Designing Your Client Experience (CX Design)

Episode Summary

Have you heard this term going around: CX Design? It stands for Customer Experience. CX Design is an interactive and immersive process of how customers interact with your business. It’s interactions, touch-points, and stories that link to the core values and message of a business. Today we are digging into what Customer (Client) Experience means to creative small business owners.

Episode Notes

Thinking About Client Experience and Your Business

Client experience is important for your business but it can sometimes get overlooked when trying to work on your business. A great way to check in on your client experience is to imagine yourself as a client or customer. Think about businesses and brands that you enjoy. What is it about those businesses that draw you in? What are they doing differently from other businesses? How do they make you feel? When you put yourself in the perspective of the client, you can start to determine new ways to make your customers feel more heard, respected, and appreciated.

Steps for Creating a Customer Experience

Your client experience will grow and develop over time. The best way to start implementing changes in your customer experience or to recognize where you need to add more is to map all your interactions with a client or customer. Map out the entire process from when they find you to when they hire you to when your finished product or service is complete. Once it’s mapped out, go into each touch-point with your client and find how you can add value to that interaction. Set expectations for your clients and follow through every time. Find ways to go above and beyond for them.

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