Shaunae’s favorite photo & Video Editing Apps

We all want to create beautiful images for our social media, but what if we don’t have a camera and we just have to use our phones? Learning the basics of photography can help make your iPhone images better, but what if you want to add that special magic to really make your images pop? Thanks to some awesome photo and video apps, you can create crisp, clean, and bright images without having to use Photoshop! There are hundreds of awesome photo and video apps but in today’s episode, Shaunae shares her favorite photo and video apps that she personally uses.

Touch Retouch

TouchRetouch is an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your iPhone photos. This app is $1.99 but it’s totally worth it. It allows you to clear distracting and unwanted things so your photos can really pop. It helps make your photos look clean and intentional.


A Color Story focuses on fresh photos and video, on-trend editing styles, and colors that pop. They have  over 300 filters designed by top photographers and influencers, over 100 movable effects and over 20 advanced tools, including HSL, curves, and selective editing. Shaunae uses this app for the tools like curves but if you are looking for fun filters, this app has a lot to offer. The app is free but you can purchase different tools and filters within it.


Word Swag easily and magically turns your words into beautiful photo text designs. It’s free and it allows you to share your own quotes, announcements, and deals in a stylish way. They have custom sizes so you don’t have to stress about cropping for Instagram, Stories, Facebook, and Twitter.


This app is basically the crazy cousin of Photoshop. Facetune gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience of your iPhone. This $3.99 is fun but you can definitely go overboard and start making people look “too perfect.” It’s great to use in moderation but try out all its features so you can see just how far you can go.


This free app has inspiring templates, tools and effects to make your brand and personal projects shine! You can choose a template or create awesome graphics from scratch. This app is free and has tons of free templates. You can choose to purchase other templates and customize them in the app as well.


Super simple app but a true video life-saver. If you have ever wanted to rotate or flip your video or Boomerang but don’t know how, this app is for you. It’s self-explanatory and it’s an awesome app to have if you need to make any of those quick video edits.

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