Balancing Business and Marriage as a Creative Entrepreneur with guest Matt Haberkamp

Episode Summary

We are passionate about our businesses! When we welcome a partner into our lives we learn how to balance devoting time to our business as well as meaningful and intentional time with the one we love. We get to bring them on board to support our dreams, passions and goals while also supporting their own. But how do we do that? In this episode we welcome Shaunae’s husband Matt to chat about how they began finding balance as a married couple while Shaunae continues to grow her photography business.

Episode Notes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually be married to a creative business owner? Or maybe you are creative and you’re trying to explain to your spouse what you’re going through? In this episode, Shaunae’s husband, Matt, is here to share all about it. He is openly and honestly sharing what it is like being married to a creative entrepreneur and how they balance marriage and business.

Explaining Entrepreneurship to Your Partner

Whether you are in a relationship and beginning a small business or you are already a small business owner and looking to start a relationship, being open and honest about your job and your commitments is essential for getting everyone on the same page. For Shaunae as a wedding photographer, her weekends were always booked with weddings and photo shoots. Being honest with Matt about her schedule allowed them to navigate other ways to see each other and build a relationship based on each other’s needs. They had to make the intentional choice to make time for each other and built their relationship on intentionality.

Finding Support in Entrepreneurship

Discussing business ideas and opportunities can sometimes be challenging when you have to check in with your partner. Maybe you are ready to take a new leap in your business but your partner isn’t a 100% behind you on that venture. Take time to talk about the pros and cons with business decisions. Be honest about why you are doing something and think about what you could bring in or give up by taking on something new. If your partner isn’t an entrepreneur, there will definitely be a transitional time of them learning more about what it’s like to own a business. Be patient and explain what it’s like for you. Together you will find a balance of how to support one another.

Setting Up Boundaries in Your Business

Setting up boundaries can take time and can change when your business or life changes. Choose days that are important to you and your partner that you will put work aside for. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries – whatever is important to you, put business on the back burner for that day (if you can.) If you are working from home, let your partner know your “work hours” so they know just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re available. When you communicate your real boundaries to each other, you make it very clear what is okay and not okay.

About Matt’s Professional Career

Matt has been a creative his entire life. He grew up in Iowa and attended Iowa State University for Graphic Design. After graduation, he took an internship with the Green Bay Packers in 2015. Upon completing his internship, they offered him a position as Digital UX Coordinator. For five years, he held that position and worked for the digital team, helping build and advance projects. In March of 2020, he officially accepted a new position as Digital Platforms Manager with the Seattle Seahawks.

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