking on more work or saying yes to other things. Maybe people are asking for favors or additional help, first check in with yourself and your business. Really ask yourself if you have the time and energy to fully give yourself over to that request. If not, then it’s absolutely okay to say, “No, thanks.”

10 Ways to Say “No” and Still Be Kind

  • With a compliment: “This sounds like a great opportunity but I have to pass.”
  • Share your reason: “Thank you but I actually won’t have time for this.”
  • Be brief but not rude: “Thanks, but I can’t.”
  • Leave room for a “Yes” in the future: “I would love to but at this time I cannot. Please keep my name in mind for the future.”
  • No, but: “I may not be able to help you, but let me refer you to my friend.”
  • Ask later: “I’m not taking on new projects until June, can you please reach out to me then?”
  • You’re booked: “Thanks for thinking of me but my schedule is full.”
  • Not compatible: “Thank you so much but I actually don’t think we’d be a great fit.”
  • Giving thanks: “Thank you, I’m so grateful you thought of me but I cannot help you at this time.”
  • Just No: “Thanks but I’m good.”

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