Faith Not Fear with Myles berrio

 Building a new business can be scary. Starting a new journey in your life can seem overwhelming. But when you choose to live by faith and not fear, the world opens up to you. Of course, there will still be challenges and obstacles to overcome but you will be better equipped to handle it. In today’s episode, we are joined by Myles Berrio – a wedding and commercial photographer, serial entrepreneur, and author. Without a traditional business background, Myles showed up every day and put in the work to create and run multiple businesses. He credits choosing faith over fear to his success in business and in life. 

About Myles Berrio

Myles is a 26-year-old wedding and commercial photographer living in Atlanta, GA. His life entails traveling all over the US and the world capturing the love stories of all types of couples while also being blessed to work with some of the largest, most well known companies such as Target, Netflix, Uber Eats, WeWork, and Revolve. As much as he would like to be called a photographer, at heart he really is an entrepreneur. Aside from photography he also enjoys his other businesses in consulting, e-commerce, and the food industry. He is a published author working on his second book. To sum it all up, most people will say he’s usually the happiest guy in the room.


To Build Your Business and Your Life in Faith and Not Fear

You end up creating what it is that you’re afraid of when you live your life through fear. Opportunities and doors start opening when you live your life by faith. When you live through faith, it doesn’t mean it will always be easy but it will always work out for you. When you go into business, your business might fail for a certain amount of time but that doesn’t always mean it will fail forever. If you are willing to trust, learn what you don’t know, and put in the work, you can make any business successful.


Practical Tips to Live in Faith Over Fear

Start with what you have and where you are. You can begin by building a habit of taking opportunities and strengthening your faith. Commit to saying “yes” to new things that you really want to do. It’s important to not let your excuses rule your life. Recognize when excuses pop up and figure out your best way to overcome them. Know who you are and determine what motivates you the most, that will push you towards your destiny. If there are beliefs you have today that are impairing your ability to move in the direction of where you want to go in life, then you can let go of those beliefs and accept new beliefs.


How to Say “No” to Fear When It Creeps Back In

Fear will never leave you completely. Even the most successful people in business still deal with fear and imposter syndrome. When the fear creeps back in, it’s important to remember what keeps you going. Your why in business. Remember why you wanted to start this business in the first place. You need to choose a why that’s bigger than yourself that will challenge you even when fear comes back. Fear will have no power over you.


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