Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Episode Summary

Sharing a conversation about embracing the icky, unfamiliar and uncomfortable feelings that can often keep us stuck to strengthen and change ourselves into the people we are meant to be. We’re getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Episode Notes

Whether by choice or my circumstance, we are faced with uncomfortable situations often. They can feel risky, anxious-ridden, and sometimes scary. It could be a choice you made, a leap of faith into a new adventure. Or it could be something completely out of your control, like losing your job or changes in your health. No matter the situation though, there is always beauty and growth that comes from uncomfortableness. It’s time to embrace it!

Shaunae Begins the Episode with a Quote from Her Blog

“If I never went through that uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy, I never would have realized how important it was for me to overcome it. I’ve had other tragedies, hardships, and transitions in my life that have felt SO uncomfortable that I just wanted to jump out of my skin! But you have to go on! We have to go through those icky, uncomfortable moments in life to reach our higher destiny. To grow stronger and help others. To learn something new about ourselves. To dig deeper into the core of who we are. You’ll never learn anything if life is easy. You’ll never grow. It may not be fun but I promise you, that uncomfortable feeling is only temporary. I became comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and I hope you do the same. Feeling uncomfortable is a good thing! It strengthens us and helps us change into the people we are meant to be.”

Shaunae’s Real Life Examples of Feeling Uncomfortable

Growing up, she was painfully shy. Her aunt guided her in this journey and told her to lift her head up and walk with confidence, to engage with others. It was difficult during that time but with every new interaction, it became easier and helped Shaunae to be the outgoing, friendly person she is today. But it all started from a very uncomfortable beginning. She also graduated high school at only 17, moved across the country to attend college, and felt absolutely homesick. She powered through and is so grateful that she did because it led her to start her photography business once she graduated.

Sarah’s Real Life Examples of Feeling Uncomfortable

Getting up in front of classes to speak always scared Sarah. Even early in her career, this fear stayed with her. Her boss recognized her fear and helped her improve with a group called Toastmasters. It helped her become aware of what she was doing, how she was speaking, and helped her realize that nothing bad is going to happen when she is speaking in front of people.

Getting Uncomfortable in Business

“No risk, no reward.” Taking leaps in your business – going full time, hiring staff members, etc – can be a scary, uncomfortable thing. Even if you have a plan in place, it’s okay to feel scared in the moment. But don’t let that stop you. Push through and keep going until you make it out on the other side. Shaunae shares the quote she says all the time at her home, “Do it afraid.” Fear is okay, use it to benefit you, instead of control you.